Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students

The occasion of Teachers Day calls for a grand celebration. There will be visiting Chief Guests, faculties, parents, guardians and others to witness the functions. The only way to address them all and to make them comfortable is by giving a good welcome speech. A welcome speech not only conveys that their presence is appreciated but also makes them settle down comfortably. A welcome speech can also functions as an opening speech in which the visitors are welcomed and thanked. It is a wonderful way to start an event and therefore we have provided Welcome Speeches on Teachers Day by the students.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Teachers’ Day by Students in English

Don’t scratch your head too much for the ideas as you can simply browse through our pages and go through our comprehensively prepared speeches with an easy to understand language.

Below we have provided short and long welcome Speech on Teachers Day by Students in English.

The speeches have been written in simple language to make them easily memorable and presentable.

The speeches can be used on the occasion of Teachers Day to welcome the audience and to impress your teachers, relatives, friends and parents.

Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students – Speech 1

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

On the occasion of teacher’s day, I – Manu Saini being the head girl is present before you all to deliver a welcome speech for our beloved teachers. We all welcome our teachers to an entertaining day where we as students would take an opportunity to present before you various plays and dances which will not allow you to leave your seats.

Teachers’ day is one of the most important days in the life of students. This day is celebrated on 5th September on the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who himself was a teacher of great repute and also held the position of India’s second President.

Students are considered to be the future pillars, then teachers you are the ones who construct those pillars in a positive way. You shape our lives in a beautiful manner through your hard work and dedication. We are happy to celebrate this day to show you how grateful we are for whatever you have done for us your entire life.

I would love to share my experience of an amazing teacher which made me realize that how important teachers are in our lives. I was in kindergarten when I wrote my first essay and my teacher gave me a star. It was not only a star for me but a motivation to do well in my life and here today I stand before all of you as the head girl of my school. My teacher was the one who gave me that confidence. This is what a teacher’s role is in our lives. Teachers have magic wands which helps us in making our lives easier and fruitful. It is rightly said that “teachers are candles who keep on burning and igniting our minds which removes the darkness of ignorance from our lives”. They mould us, shape us and carve us in becoming good human beings with their virtue of knowledge.

They pass this knowledge with the hope that we as students will achieve success in our life and make good careers. We are indebted to our teachers for every little thing in our life. You have always been our guiding angels and our entertainers too by teaching us in a fun manner through which we learn and also enjoy our syllabus instead of getting bored.

Teachers demand nothing from us but teach us with the hope that one day we will become successful in our lives. Thus, we as students have the responsibility to work hard in our studies and make our teachers and students proud. Working hard in studies is not the only duty, but we also need to carry forward the moral values that our teachers have taught us to the future generation. The most important thing is to value and respect our amazing teachers.

Therefore, I request all my dear friends to follow the advice of your teachers and become their ideal students so that you can bring a beautiful smile on their faces.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students – Speech 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Colleagues!

We all are here to celebrate the joyful teacher’s day and to praise them for their hard work and dedication. Today is the 5th of September, the day when we celebrate teacher’s day with fun and frolic. I would like to thank my class teacher to give me this wonderful opportunity to speak before you all on this auspicious occasion. This day is celebrated not only in India but all over the world where students give respect to their beloved teachers and prepare for various  activities like Dance, Thanksgiving speeches, Prayers etc., in a similar pattern we all students present here have also prepared something special for our teachers.

It was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who accepted that his birthday to be celebrated as Teacher’s day. He was a very righteous person and that is the reason he dedicated his birthday to the entire teachers family. Our teachers have also been the same with lots of love in their hearts which they shower on us without any demand. They treat us like their own children and love us from bottom of their hearts and soul.

As kids we have always looked up to them for everything in life. They have been our role models and for this we are really very grateful to them. They provide us the motivation to survive in this world and have always been our guiding spirits. They are the ones who without even asking understand what we want in our lives.

