Before we start providing you slogans on election, we have given here a short overview about the election; you can go through this to have a general idea about the topic:

In a democratic setup, elections are the most significant national event, more so, as in the world’s largest and diversified democracy, India, where elections are celebrated as National Festival.

There are four main types of elections in India – Lok Sabha Elections, Rajya Sabha Elections, Elections of the State Legislative Assemblies and Local Bodies Elections, like Municipalities, corporations, panchayats etc. The electoral roll and eligibility for taking part in these elections has been enshrined in the Constitution of India. In some of the elections, people directly vote to select their representatives, while in others; the members are elected indirectly by the people i.e. by other elected representatives.

The elections for Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) and State Legislative Assemblies are the most significant elections held in India. In both the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly elections, people vote directly every five years, to choose a government at the centre and state respectively.

The power of people, in a democracy is applied through the process of election. It is only through elections that the supremacy of people over the government is fostered in a democracy. People franchise their vote to choose the government for a fixed term and have the right to change it in the next election.

Each election, ranging from Lok Sabha to local bodies, has its significance in fostering democracy and deciding the fate and future of India, as well as her citizens. The representatives, thus chosen through the electoral process, represent the views of the people of their respective constituencies. These elected representatives supervise the functioning of the government and take necessary financial and policy decisions, in the best interest of the people.

The Constitution of India has made no discrimination on whatsoever grounds between the voters; though, the minimum age to franchise one’s vote in any election in India, has been kept to 18 years. Poorest of poor to the most wealthy, both enjoy the same rights, when it comes to casting their votes. All stand in a queue for their chance, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, social or financial status. Such is the beauty of Election!

Although, the law doesn’t mandates voting in the elections and it has been kept at the discretion of voters. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility as the responsible citizens to cast our votes, to form a government which functions in the best interest of the country and its people.

Election Slogans in English

We have provided below some unique and catchy slogans on Election to have you understand the significance of an election in a democracy and how important is your own participation in it. These election slogans can be used during election campaigns in schools, colleges, communities, in a bid to promote franchising vote and selection of the government. Go through them and enjoy the fruits of freedom.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Election


Voting gives you a chance, to make your nation advance.


Remember the past and give your vote at any cost.


Voting gives you a right, to make your future bright.


Vote today for a better tomorrow.



Give a smile and cheer it loud, I will vote and feel proud.


Your Vote is your Voice, Don’t let it be suppressed.


The voting percentage shows the awareness level of people.


A vigilant voter writes the future of the nation.


Bus, Train or by Boat, Go to booths and cast your vote.


Bad politicians are elected when good citizens don’t cast their vote.


Vote for the right by the right of voting.


Young or Old, Black or White, Cast your Vote, It’s your right.


Democratic Election is a fair way of Government Selection.


Elections safeguard democracy and democracy gives freedom.


One vote can change the course of the nation – don’t forget to cast yours.


Give vote every year, without any fear.



Time to cheer, keep your consciousness clear and give vote without any fear.


Runny nose or sore throat; no excuses, cast your vote.


Five, six, seven, eight; cast your vote, don’t be late.


Take a decision today, to ensure a better tomorrow.


Poor or rich, young or old, every vote is precious than gold.


Election is the most significant festival of a democracy.


Take out an hour to cast your vote and show your power.


Take the right decision to choose the right government.


Either you oppose or support, always remember to cast your vote.


If you don’t vote, you are either too dumb or don’t care at all.


If you don’t vote for your nation, it goes in the favour of an undeserving person.


Vote for change if the government seems out of range.


Give your vote, to continue the nation’s growth.


Weigh the politicians, compare them wisely, choosing the wrong one may prove pricey.


Vote for who is right, to make the future bright.


Vote for the best, forget the rest.


Have a vision? If yes, then vote for the nation!


Election is all about voting to form a government, or throwing the existing one out.


One, two, three and four, be clear on whom you vote for.


Vote is the most potent weapon to change the future of a nation.


Vote to eliminate corruption; vote to form an honest government.


If you don’t vote, you don’t respect the freedom you enjoy.


There is only one way to throw out a corrupt government – Vote!


Those who vote – matter than anything; those who don’t are good for nothing.


Take part in election; festival of government selection.


Take the oath, to vote for prosperity and growth.



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