Speech on Indian Army in upholding the Security of the Nation

We should neither underestimate nor fail to remember the role of Indian army in upholding the security of the nation. Keeping in mind the extremely important role our Indian army plays in ensuring the safety of our country, a separate section of speeches have been dedicated to them in order to reiterate the important role they play in the service of our nation. This is the reason why speeches on Indian army in upholding the security of the nation have been thoroughly prepared so much so that these can be used as a direct point of reference for those who wish to prepare one such speech when the occasion arrives.

Long and Short Speeches on Indian Army in upholding the Security of the Nation

There are both short speeches on Indian army in upholding the security of the nation as well as long speeches on Indian army in upholding the security of the nation, which are comprehensively written to give a fair insight into the things.

Indian Army in upholding the Security of the Nation Speech 1

Warm Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! Firstly, I would like to thank you all for assembling in this congregation today, which is being organized by our committee in order to pay homage to our great Indian Officers who work day and night for serving our motherland.

Before we begin with today’s program, let us extend a warm and special welcome to our Indian jawans, who are present here amidst us in order to grace the ceremony. It couldn’t have been more special today than their very presence.

The exuberance and vitality of everyone present here show the love of each one of you for our great Indian Army. I am extremely glad that people have come together in large numbers to not only commemorate the memory of all those soldiers who lost their lives in the battle, but also to celebrate their hard won victory and extending towards them a gesture of great respect and honor.

Needless to say, Indian Army upholds the security of our nation and it is all because of our defense army that we constantly feel a sense of security and are able to live and breathe freely, without any sense of fear. Even if we know that the opponents have attacked our country we can safely sleep in our homes and carry on with our routine life. Where on one hand our soldiers live under constant threats and wage war with the opponents so much so that many lose their lives while many get severely wounded and on the other hand we continue to live a life of normalcy. They live for long separated from their families and friends and are posted at remote locations where normally a person can’t even survive. They have to sustain themselves under tough conditions and have to relentlessly battle with the hard conditions.

From battling wars for our country to protecting the people at the time of exigency to scaling mountains to enduring daily struggle to bearing the scorching heat of the summers to enduring the harsh winter conditions – the soldiers of our Indian army simply lay down their lives for the service and most importantly for the honor of the country and ask for nothing in return not even words of appreciation.

Going sleepless for days and nights, they wage war with terrorism. They are the great freedom fighters of our country and we owe them a lot. It is not possible to express in words the gratitude we feel for them. All we can do is to always remember them in our prayers and pray for their safety as well as victory. Their safety also is our concern and at no cost we should forget it.

Salute to our Indian Army which is truly the backbone of the country’s defense mechanism as they never hesitate putting up a brave front in the face of adversity.

Hats off to their indomitable spirit! This is all I have to say, thank you!


Indian Army in upholding the Security of the Nation Speech 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers and Dear students – Welcome to one and all!

I Priya Lekh, the alumnus of this college and now a Defence Strategic Analyst is here to give you a speech on Indian Army, which safeguards our country. I believe and even you will agree that Indian Army is a role model for every individual due its dedication and commitment to work.

Indian Army is that backbone of our country which stands strong in every weather. They are utterly secular people that are they don’t discriminate any citizen of our country on the basis of color, caste, religion, creed etc. for them every citizen is equal and they need to protect each and every citizen equally from our country’s enemies.

They live a simple yet sacrificial life without any materialistic obsessions attached to them. They even leave their families and survive in any condition for the love and respect of Mother India. You might have always thought and asked yourself the question that the world we are living in today there is no “Hot War” going on rather it’s just the internal conflicts that every country is fighting with? Yes, you are absolutely correct in thinking this way but still our soldiers of the Indian Army do not go through heavy artillery firing everyday but they have to survive in conditions which are impossible to survive for a normal human being.

From whichever religion our soldier belongs to but for his fellow colleague’s happiness they all celebrate festivals together with very little or sometimes no food, but still they remain happy and share their sad days together. For them every colleague in the same Indian army uniform is their brother. Our soldiers give so much to the country but get nothing in return still they stay strong with a smile always on their faces.

Indian Army soldiers have proved their excellence in every war that the country has gone through; they have never surrendered as their motto has always been “do or die”. We all should feel proud that we have the best army for our rescue not only in war conditions but also in circumstances ranging from rescuing people from natural calamities, fighting civil wars, to protecting people in times of humanitarian aid etc.


