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The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections in India are here and lot of news are floating on various channels; lot of speculations are being made, attacks and counter attacks between political parties are happening and media is all geared up to telecast each and every news related to the elections in India. Elections are being treated as National festivals, now-a-days and thus the schools, colleges and offices remain closed area wise, on the polling day, to let all franchise their vote.

Long and Short Speech on Election in English

Many School teachers, Principals and Officers may want to inspire people for voting through Speech on Election in India. We have shared some samples Election in India Speech for you to take ideas from.

Our Long speech on Election in India is apt for offices and Short speech on Election in India is suitable for schools and colleges. The language is simple, but effective and you can create own speech on the basis of these ideas.

Speech on Election in India 1

Dear Friends,

We have gathered here on such a short notice, as I wanted to share some important information with you all. The much awaited and ‘highly in news’ Lok Sabha Elections are here, and this is another opportunity for all of us to cast our vote and show our power. I know, many of you might be thinking right now, that general people do not have any right or power, but that’s not true friends, at least not in a democracy. I feel that every adult/major resident of India must vote in their constituency; however, I would also not understand the importance of Elections in India when I was young.

I would feel that it is not going to matter to anyone whether I vote or not. I had even wasted my precious votes many  times but seldom I realized that Election in India takes place only once in 5 years for electing 543 members of Parliament, and I must utilize my rights, irrespective whether elections or any specific party bring any change to the country or not.

The winning Party/Candidates of Lok Sabha elections known as MP (Member of Parliament) would hold their seat for the next 5 years or till the time the party is suspended by the President following advice/request of council of ministers. The members of winning party meets in the Sansad Bhavan, New Delhi for making new policies, rules, laws, etc. and for improving or removing existing laws for the benefit of common people.

Actually, there are various types of Elections that take place in India such as Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assembly, Local or Gram Panchayat or city corporation council which at times may discourage many people from casting their vote. It has also been seen that people in rural areas are more enthusiast to vote in Elections than the urban population. It shows that rural people are more optimistic; however, people in towns and cities have more facilities in terms of transport, infrastructure, etc. but majority of us prefer enjoying the holiday than voting.

When I started working; even though I would want to vote, I won’t be able to as I would not get leave/holiday to go and vote. But you guys won’t face that problem as the office would remain closed for the first half. I am giving this liberty so that you cast your vote and exercise your rights, guys. We common people have the special power to bring revolutions in the country.

There are many established and many emerging political parties that contest for power in the Elections. While they have various agendas and schemes to contest on; common people only want development, peace and security. 2019 Lok Sabha Election is also very important as there is a tough tussle between the ruling party and the oppositions. I am not campaigning for any party guys, may the best wins and whosoever wins must do developments for the common people.

I believe a lot of our taxed money would go wasted if educated people do not vote in elections. Being the proud citizen of India; therefore, we must vote and choose the right party for the development and security of our nation.

Thank You!

Speech on Election in India 2

Respected Teachers, Staffs and Dear Students!

India is in election approach at the present and every individual is taking this as an opportunity to elect the leaders who they think will bring some positive changes in the country.

I have urgently called for this small assembly as I wanted to inform you all that election will be held in our locality, day after tomorrow, and that is the reason the college will remain closed on that day for the elections.

Being the Principal of this college, it is also my duty to make you understand the importance of election in India. Since most of you have recently turned 18, this will be your first time to vote.  Most of us think that it is not going to make any difference if we don’t vote; most people also don’t vote because they feel that all leaders are same and no change is going to happen; may any leader or party comes in power.

This is not true; I feel that voting is the right of each and every major individual. India is the biggest democratic country in the world and Lok Sabha election generally happens only once in 5 years. This is the 17th Lok Sabha election and it is another opportunity for all of us to utilize our individual rights.

Some people, those are found guilty of electoral or any other serious crimes are prohibited from voting; therefore, this is a proud moment for each one of us that we are a part of the biggest Lok Sabha Election in India. Also, whichever party wins, we will be the reason of their victory. Don’t think that 1 vote doesn’t count; actually, each and every vote counts and is important in Elections.

I hope that you all have got your valid voter Id (Identification) card; make sure that you carry that along with you. In India, if somebody wants to vote, it is important for him/her to have a valid voter identity card issued by the ECI (Election Commission of India). However, it is also important that the person’s name is on the electoral rolls along with having a valid voter card. It is advisable to check your name on the voter list in advance so that you don’t face any trouble or issues on the Election Day.

If you have applied for the voter card and haven’t received it yet; you can still vote. Check for your name in the voter list on website electoralsearch.in; if your name is there in the list, you can vote by showing any other ID proof such as Aadhar Card, Passport, etc.


