Speech on Importance of Family Values

Family values are intrinsic to our Indian Society because we do believe living in joint families. However, this very structure of our Indian society is crumbling down fast and people are switching to nuclear families. It is therefore important to realize ourselves about the importance of family values and the joy one experiences while living in a joint family. One gets unconditional love, unswerving support, great emotional connect and most importantly gains the strength to steer clear through any tough situations in life.

Long and Short Speech on Importance of Family Values in English

Keeping in mind the relevance of this subject, speech on importance of family values are comprehensively covered. Here, you will find both short speech on importance of family values and long speech on importance of family values which are lucidly written and easy to understand. So find out the best one for you on your own!

Importance of Family Values Speech 1

Warm Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! Thank you for coming in large numbers and making this event a success.

As you all know that the theme of today’s event revolves around the importance of family values, it therefore becomes important to say a few words in this regard. In our country, we give so much importance to family and the kind of values it teaches. Indian values are founded on the joint family system and the whole concept of nuclear families doesn’t appeal to us. We believe in taking everyone along and understand the importance of a family.

A house becomes a home with family and a family is never completed with two people, but when parents, grandparents, children, uncles and aunts come together. The concept of a nuclear family is imported from west and the more we are coming under their influence; the more we are becoming divorced from our own Indian value system. It’s high time now that we teach our youth the importance of family values and make them realize that it is never a wise thing to leave our roots behind and deviate from our family values.

Family values must be inculcated in our children not because importance should be given to one’s own family, but because it adds substance to our lives thereby making our lives more meaningful. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the importance of family values till the time they experience a situation of crisis which ultimately shakes them to the core. It is at that time when they find themselves completely alone without any emotional support and then they begin realizing the importance of a family. Family is what sustains us and serves as a bundle of joy in the absence of which life becomes completely hollow.

So let us know how and in what ways family values are important:

  1. Lays a Family Foundation

Foundation is what lends support to a family so much so that when the situation of crisis arises, the family is able to sustain itself. Families that are founded on a strong value system never falter no matter how much people try to create fissures in their relations with their conflicting beliefs. And the best part is that when any of the family members gets tired from the sold, reckless world that is outside, he/she can always come back into the warm folds of its family and remain in a comforting zone.


  1. Helps in Decision Making

Family values surely helps you in making decisions because your mind is conditioned in a particular manner and automatically there’s a voice that comes from within telling you what is right and wrong. You know you won’t go astray, right! Therefore, needless to mention family values is what gives strength from within to a person and helps him/her make the correct choices in life.

  1. Ensuring Safety from External Bad Influences

There are many anti-social elements in our society watching and waiting to harm the righteous beings. However, if they keep their family values intact, they are less likely to fall prey to those bad influences.

Family values are therefore of utmost importance and while giving scholastic education to children we should also teach them the importance of family and the crucial role it plays in the holistic development of a child.

This is all from my side, thank you!


Importance of Family Values Speech 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, Dear Students and Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I, Sarthak Sharma from Class-XII (A), am standing on the dais to deliver a speech on one of the most pertinent topics, i.e. Importance of Family Values. There is a reason why I chose this topic to address; it is because I seriously observe a lack of family values in the growing up children these days.

There is a greater exposure than ever before of the western culture and life style due to which we are losing out on our values. It is important to keep a check on the influence of western culture and keep our family values intact. However, having said that I would also like to say that there is nothing wrong with the western civilization, it entirely depends on us what we want to embrace from the west while not losing out on our cultural values.


It is important that amidst all the glamour of the western world, we do not get swept off our feet and remains connected to our native cultural roots and values. Family values are an intrinsic part of the bulwark of our Indian society and we should never try to separate them both. Besides, I believe that no person is complete without a family because it is a family after all that supports and nurtures a man. If I were to talk symbolically, a family is quite similar to a tree, which has many stems in the form of relations. These relations can be in the form of parents, spouse, children, uncle, aunt, etc. And society which is divorced of the warmth of family values and relations crumbles down soon.

Materialistic possessions are short lived, but family love and affection never die down. This is the reason why families are treasured and so much effort goes into preserving it. Have you ever carefully observed a pearl necklace? All the pearls are finely interwoven in a string, which looks beautiful and to be able to maintain its beauty, one needs to be careful while using it because a rough use can break the entire piece and the pearls can come falling down. Likewise, even a family needs to be carefully preserved because emotions and feelings of your closed ones are attached to it and any gross negligence on your part can make you lose your dear ones.