I still remember the day when I was in class 9 and I didn’t understand one of my Hindi poems. The entire class understood it and kept on reciting it as told by my Hindi teacher, but she was the one who without even speaking came to know that I didn’t understand the meaning of the poem. The bell rang and after the entire class left she made me sit for a while and made me understand the complete poem despite it being the lunch time. This is how great teachers are, they sacrifice everything for our bright lives and future endeavors.

We all understand the fact that on ‘Parent Teacher Meetings’ they never complain about our mischiefs we do in our classes but they are always more concerned about our studies. They do not scold us in front of our parents and also ensure that we are not scolded by our parents too.

Now I would like to call upon my class teacher and my Vice Principal to light the lamps on this positive occasion, followed by a dance programme which awaits you all.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students – Speech 3

Good Morning to the Vice Principal, Loving Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Teachers are an integral part of our lives and they need to be rewarded for their efforts and hard work. So as the alumni of this school I am here to present before you a welcome speech for our beloved teachers.

Teachers are the building blocks of our lives. They act secondary to our parents. On this beautiful occasion and on behalf of all my dear friends I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers for shaping us as good human beings and making us to be worthy enough so that we can face the world with courage.

Teachers’ day is celebrated in commemoration of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was not only a great teacher but also served as the President of our country from the period 1962-1967. He firmly believed in the importance of education and recognized the value of teachers as facilitators of knowledge. We, as students in certain circumstances are difficult to manage but your attention on every student personally helps us to learn from our mistakes. I take this opportunity to mention on this teacher’s day what you all mean to us as teachers. We all are grateful to you for whatever you do for us.

This is according to us the best day in our lives where we all can thank you from our souls. We thank each teacher for being with us always in our thick and thin times. One day we all will definitely make our teachers proud and we say this from bottom of our hearts.

Teachers have always acted as guides who play an important role in changing a student into a responsible individual. They serve us selflessly so that we can attain our dreams and objectives. Their contribution is not only limited to schools, but also to the entire country as they also create and develop responsible and obedient citizens. Thus, after parents our teachers should receive the respect and gratitude. Teachers’ day is celebrated as a special event in different schools and colleges all over the world. We students want to make this day special for our teachers by offering you flowers and greeting cards from our side as a small token of respect and gratitude.

We all know that you won’t take it from us but please do accept them as just a small token of our love and respect for you all. This day provides all of us with a wonderful opportunity to be grateful to our beloved teachers and appreciation of their hard work. Hence, we all will make it a memorable day for you all teachers.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students – Speech 4

Teacher creates human beings and instill in them values, care, love and respect. A teacher is the one who puts into the mind of the child the meaning of his/her life on earth.

Respected Principal, the motivator and the guiding force of this great institution who supports in making every programme a worth.

You teachers are our inspiration and light house who shows us the right path and always guide us to follow the road less travelled. A very good morning to you and wishing you all a very Happy Teachers day.

Dear friends we all have gathered here to show respect and love to our beloved teachers through this celebration. Dear teachers, as we celebrate this special day we want that you should know that though we are naughty and sometimes disobedient but you have always dealt with us calmly and patiently. Every smile of yours makes us feel that we are in motherly care and you encourage us in the same way our parents do for us.

We love you teachers for accepting us the way we are, we always feel and experience gentle heart every time when you come to us. We do accept that you all do have certain personal issues like every individual does but you forget your personal problems and give us the smile which makes our day and gives us the inspiration to face the problems of life.

Dear Teachers on behalf of all of us we take immense pleasure to welcome you all to this function. May this function bring joy to your faces so that we as students become satisfied that our hard work has brought a smile on our beloved teacher’s faces and we were able to help you enjoy this auspicious day.

You as teachers develop our overall character and personality which makes us confident individuals and provides us the strength to deal with all sorts of problems in our lives. Teachers are like second parents who have a good influence in our lives and whenever we need them they are always present there to help us to get out of a problem. All of us have some day imitated our teachers as we believe them to be our role models since they provide us with everything we need to shape our personalities.

