Speech on Indian Army Day

Indian Army Day is celebrated on 15th January every year. The day is marked in memory of the fallen soldiers of India, who lost their life while courageously fighting in the battle fields. 15th January is chosen as a date to celebrate Indian Army day to honour Field Marshall Kodendra Madappa Cariappa or K.M. Cariappa who took over as the first commander in chief of the Indian Army on the same day in 1949 replacing General Sir Francis Butcher. The day popularly came to be known as Indian Army Raising Day. The day also marks the sacrifices made and courage shown by Indian soldiers, who died in the battlefield protecting their motherland.

It is gallantly celebrated in Delhi displaying the skills and valor of the soldiers of Indian Army. The celebration is presided over by the Commander In chief of the Indian Army. Homage is payed to the fallen soldiers at amar jawan jyoti at India Gate and soldiers are conferred with medals and gallantry awards. Soldiers also display their skills of bike riding and other activities on the day and make the audiences proud.  Indian Army protects our borders and resists any infiltration with commendable courage to keep our country safe and secure. We all must try to be a part of the celebration and take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers.

Long and Short Speech on Indian Army Day in English

The following speech on Indian Army are written in simple language to let the reader understand the origin of Indian Army Day and the way it is celebrated in Delhi. Any student even from senior primary level will understand the day and its importance after going through these speeches. All in all the Indian Army speech will improve your knowledge about the gallant history of Indian Army apart from making you proud.

Indian Army Day Speech 1

Good Morning Hon’ble Principle Ma’am, Hon’ble Teachers and My Dear Friends!

As we all know that today is 15 January, 2018 and we all are gathered here to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the Indian Army Day and it is my pleasure to host this event. Before getting the celebration started, I would like to say a few words for our hon’ble soldiers. Today we are safe in our country because our army has secured and protected our borders. They put their today in danger for keeping our tomorrow safe. Today if our country is able to retain its independence, then it is only because of the army. Although, we should thank the army for protecting us every day but this day is especially dedicated to the army and it gives us the chance to show our love and respect towards it.

This day is especially celebrated in the respect of the Lieutenant General of India, Kodendara Madappa Carriappa. He was the first Army’s Commander-in-Chief of the independent India. Army Day is celebrated every year at the National Capital (New Delhi) where various parades and military shows are organized. On this day, all ministers and different officials gather at the Amar Javan Jyoti in New Delhi to pay special tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for saving ours. There is the biggest contribution of the Indian Army in maintaining peace and harmony in the country and as well as between other nations also.

There have been many cases in the history of the Indian Army where they have helped other nations to protect their independence. We all know the nature of the Indian Army that it is one of the strongest armies in the world when it comes to the protection of the nation but on the other hand, it also has a soft side where it is always ready to help the other countries by protecting human rights and promoting rule of law among nations. Indian Army not only protects the country from the external threats but also from the internal threats. During the situations of natural disasters, Indian Army has plays a crucial role during many situations of natural disasters likes in that of the Uttarakhand’s disaster.

The soldiers of the Indian Army are always ready to sacrifice themselves for protecting their motherland and its citizens. Indian soldiers are the perfect symbol of a true patriot. They leave behind their own families to serve their nation and to make it proud in the world. The dedication, discipline and patriotism are the special traits of them. Nothing can keep a soldier away from performing his duty on the border. We all should admire their efforts and learn that what a true patriot looks like.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to our principal and all the respected teachers for organizing this event in our school and providing us the opportunity to show our gratitude towards the army of our country for doing what they do.



Indian Army Day Speech 2

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, we all are here to celebrate a very auspicious and proud occasion of our country and that is the Indian Army Day. Our Geeta Ram Society has organized this wonderful event to pay tribute to the Great Indian Soldiers and show our gratitude towards them. They are the real heroes of the nation and the biggest reason behind our country’s retention of independence and it is my honor and pleasure to host this program as the secretary of this society.

It is quite unnecessary and also very obvious to say that being Indian; we should feel proud and lucky to have the world’s best armed forces by our side for our protection. If we are able to enjoy freedom in this country and are safe here then it is all because of the Great Indian Army. When it comes to the protection of the country, nothing can refrain the soldier from performing his duty on the border. It does not matter if the there is a hottest dessert or the coldest glaciers but a soldier will perform his duty regardless unfavorable situations to protect his motherland. The history of this country is the biggest witness of the greatness of the Indian Army. The Indian Army has displayed great courage and valour the battlefields since its formation whether it’s in the Indo-China or Indo-Pak wars and many more. Our Great Indian Army has always displayed its great level of bravery and fierceness in front of the entire world. Our army had never backed down when it comes to fight for the friendship among countries and maintaining peace in the world. They have always fought for the fair in the past and will always be at the side of righteous.

