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Journey by train is very exciting indeed. Haven’t you heard people sharing their experiences of a train journey? This is an evergreen topic to address because people will always have something interesting to share. So considering the relevance of this topic, we have included ‘A journey by Train’ speech.

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There are both short as well as long speeches on Journey by train which are quite comprehensive and easy to understand. In fact, if you have to prepare a speech on the same topic, you can go through the ones on our website and develop an understanding as how to address the topic and write in an impactful manner.

A Journey by Train Speech 1

Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

This is my first speech giving ceremony; I am therefore excited and nervous at the same time. On behalf of the entire class, I would like to thank our class teacher for giving us this opportunity which can help us take away our inhibitions and speak our mind comfortably. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have a class teacher like you who is not only good in her subject, but also provides us strong emotional support. We can’t thank you enough for all the strength that you have given us.

Now, coming back to the topic, I will have to say that it is something that we all can easily relate to. It’s “A Journey by Train Speech”. I am sure most of us would find train journeys quite exciting. The best part of train journeys is about getting to sit at the window seat and enjoying the landscape views. The whistle of the train, cranky noises at the platforms and beckoning calls of the tea sellers, etc. – everything has its own charm which is quite peculiar to train journeys and you won’t be able to enjoy such scenes anywhere else.

You would of course find train journeys longer when you are habitual of travelling by air. But longer the time you spend in trains, greater the memory you are likely to form during your travel time. This is due to the fact that you get to interact with your co-passengers, and who also wish engaging in chatty conversations. Isn’t it? This way you don’t even realize how such long journeys come to an end.

Even though I have undertaken a lot of train journeys and there are so many memories, but the latest one that I vividly remember was a short train journey though, yet it carries most fond memories in my mind. I was on my way back to Delhi travelling from Jaipur. It was barely 6 hours journey, but in that time period I could enjoy to the utmost. Do you know why? Let me tell you, besides enjoying the snacks and the sightseeing, I enjoyed the company of my co-passengers. There was one couple with their two adorable children. One was a girl child about 5 years old and the other was a baby boy who was a few months old. Interestingly, I happen to befriend the 5 year old little girl whose name was Pari. We exchanged glances and slowly and gradually began interacting with each other. In no time, we became really good friends. We enjoyed the snacks together and played video games. She was simply gorgeous and a nice soul to talk to.

But sadly, time just flew by and we couldn’t even realize that she arrived at her destination. It was the time for her to de-board the train and with a smile on her face and with a lot of anticipation in her eyes hoping to see me again, she bid me goodbye. I also wish to see her again, maybe by chance!

This is all, Thank you!


A Journey by Train Speech 2

Warm Good Evening Everyone – How you all are doing?

May this day has kept you in the best of spirits! I, Ashutosh Mathur – your host for today, would like to deliver a speech on a very peculiar topic, i.e. ‘A journey by Train’. The reason why this topic is being chosen because the panelists wanted to make it as a fun and a light evening. Not every time it is appropriate to come up with some serious and nerve wrecking issues. It is also important to keep it light sometimes.

So coming back to my speech, I believe that train journeys are enjoyable and act as a great stress buster. If you are travelling with your family, you can enjoy food, sightseeing and play games, etc. to make the journey full of excitement. If you are travelling alone, you can sit at the window seat, enjoy the scenes and soak in the air. The train journeys definitely have an old world charm, which you wouldn’t find in flight journeys. Secondly, you can bid goodbye to road rage cases and huge traffic build up. Then, I would say that train journeys are generally free from hassles and are very smooth, which means you can comfortably sit on your seat without jostling yourself. Seats are generally spacious and you cannot enjoy that luxury at the back seat of your car or in an economy-class flight journey.

Usually, the train staff isn’t fussy about how much luggage you should carry as long as you can manage it by your own. Few services such as Amtrak provide red-cap services which help the passengers as and when required. Train journeys, as I already mentioned, are incredibly panoramic.  You can behold mountains, cities as well as rivers from your window seat. While travelling from destination A to destination B, you can have a fulfilling time with your co-passengers in case you happen to gel with them well.  The best part is that you can comfortably lie down whenever you feel tired and move to and fro whenever feel immobile.


In my train journeys, I got to enjoy a lot and got acquainted with a lot of interesting people. Once I happen to know one army personnel, who was returning from his home town and was quite reeling under the hangover of his family. He was quite a fascinating person to talk to. He had a lot of experiences to share from both his home and army life. At the same time, I also got to enjoy the company of a female athlete, who was a coach. Quite well-built, she carried a really strong persona. She had a sweeping personality and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was very humble and nice to talk to at the same time. It was an enriching experience for me having to interact with such personalities who give to society in so many ways unimaginable. Such experiences of course help you introspect and understand how you can also better yourself with time and put yourself in the same league as these people in some way or the other.

