Speech on Life in an Indian Village

People living in metropolitan cities don’t really know much about the life in an Indian Village. It’s perhaps because they have only read in books and do not get to experience it on their own. Life in an Indian Village is worth living at least once in our lives to be able to savor the taste of its simplistic rustic life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Long and Short Speech on Life in an Indian Village in English

If you want to know more, then read through the speeches on life in an Indian Village and get the vividness of the details. There are both short speeches on life in an Indian Village as well as long speeches on life in an Indian Village written comprehensively and with much lucidity in order to arouse the interest of the readers.

Life in an Indian Village Speech 1

Good morning Friends – Warm Welcome to all of you!

It’s been 10 years since our NGO was established. We have worked for the development of Indian villages and so far we have covered many villages in the north region. Our country is a developing nation, and the number of villages is far more than towns and cities. Majority of people live in villages but the condition of some villages are pathetic. There is no proper electricity system, no sanitation, no markets and not even proper schools. Girls in most of the villages have to commute daily to nearby towns or cities for higher studies. Also, due to lack of proper sanitation system, girls become victim of several crimes in villages.

Life in an Indian village otherwise is beautiful as you can watch sunshine and sunset. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, open fields, open skies, pure food and many other things. People in villages know each other very well and they care for each other. They celebrate all the festivals with lots of joy and fun. Festivals such as Diwali and Holi are celebrated by the people of entire village together.

Life in an Indian village may be slower compared to the city life but people are content and happy there.  Though agriculture is the main source of income in Indian villages, people now-a-days are also considering other activities as their primary source of income. Women in villages are also becoming conscious and exploring their talent and skills.

Our NGO supports these people, especially women and help them explore their talent. We have helped several women establish small industries in their respective villages and find self employment.

I personally like life in an Indian village because of the natural beauty that exists there. You can see the sunshine, birds chirping early in the morning, animals gazing in the open field, farmers working in the field, the setting sun and the beautiful dark night with sky full of stars and the shining moon. Life in an Indian village is calm, peaceful and quiet and the people respect and love each other. Indian villages are away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city life and infrastructure is not highly developed in Indian villages.

Though village life is beautiful but it is important that the villages get developed now. More and more schools should be opened in the villages, condition of sanitation should be made better and transportation should be developed. People should find convenient to commute from one place to another and no students should be travelling to other towns or cities for higher studies. Women should be given equal opportunities and farmers should be given facilities to sell their crops in bigger cities so that they get better prices for their harvest.

We are trying our best to improve the life in Indian villages and we are also approaching the local authorities and private firms to extend their helping hand. I am sure we will succeed in our attempt and make changes to the life of people living in villages.

Thank You!


Life in an Indian Village Speech 2

Dear friends – How are you all doing?

Thank you for coming to the annual event of our office. I am highly honored for having been given an opportunity to deliver the speech today.

Friends, I come from a small Indian village and I miss the life of villages. Our country is a beautiful place because of the Indian villages. Life in villages is very peaceful and calm; in fact villages across India are almost the same irrespective of the region. Though, in earlier days, houses in villages were made of mud, hay and bamboo, things are changing quickly. People in Indian villages now-a-days consider building concrete houses due to safety purposes.

You can find friendly people everywhere in villages; people greet each other and they care for each other. Children also have a fruitful and energetic life in villages. They play with natural substances and get engaged in physical activities such as swimming, fishing, kite flying, running, wrestling and many more. People in Indian villages work hard for their livelihood; they get engaged in activities such as farming, harvesting, fishing and other activities. Due to these activities, not only do they keep themselves healthy and fit; they also get good sleep which keeps them energetic for the next day activities.

People in Indian villages are simple and plain. Their demands are less and so they are content and happy; but these people are also naïve and vulnerable. The sad part is that they can easily be influenced which many political parties take undue advantage of. Many political parties visit Indian villages and they make promises to innocent villagers in lieu of their vote. The Politicians also create chaos and confusion amongst the innocent villagers in the name of religion, culture and ethnicity. People get influenced and fight with other over trivia issues and others take advantage of such situations.


It is important that the people of Indian villages get proper education and training so that they can identify what is beneficial for them and what is harmful.  Education and employment are the two major issues in Indian villages. Though people earn their bread and butter through fishing, harvesting, etc. but it is not sufficient for them to provide a comfortable life to their family. Price hike is also affecting the villagers and in order to fulfill their demands, many youngsters get engaged in criminal activities. Youths get attracted towards the fancy life of cities and in order to lead the same life they take short cuts and get involved in anti-social activities.