It is therefore advised to always hold dear the love of your family members, keep your family values intact and in turn you would find a beautiful world getting unfolded in front of you. Family values and contemporary lifestyle can go hand in hand provided we know how to strike a balance between them. Everything has its own due importance and a rational person is one who never leaves behind his/her roots come what may because this is what gives us identity and most importantly a sound character.

This is all I have to say, thank you so much!


Importance of Family Values Speech 3

Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to one and all!

First of all, I would like to thank our class teacher, Mrs. Sanjana Bedi, for giving me the opportunity to deliver a speech in the class today and address all my classmates. Again, special thanks to her for assigning me such a topic, which we all can relate with.

So here it goes, ‘The importance of family values’. Before I come to that, I would like to ask what defines a family and how much it means to us. Can we imagine our existence without our family? Of course, our first reaction would be a ‘No’; we cannot imagine our existence without our family. And a family is defined by its members, the more the merrier – I would say. However, more often than not, it’s about our parents living together under one roof and then there are our grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

The kind of love and affection we get from our family is simply inexplicable and this is what becomes our strength, our backbone and helps us go a long way. When we are born and grow up as children we remain so connected with our family, but the moment we become adults that sentiment of love and affection seems to fade away. Why does it happen? It happens because we are exposed quite a lot to western culture and civilization so much so that we feel constraint in the family atmosphere little do we realize at the time that it is our very family which sustains us at the time of crisis.

Money comes and goes, but the love of our family lasts forever. It therefore should mean us the whole world. But a family doesn’t simply become a family when its members live together, but when we see mutual love exists for each other and when the members of a family stand by each other through thick and thin. A family becomes a family which doesn’t only share happiness, but sorrows too, which eats together, laughs together and share blissful moments together.

Therefore, no matter where we go we should keep our family values intact because this is what gives or shapes our identity and makes us stand out from the crowd. So let’s remind ourselves that we are nothing without our family and when we grow up as adults, we will never compromise with our family values and continue to give them utmost importance.

This is all I have to say. Now, I would like to request our class teacher to say a few words in this regard and also correct me if I have gone wrong anywhere. Please show us the right path and be our guiding light always because teachers not only impart us theoretical knowledge, but teach us lifelong lessons which help us in becoming a responsible social being.

Thank you so much friends for showing so much of patience and appreciating my speech!


Importance of Family Values Speech 4

Dear all – Good Evening and welcome to yet another cultural program of our society. It feels extremely glad to host cultural programs in our society every six months which help bring people together and inculcate a sense of comradeship.

But before we begin with our cultural fest, please allow me to extend special thanks and give a warm welcome to our guest today’s evening, Shri Sampatlal Dwivedi, honorary chairman of the leading XYZ industrial group. With many years of togetherness, the bond of our society members is going really very strong.

In fact, people look up to our society and highly appreciate the way we celebrate all the festivals together and live as one family. It is then I realize that I have been extremely lucky to be living in this society and the kind of support and encouragement I have received from my society members after becoming its secretary is simply amazing. In fact, I am quite enjoying being in this role and getting to meet the expectations of everyone.

However, the situation is not same everywhere because not everyone lives in peace and harmony. As a matter of fact, even members within the family tend to get alienated and the entire family set up begins to crumble down. Ladies and gentlemen, when I observe such a scenario I feel extremely sad and my soul weighs down under a heavy burden because of the haplessness of not being able to do anything. This is the reason why I chose to address this topic in today’s cultural evening.

Slowly and gradually, we tend to become alienated from our family values and roots not realizing that it’s the family in the end which incessantly supports us in innumerable ways. Whether you agree or not, but we owe our identity to our family and when we move away from that very family and its values, a state of crisis occurs and chaos prevails in our lives.

Family values are seriously lacking in today’s youth because they live heavily under the influence of western culture. It is the responsibility of the parents as well as teachers to imbibe in their children the importance of family values and help them understand why it is so important in our lives. Family values make us more human, it helps us sympathize with others and in becoming a good human being. We realize the importance of such emotions as love, compassion and camaraderie. This is not all, these qualities also help us succeed in our lives and help us follow the path of righteousness.

So irrespective of what education we are imparting to our students, it is important to teach them lifelong lessons of love and compassion only then will we be ensuring their holistic development and a step towards the betterment of our society and nation as a whole. Because if families are happy, the societies live in peaceful co-existence and if societies live in harmony, the nation as a whole can progress without any situation of conflict or crisis.

This is all I from my side, thank you!



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