Friends, I am not appealing or campaigning for any party or candidate, rather, I sincerely want to convey that voting is very important. Sadly; none of the states have witnessed 100% of voting. Most of the people think that no change is going to take place in India.

Today, through this speech I want to appeal that change will take place only when we change our attitude and approach. So day after tomorrow, go and Vote.

Thank you!


Speech on Election in India 3

Dear Colleagues,

Good morning!

Before you speculate the reason of this meeting, I would like to ask how many of you are aware that General Elections in our region would be held on the date ______, please raise your hand.

Almost all of you!

Yesterday, I was in a restaurant and I heard two people discussing the Elections in India. Both seem to be unhappy with the development and progress that has taken place in India ever since the country has become independent. I believe that most of us expect a lot without discharging our own duty. India is a democratic country and Elections in India is very important because people in democratic countries have the rights to select their respective leaders.

India is a democracy with a parliamentary government system managed and controlled under the Indian Constitution. The Constitution of India defines the distribution of authority between the Central or Union Government and the State Governments. You must be aware that the India President is not only the first citizen of India but also the ceremonial and formal head of the State.

The President gets elected /chosen indirectly by the Electoral College for a 5-years period. The Electoral College comprises of members of state and national legislatures. The Indian Prime Minister (PM) is appointed by the President. The PM of India is the head of the government and implements most of the executive powers. Though appointed by the President, the PM is supported by the members of its party and political alliance having majority of the seats in lower house of Parliament or the Lok Sabha.

General Elections are also important as the Lok Sabha members of the Parliament of India are chosen directly by the way of voting. Voting is done to choose from a group of nominees who have filed their nominations in their respective regions or constituencies. Since every citizen over the age of 18, male or female, general or from other caste, differently able, are allowed to and must vote in their constituencies.

Voting, for me is a sense of pride as I feel that I am the one who has chosen my candidate, my representative to run and develop my country. Winning candidates of the Lok Sabha hold their respective seats for a term of 5 years or till the time the body is suspended by the President of India following the recommendation of Council of Ministers.

I feel it is very easy to constantly nag about the current system, laws and regulations; however it is difficult to be a part of the country and work towards the betterment of our own country. Our current PM introduced many policies; “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” is one of those. India is a beautiful country and many of us make it dirty without caring about its negative effects in the coming years. If we can’t do much, we must at least keep our area clean; the nation will become clean automatically.

Friends, I will rest my speech now on the note that all of you must go and vote in the forthcoming election and be a proud citizen.

Thank You!


Speech on Election in India 4

Respected Teachers and Dear Students – Warm Greetings to all of you!

Thank you for assembling in the ground, on such a short notice. While you speculate the reasons for this meeting; I would like to bring to your notice, though most of you must be aware that Election in our region is scheduled next week on the date ……..

Elections in India hold a great position in the heart and minds of Indians, since it gives us the right to elect a candidate for running our nation. Many of you have turned 18 this year and I am urging to you all to go and vote in the forthcoming general elections. While election is a procedure of electing public representative; in a democratic nation like India, Elections seem to be sacred occasion for many people.

However, it is still saddening to see that not 100% people turn out to vote; despite India being a free nation for more than 70 years now. While many people in India consider elections their right; many believe that things are not going to change by the change in government as they are disappointed by the performance by all the ruling parties so far.

Elections in India take place in every five years and it is a kind of test for the government and the elected government, if they do not perform as per people’s expectations, they may get voted out in the subsequent elections. Each candidate files his/her nomination paper with the ‘Electoral Commission’ after which the candidates’ list is published, area wise before the elections take place. This gives general people an opportunity to evaluate the nominated candidates and thus choose the right candidate through voting.

With time, the Election procedure in India has become more systematized and better. With the introduction of EVM (Electronic Voting machine), not only the use of paper voting has ceased to exist, it has also eased the entire voting process. While EVM is the process of voting using electronic methods for taking care of the tasks of casting as well as counting votes; many political parties question the authenticity and validity of the EVM process from time to time. I understand many educated people; especially youths do not like to participate in the election, as they feel that no party is free of corruption and malpractices.

The constitution of India do not allows any party to use the government’s resources and funds for campaigning; however many parties involve in arranging campaigning money through mal-practices. Also, the news of bribing the candidates by parties before elections often comes in the news that discourages many people from voting.

But I feel that only valid and honest voting can eliminate these malpractices and the youths of India have the power to bring revolution in the country. That’s why, I appeal to you all to go, vote and exercise your rights. Voting is also important because it is not only your right but you are also responsible for the betterment of our nation.

I am hopeful that our college would score 100% attendance in the general elections this time. Thank You!



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