There are many cases of the Great Indian Army where it had helped other countries to fight for their freedom and maintain peace in their country like France, Bangladesh etc. they have also fought in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in order to maintain peace and stability amongst all countries. But most importantly, our country had never attacked any country in the entire world in its whole history. Indian Army is the world’s best army when it comes to the righteousness and never giving up spirit. Our army has never ever waved the white flag in the battlefield and the only thing they believe in is the spirit of “Do or Die”.


I would like to wrap up my speech on this note and extend special thanks to the committee members for organizing such an amazing and great event and gifting us the opportunity to show our love and respect towards our Great Indian Army. So, let’s begin with the further patriotic performances by the various artists as a gratitude to the Great Indian Army.

Thank you and I wish you a great day ahead!


Indian Army Day Speech 3

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today is 15th January and we all know how much importance do this day holds in our country, therefore, we picked up the day for an amazing event for our NGO. I am so glad and feeling proud on being a part of this NGO that today we are joined by some of our very hardworking soldiers of whom we all are very proud of and also today this event in our NGO is especially organized for paying respect to one of the most respected people in the country. We are very glad that Indian Army came here today for motivating us. I am feeling very privileged in hosting this program and addressing our country’s pride in front of everyone. But before we get started with our event, I would like to say a few words in respect of our soldiers.

Soldiers work as a spine for a country in every place. Soldiers are the reason for us sleeping comfortably in our homes without fear or terror. They are 24/7 ready to fight for their country and its citizens for keeping their country protected and its citizen safe from external terrors. They take danger on themselves just to save lives of people living in the country. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the country without even thinking twice about themselves and their family. They leave all of their comforts and family behind to serve the country and not everyone has the equal courage as displayed by a soldier. It takes a whole lot of guts to have that kind of courage but also when you have a feeling of a true patriot and love for the country in heart then it automatically becomes easy to sacrifice anything and everything.

As a citizen of this country, it is a duty of all of us to pay respect and be beholden of the real life superheroes by the efforts of whom we all are safe from terrors. Every day and night irrespective of the weather conditions, different climates or unavailability of facilities, they stand tall on the borders of India in order to save crore of its citizens. The record of our great Indian Army is still reigning high in the world. It is our moral duty to support our hardworking soldiers for what they are doing and help them in making a strong and safe country who cannot be defeated by anyone around the globe.

On this note, I would like to wrap up my speech and extend my special thanks to our leader who is leading this NGO for so long time and still has the passion to help the needy people across the country. l would also like to thank and praise our respected soldiers for joining us today and motivating the people connected with our NGO and helping people.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Indian Army Day Speech 4

Good Morning Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends!

Today, this very special event has been organized in our college on the beautiful occasion of the Indian Army Day and I am feeling very privileged and proud at the same time for hosting this event. We all are very glad for the happening of this function in our college as we are accompanied by some of our great Indian Soldiers because without them, this event would not have been this special. This celebration is especially organized with keeping in mind the interest of our soldiers and with a theme of our national flag. Everybody is wearing a combination of tricolor (saffron, white and green with navy blue). We can feel a very strong vibe in this auditorium as everybody is super excited and looking forward to this event but before starting with the performances, I would like to deliver a speech expressing my love and respect for this country.

Since my childhood, I always have a dream of joining the Indian Army to serve for my mother country and I am still aiming only for it. Today we are looking at our female soldiers and it is very inspirational for me as it gives me the feeling of patriotism and women power. It is very fortunate for all of us that we live in a country which have one of the strongest, toughest and undefeated army in the world. We all should understand the value of such a great army and should join it if we are capable.

Our government should understand the value of such a great army and try to further improve their facilities for uniforms, arms/weapons, food etc; so that they will have a kind of support from the country that will help them in winning for future and more youngsters of the country can join the Indian Army to serve for their country.

On this note, I would like conclude my words and extend special thanks to our real heroes for joining us today making this event unforgettable for all of us and also to our management committee along with our event organizers for organizing such a great event and giving us the opportunity to show our gratitude and respect towards our Great Indian Army.

Thank you and JAI HIND!



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