We all sleep well in the night because in our subconscious mind we have this realization that our soldiers are there, protecting us on the borders and protecting us from any foreign enemy. It’s not only Army which is working day and night but also the Navy and the Air force. Our land, sea and borders are protected just because of all the three forces combined together work simultaneously.

At the end I would just like to conclude with a fact that our country is armed with nuclear weapons due to the Indian Army which carried on a very important operation to make our country nuclear armed so that no external warning can threaten us. This was “Pokhran” when 6 nuclear weapons were detonated with the help of our army and without any country and not even U.S. as a superpower could reveal our motive of India making itself armed.

Thank You!


Indian Army in upholding the Security of the Nation Speech 3

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends- Warm greetings to everyone!

I, Atul Sinha, would like to thank everyone for providing me with a wonderful opportunity to deliver a speech before you all on how Indian Army upholds the security of our nation.

India as a country has the best army and great soldiers who do not think twice before laying their lives to protect our mother India. It’s not easy to become a soldier of the Indian Army as they need to lose material things in life. Dear Friends you would shocked to hear that soldiers are not only meant to fight wars on the borders but they also play a very important role in rescuing people during natural calamities and also during peace building operations.

In circumstance of Civil War in any country our Indian Army soldiers are sent who also belong to the peace keeping forces of our country. They try and maintain peace upto any extent possible. India has sent many peacekeeping soldiers to other countries to maintain peace. Sri Lank is the best example to exemplify this situation.

Before moving on further you all should know that whenever an individual decides to pursue their career in Indian army they need to abide by an objective of our army. The main motive of the soldiers is to protect our country from external aggression as well as internal threats to maintain security within our borders.

Indian soldiers follow a strict routine and diet which they comply at all times in their lives. Rules and procedures are very stringent for them but still they follow every rule of the army. They are disciplined and trained in the manner that for them the mission of their life becomes only protecting the country and their fellow Indians. Even in a do or die situation firstly they would defend the territory till their last breath and then willingly would give up their life for their own country. The love, respect and passion they have for their nation is what we all should learn from them and abide by them.

Our Indian soldiers do sacrifice their lives for the nation but their families are also too courageous who too respect and feel proud that their family member has given his life for the country. On every Republic Day the President of India presents gallantry awards to the families of the Indian Soldiers and it’s a proud moment for us and them when they receive the awards. Though nobody can fill the pain the families go through but still their entire lives they feel proud about their achievements.

We all should remember and respect that our soldiers sacrifice their lives to make our futures better and bright. Thus, we all should stand and salute to the Indian army.

Thank You!


Indian Army in upholding the Security of the Nation Speech 4

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, My Colleagues and Dear students- A Sincere Welcome to all of you!

I, Prachi Arora, the class teacher of class 12 am here to give you a speech on Indian Army that protects and safeguards our country. A soldier does not only belong to the armed forces but also belong to Air and Navy. The relevance of soldiers is very important as they protect our borders from our enemies and in turn safeguard our lives.

You as students would also have dreamt of becoming a soldier but always remember that your first priority should be your own country and mother earth. You need to inculcate the habit of being disciplined and faithful all your lives. A soldier’s life is not easy as he needs to be vigilant and alert all the time to face every challenge and danger coming his way.

Soldiers are posted anywhere in the country ranging from deserts, icy heights, mountains where they show commendable will power to survive in those ranges and protect our borders. Sometimes, they are not even left with food as they carry arms and ammunitions instead of food. They train friendly armies and provide aid to war ridden countries. This clearly reveals our capabilities and our strength as a country.

The Indian soldiers not only fight for our country but have a greater role to play in our nation building process. They are ready to build roads and bridges in place where a normal human being can’t even think of going. The Indian Army has always been there at nation’s call. Not only the Indian Soldiers in service but also the veterans contribute to our country. These veterans train the future generation like one of you might be trained by an Army man if you wish to follow that path. Soldiers do not discriminate on the basis of caste or creed; they follow only one motto which is “All for one and One for All”.

My Dear students you all should respect them and their families as if they wouldn’t be there to sacrifice their lives for us we all wouldn’t be there in the first place. They take bullets upon them to protect our borders so that we can live safely in our houses. In extreme climatic as well as challenging conditions you will always find the Indian soldier obeying the country’s rule of law and even ready to pay his life for the dignity of our nation.

Their spirits and love for the country make us bow down before them to pay respect to the Soldiers. Let’s all take a minute and pray for their lives so that they can be safe and protected from our enemies.

Salute to the Indian Army!

Thank You!



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