At the end I would just like to thank all my teachers for the hard work they put on us which helps us grow in a right manner. You all are our guiding spirits who won’t let us fall and make us realize that after every failure there is success waiting for us, so we should never give up in our lives. With bottom of our hearts we would like to appreciate your efforts to make us believe in ourselves and make us realize that we are on right path towards our future.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students – Speech 5

Good Morning everyone! A special Good Morning and lots of love to all the teachers present. I am ________ from class________. Your host for today and here on the dais to welcome you all on this grand occasion of Teachers Day.

Hope you all are in high spirits to celebrate Teachers Day today. I know many of you have your own plans on how to celebrate the day with your favourite teacher/s. But before we do that, let us welcome our esteemed guest for the occasion Mr/Mrs. __________. S/he is a remarkable teacher and an excellent academic achiever. Thank you mam/sir for being with us today!

I welcome our Principal, teachers and other school staff and request them to shun all their inhibitions for today and just enjoy the events that their dear students have planned for them.

Last but not the least I would like to welcome all the students of this institution as well as those from outside, who have joined us for today.

Well, before I speak further on the day’s events, I would like you all to remember the great teacher, a noble sole and an excellent statesman, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, in whose memory the Teachers Day is commemorated.

As you all know that he served as the first Vice President and second President of India, but above all, he was a distinguished scholar and a devoted teacher. These are some of his qualities for which he was nearly revered by his students.

Speaking further on today’s events, we have a lot of events lined up for today’s function, courtesy to our students and support staff. Almost all of the events have been managed by the students alone, to surprise the teachers.

Firstly, our Chief Guest Mr. /Mrs ——– will inaugurate the events along with Principal Sir by lighting an oil lamp, as the tradition is. The inaugural ceremony will be followed by few words of inspiration by the Chief Guest and Principal Sir.

The first performance “Dancing Angels” will be presented by std 1 students, which they dedicate to their teachers. These cute little souls have done quite a good deal of hard work and practice, for their teachers.

After the kid’s performance, we have solo song performance by one of my favourite friends. I will keep his/her name a secret for now. But, I would like to disclose the information that the song is dedicated to the teachers.

Apart from the stage performances we have also an antakshari session of half an hour, between the students and teachers. The main motive of it is to demolish the psychological differences between teachers and students and to make them to converse and interact without any hesitation.

Then we have a felicitation ceremony, in which our excellent teachers will be honoured with awards by the respected chief guest.

The students too, will felicitate their favourite teachers on this same stage. The name of the teachers and those students, I will not disclose, to keep the surprise element and the joy of the moment.

After the performances are over, you can surf through the stalls that the students have put up. There are stalls selling handicrafts, books and edible items at reasonable rates. The students are also offering heavy discount to the teachers.

I request the non teaching staff and the students to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the teachers and the guests. Parents also need not to worry about their kids, as their wards are being taken care of, by their teachers and will be handed over to you after the performances.

It is a day for the teachers to relax and see what the students have planned to thank, honour, entertain and felicitate them. Teachers, we the students love you all and today we are going to show you that. At the end of the day we all will return happy and content, more or less, as a reflection of each other.

I hope that the celebrations of today will remain forever in our memories and always remind us of this wonderful phase of life when we progressed together.

Once again I welcome you all to this almost festive occasion of Teachers Day to witness the emotional bond between teachers and students. Let us all be a part of this distinguished occasion, making it remarkable and exclusive. Once again, I welcome the chief guest for taking out time from his/her busy schedule, and bless the occasion.

Once again a very special welcome to the teachers, and a request to them to just sit back and relax and enjoy the events that their own dear students have organized. This is your day and get ready to be pampered with love, gifts, awards and praises.

A very warm Welcome to you all and Thank You!!



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