Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Hostel life attracts every student! Doesn’t it? Far away from home where there will be no parental authority to keep a watch over us. It sounds fascinating, but mind you friends everything comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages and even your hostel life is not left untouched. So in this section, we bring to you the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life.

Long and Short Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life in English

There are speeches on both the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life to be able to give you sneak peek into it so that you realize that all that glitters is not gold. The topic is covered comprehensively in the form of short speech on advantages and disadvantages of hostel life as well as long speech on the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life. If you are a student, you can prepare speech on the given topic, which is very pertinent and will also enlighten other students.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 1

Dear Students – Warm Welcome to all of you!

I am the administrator of this hostel and today we have gathered to discuss the rules and regulations which you must follow in this hostel.

You must have heard a lot about hostel life, some positive and some negative. While hostel life makes you self dependent and responsible, you must know that staying away from parents may make you feel sad and gloomy. You may not be amongst your family on many festive occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Dusshera, etc. You may sometimes miss your parents for sharing your feelings and emotions with them.

You may often miss your siblings, cousins and friends with whom you have grown up; but hostel life would also give you new friends with whom you can share your emotions, thoughts, knowledge and many other things. You would learn to work as a team and would cherish your victory more than you could have done as a single individual.

Hostel life will train you to live in a community. It will also teach you the skills of corporate life and inculcate the spirit of assistance and co-operation in you. While meeting with new people it will help you make new friends, you must also be conscious not to make friends with anti social elements.

Though we keep a close eye on each and every student, but there are some outsiders who make friends with our hostel boys and sell narcotics, drugs, alcohol, etc. These things spoil students’ future and the entire life and career of the students get ruined.

Hostel life has lots of fun and excitement because you are on your own and you learn to differentiate between the good and bad. You must also maintain a distance from people who try to pull you down. There are students who also rag other students, especially during the night when the administrator, warden and guards are sleeping. Though we make every attempt to protect our students from anti social elements, but it is also your responsibility to take care of yourselves. You all are grown-ups now and your parents have sent you to this college with lots of hopes and expectations.

We also expect you to follow all the rules of the college and hostel and behave properly all the time. Many people love hostel life as they think that there is freedom in hostel. While we allow you take your own decisions, it is a very critical phase of your life and you may easily get influenced by objectionable activities. The disadvantages of staying in a hostel include the longing for your family, parents, siblings and relatives. You may also miss the tasty food prepared by your mother; but we assure to provide you with the best facilities available here. While you may often miss your family in the beginning, you should feel happy about the fact that here are lots of strangers who would now become your friends for life.

Well, I would rest my speech now and I wish you all the best for your future.

Thank You!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 2

Dear Students – I am the Dean of this college and I welcome to the first day of your college life!

Almost all of you have left your respective homes and joined our college to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Our college has very good hostel facility and all of you are requested to check the details of your room and all other relevant information after this welcome session.

For most of you who are new to the hostel life, I would like to inform that the hostel or boarding house is an accommodation place where students stay and is administered by the administration with a local custodian, generally called warden. Hostel life sounds and looks very exciting, but it has its own challenges if you don’t follow the rules.

Young students often get terrified, when we talk about rules of hostel life, but you must understand that these rules are made for your own safety and protection. The main objective of hostels is to provide economical accommodations and amiable environment to the students. We have an in house mess so you don’t have to worry about food; however you can keep a stove in your respective rooms for making snacks, tea, coffee, etc.

As of now we don’t provide private room facility and each room is available on sharing basis; 3 people allowed in 1 room and only in cases of emergency, 4 people may be accommodated in 1 room. Well, I have spoken sufficient about hostel, its life, rules and facilities; I would now like to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life.  While hostel life eradicates the conservativeness of mind; too much of freedom may make you irresponsible and negligent.

Students are basically trained to become self dependent and responsible and are required to stay under discipline and follow all the rules strictly. While hostel life teaches you to stay with strangers and fellow students in harmony and have mutual cooperation; living away from family and siblings may make you unemotional and detached with them.


Hostel life, no wonder broadens your mind and you get to learn various things on different subjects and topics. Your general knowledge improves and your potential increases. You get to participate in debates and quizzes which enhances your convincing skills; you also participate in sports and games which increases your stamina and keeps you healthy and fit.