Now, I would request from my audience to come on stage and share their experiences with us, if any.

Thank You!


A Journey by Train Speech 3

A very Good Morning to our respected Principal Sir, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Thank you very much for assembling on the occasion of the annual function of our school!

It’s an opportunity for me to deliver the speech today and I am going to share my experience of a journey that I had undertaken by train last year. Like every year, this year too, we will have a month long vacation and in my opinion we must utilize our vacation by travelling to various places in India.

Last year, I had visited my maternal grandmother’s place called Darjeeling in West Bengal. It’s a beautiful place and my parents decided to undertake the journey to Darjeeling by train. I was very excited since it was my first journey by train. We got our tickets booked and when we entered the train, it was full of unknown people. At first, I felt uncomfortable and suffocated until the train started moving. Initially, the speed of the train was slow and we could see many people still running along with the train, waving their hands while seeing off their relatives. Later, the train gathered momentum; I was lucky enough to get the window seat and the scene I saw outside the train was simply mesmerizing. I could never imagine the world could be so beautiful outside the city. It was green everywhere and the clear blue sky made it all more beautiful. The train was just moving, passing small villages, small rivers and ponds, small and thick mango grove, and the wide, open fields full of animals eating grass and relaxing there.

From the train, it looked like a beautiful scenery painted by some aesthetic artist. In the beginning, the people sitting in our compartment took some time getting them adjusted and very soon they became friends with us. There was a little girl of my age, travelling with them; I became her friend and we played games like ‘Ludo’ to pass our time. We also shared lunch with each other and I offered my window seat to my new friend.

I was very much amazed to see, how soon all of us became such good friends as if we knew each other for years. Living in metropolitan city, I could barely see the sun rise or set; but while travelling by train, I could witness the sunset in the evening. It was a beautiful scene that I can never forget. A tea vendor came in the evening selling tea; all of us took tea and had our dinner in the night and slept on time. The next day we reached our destination. While at one hand we were excited to meet our grandparents, uncles and aunties; I was very sad to get separated from my friend. We shared each other’s number and promised to keep in touch forever.

This was my most memorable journey ever and I have decided to undertake at least one journey every year by train.

Thank You!


A Journey by Train Speech 4

Dear Teachers and Students – Thank you for assembling here!

We have resumed our school after a month long vacation and the day is expected to be little lazy. While I would like to hear about your vacation experiences; I would also like to share my experience of the journey I took by train.

After almost 25 years, I travelled by the train. I was little disappointed though; it was a still a great experience. Things have drastically changed in the past 25 years. In earlier days, mostly people used to travel by the sleeper class where the windows of the compartments used to remain opened. But now, travelling by sleeper has become a nightmare as the number of travelers per seat is higher than allowed. Anyway, I had booked my ticket in 2-tier AC where limited people were travelling. Windows were closed by the glass panes with curtains drawn; I could not resist myself raising the curtains to see the scenery outside. Though it was not equally beautiful as I used to enjoy when I was young; yet it reminded me of my school days when I used to wait for the vacation, so that I can travel by train.

I started conversation with my fellow passenger and I felt that things have changed a lot now. In earlier days, travelling by train was safe but now it is not considered equally safe especially for the younger generations, elderly people and females. While infrastructure has improved a lot, level of trust has decreased to a far extent. Also, most of the green fields have been covered by emerging factories; clear stream and ponds have converted in to dirty water pool and the clean sky is lost amidst polluted and contaminated atmosphere.

Though we are technologically advanced today, we are equally susceptible to the rising dirt and pollution. I was away from the crowd and noise of the usual sleeper class and numerous vendors who constantly shout selling their stuff, but I was equally missing that clamor I enjoyed 25 years ago.

Through this platform today, I would like to appeal to all of you to save water, energy and plant as many trees as possible if you want to sustain in today’s environment. Soon you will grow up and get busy with your respective professional and personal lives. This is the time you should enjoy by travelling and meeting friends and family members. I would suggest, if you ever plan to travel by train, always carry a good book or magazine which could prove to be a good friend in case you don’t find friendly fellow passenger. Though making friends in the train journey is good, but it is equally important to be alert and don’t trust everyone easily. You may get engaged in casual conversation but don’t eat anything offered by the strangers. Always share your fellow passenger’s contact numbers with your acquaintances.

Be alert and be safe!

Well, I rest my speech now, we will resume our classes in full fledge tomorrow onwards. Enjoy your day!

Thank You!



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