Friends, our Indian villages are beautiful place to visit and live in. The villages are the roots of our Indian culture and we must make every attempt to preserve our culture. We must visit our respective villages at least once in a year; stay there and realize our duties towards our villages. We must try to bring facilities and infrastructure to our villages so that people living there do not face troubles and they keep our villages clean and beautiful.

Thank you!


Life in an Indian Village Speech 3

Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

I, Preeti Sinha, present before you to deliver a speech on life in an Indian Village. As you all know we were given an assignment in our summer holidays to visit our villages and once we come back to school one of us will be selected to speak on it. I want to thank my teacher for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

While we were given this assignment I was shocked as my parents are born and brought in Delhi and even my forefathers belong to Delhi. I asked my parents to take me to my village but in return they answered that we didn’t have a village altogether, but they still agreed to take me to their friend’s village as I was very adamant to complete my assignment.

The next day I knew, I was in a village of Wester Uttar Pradesh known as “Malihari”. Most of the population in India still live in villages and follow an agricultural economy with less people involved in other economic activities. We were given a warm welcome with a drink called Sattu which I never had the opportunity to drink in my life but I should tell you that the first experience was really tasty and it refreshed us from our long and tiring journey through Train.

A few hours later I realized that the village life is free from noises and hustle bustle of city life. It was quite calm and peaceful as I could even hear the birds chirping and taking a bath in the village pond. They did not have television sets so we had to rely on hearsay. My aunt then told me story of village panchayats which handles the affairs and working of the villages. For any issue in their village locality they go to the Sarpanch who solves their small and big problems. It is similar to a city locality where everything is handled by our local MLA ranging from road issues to water problems.

People in villages are pure at heart and realize the importance of community living. For them their neighbor is just like family. In need or in happiness they will always be there to help you to any extent possible which will even include their time and money. During festivals they all come together, eat together and enjoy themselves. It’s just like potluck where they all come in the village park and bring along one dish from their household and then eat together. The atmosphere in these circumstances is quite lively and no one feels lonely during festivals as there is no concept of poor and rich. I felt this situation is quite different from the city life where during festivals some people celebrate it with pomp and show while others are living on the roads and can’t even afford to have sweets.

At the end I would like to conclude that once you visit a village you would totally forget the city life and I believe all of you who had went to our Indian villages and stayed there for a while will certainly agree with me. I will always cherish those beautiful memories.

Thank You!


Life in an Indian Village Speech 4

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and Beloved Students – I Thank You All for giving me an opportunity to speak on your annual day!

On the Annual Day of this school, I take immense pleasure as a parent to deliver a speech on life in an Indian village. Throughout my childhood days, I stayed in my village in Bihar. Villages in India are meant to be peaceful with calm environment. There is nothing artificial in village life which I can guarantee as I have the experience of living in both village and busy city life. I can easily compare and contrast.

Though with slower pace of life in villages you would always experience a sense of relaxing environment with peace and nature surrounding you. All of you might be thinking at this point in time that why to even go to villages when city life offers a variety of luxuries and recreational activities which include malls, theaters, parks with gym equipments etc?

Yes, city life does offer all the above mentioned facilities but it doesn’t give you time and space to think about yourself and your dreams. We do get employment opportunities but still during holidays we need a break and want to go away from the hectic schedules of city life. A village is the best place to be with Mother Nature and be in harmony and peace with your mind, body and soul. People in villages are satisfied with what they have and basic necessities are enough for them but being in city life we always require more and more even if we don’t require them as our basic necessities.

Simplicity, natural beauty and peace are what village is all about. They preserve our Indian traditions and values. They celebrate festivals with fervor which in turn represents the wealth of our culture. For them religion and god are divine and needs to be given first priority. There is a sense of belonging when you visit an Indian village. Often we don’t meet and greet our neighbors for few months and we don’t realize it in city life but it is very much opposite in villages. Neighborhood is just like family as every neighbor would know what is going on in other person’s life. This is the most important reason through which they are connected to each other and do not go in depressions for being lonely.

Various philosophers have written their great works in calmness which only village life offered them. They admire the beauty of villages. You can find serenity and enjoy pleasures of fascinating lifestyles among in village landscapes. Whenever you all feel that you need a change from your monotonous lives, do visit a village and you will experience and remember my words as at villages you will be able to make most of your time and would also be able to shift from a fast paced life to a slower one.

Thank You All for your Precious Time!



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