One of the most horrified aspects of hostel and boarding life is its element of ragging. Though ragging is strictly prohibited in our college and hostel, we cannot deny the fact that some students take every opportunity to tease their junior students. Some call them friendly gestures but ragging sometimes gets so serious that many students cannot tolerate it and take harmful steps against their own selves.

Well, these are the pros and cons of hostel life and I wish, you would be able to differentiate between the good and bad and always take judicious action ahead.

All the very best for your future and welcome aboard.

Thank You!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 3

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, My Colleagues and Dear Students – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Being the class teacher of class 12th, I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to speak on merits and demerits of hostel life so that students like you can prepare yourself accordingly.  As your teacher and advisor I would like to share an advice that would help you in your future. You are on that crossroad of life where you will be given hundreds of advices where some would be positive while others would be negative.

This is your last year of school and now you all will be entering the life of college. Some of you will be living in the same cities while some of you might go to other states and countries for better opportunities, everything depends on what your destiny has in store for you all.

When you go to different cities you would have to live in hostels, which are very different from family life. You would have to adjust yourself according with the circumstances. Hostels were there in India a few centuries back too but then they were regarded as “Gurukuls” where students were kept in utter discipline and they would have to follow rules and procedures and if not followed stringently then they would get punished, but times have changed and society evolves so hostel life too has evolved. There are no punishments for your mistakes but you will need to follow certain rules.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of hostel life:

  1. Hostels provide peaceful environment for studies as you will directly go to the hostel once your class gets over. Though there are monotonous routines to hostels but once in a while you will be allowed to visit your parents and guardians.
  2. There will be fixed timings for everything. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be laid in the dining hall and at fixed times you will need to go and eat there itself. Watching television is allowed for only 2 to 3 hours and for any help, you can contact the hostel warden.
  3. You need to maintain regularity in attendance in hostel as well as in class while attending college. Remember they will be no one to spoon feed you. You will need to adjust yourself accordingly.
  4. They will provide you with a reading room where you will be allowed to read magazines, newspapers, books etc.
  5. As you will be accommodating with your same batch mates you will automatically develop a sense of respect for others and thus, hostel life helps you in learning the biggest lesson of your life which is to help someone in need.

Though there are more advantages than disadvantages but the greatest demerit is that you need to live far away from parents which makes you independent in a positive manner but in certain cases there have been students who start becoming indifferent towards their families once they begin their hostel lives.

In the end, you need to think right and wrong for yourself. We can always be your guides and facilitators. You need to choose the right path. I hope I have been able to ignite your minds at certain level.

All the very best for your future endeavors!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 4

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Fellow Students – A Very Good Morning Everyone!

Being the alumnus of this school, I would like to thank all of you from bottom of my heart to give me this wonderful opportunity to sensitize you about hostel life and its varied dimensions.

There is a wide difference between living in hostel away from homes and living with families. Both have their share of merits and demerits. According to me, all of you should experience hostel life once in your lifetime as it ultimately makes you an independent person. I would want to share an experience with you all through which you will understand what I want to highlight.

The day I entered my hostel I was way too dependent on my mother for everything and that is what she feared the most that how will I adjust to the changing circumstances. I shared a room with my friend with whose motivation I learnt everything from cooking to even washing my clothes on my own. This is what hostel life teaches you. You will never be dependent on anyone for anything.

Hostel have certain set of rules and procedures that you will need to abide by and in any case you don’t, the hostel warden is there to look after your mischiefs and can even punish you for your grave mistakes. At home we always have the luxury as we are saved by our elders but while in hostel you need to manage everything on your own. It helps us lead a disciplined yet academic oriented life.

One cannot enter the hostel gates anytime you feel like, as there are timings that everybody in the hostel needs to follow. You cannot complain about the food in the hostel as it will never be similar to home cooked food. There is no choice of food, you will need to have what is cooked and there is no room service available. You will need to go to the dining room to have your food where it will be served to everybody.

At home, our parents satisfy every need of ours while even sacrificing their own needs. In hostel as I said earlier we need to wash our clothes and keep our rooms clean on daily basis. In a positive way it also ensures your own hygiene.

With my experience of both hostel and home life I can only advise you one thing that do get the taste of both worlds as you will only learn something or the other from both sides. Hostel life is better in the sense that it shapes your personality and well-being altogether. A student who has stayed in a hostel will always have an edge over others as he/she will always be prepared to take up any kind of challenge in life and will also develop the courage to overcome all the challenges and fears.

Thank You!