Speech on Life after School

Every student on a higher secondary level anticipates the life after school. For him/her, it is all flowery and glossy – no restrictions and most importantly no dress code. So if you are also a higher secondary student and are looking forward to this life, then life after school speech is for you.

Long and Short Speech on Life after School in English

Study our both short speeches as well as long speeches on life after school to understand more on this topic, especially the difference between school life and college life. These speeches are written from the point of view of students and nothing is a hypothetical buildup.  Read on and find out on your own!

Speech on Life after School – 1

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s a wonderful opportunity to present before you all to give a speech on life after school. Being a motivational speaker and innovator I feel proud to speak on this topic and make you realize certain things in life.

Everybody has a dream or a goal in his life and you would agree with me that wherever you go the dream of yours follows you. Your ambition is what you follow blindly and work every second towards it. Being school students is a very joyful and happy life but as you step in the real world you will realize the relevance of school and your teachers.

I would like to share my experience when I was in school, I was a very mischievous student and once I got a lot of scolding from my teacher for not completing my homework. That was the day when I complained about my teacher to my parents but they told me one thing that this time of your life you will miss once you are out of school.

Nobody would even bother what you are up to in your life. It is the same thing which my parents told me before. Yes, there will be no one to make you realize your mistakes and you will be responsible for your own deeds. This was just an example I gave you all to make you realize that this is your golden period. Enjoy this time in school to the fullest and value your teachers.

Once you will be out of the school there would be lots of pressure that you would have to handle, nobody will spoon-feed you and nobody would even pin point where you are going wrong. Even if you fail in life you would have to take the responsibility on your own shoulders.

School days are the best time when you can relax, study as well as enjoy your lives but when you leave your school you will realize what exactly your responsibilities are and how you need to cope with them. As students you are dependent on your parents but when you grow up you need to take care of them just the way they did for you. You need to realize how important is to value every phase of our lives. Every phase teaches us one thing or the other.

Thus, as a motivational speaker I hope I have motivated you all to respect everyone in your lives and especially those who love you the most. This is the golden period of your life and it is never going to come back so enjoy your school days to the best of your capabilities.

Thank You!


Speech on Life after School – 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Colleagues and My Dear Students- I hope this day finds you in best of spirits!

Today on the speech giving day in the morning assembly, as a teacher I am present before you to deliver a speech on a quite exciting topic for me which is life after school. It brings back certain memories of my school days.


My colleagues would agree with me that we all have something to share from our school days. Our experiences would be a life lesson for you dear students. School is the place where you all spend half of the day enjoying extracurricular activities including dance, sports, plays, dramas etc. These activities prepare you all for the challenging real world which is waiting once you finish your school life.

These activities shape your character and personalities and help you in developing as a full-fledged responsible individual and human being. School lays down your foundation and keeps on improvising your skills. It is the place where you and I nurture our dreams. We get inspired and create our role models in school and follow them the entire life in our subconscious minds.

In fact, we all owe whatever we are today to our school. From getting life lessons and also scoldings in the same place. Don’t ever get disheartened when your teacher scolds you, remember that he/she does this because he/she is worried about your career and wants a successful life for you without any failures and mistakes. You all should thank your parents for sending you to the best schools for your education. Schools are like the building blocks of the society which nurtures the individual and makes them a good human being which in turn becomes valuable for the country itself.

The most important reason to educate youth is that they are the one who are going to support the society. It’s important that you all should be imparted right kind of education and skills so that you take our country to the next level. Life after school is not going to be easy and there will be various challenging situations that you would have to deal with yourself and can’t even reveal it to others because everybody has to go through their own share of struggles and pain.

You would realize once you get out of the school that how memorable were those days where you had no responsibilities. Life after school will not be bed of roses rather there will be ups and downs in life and you will have to handle your family where in now they take all your burdens and responsibilities. I believe that school plays a very important part in all our lives and without which a nation too cannot function well.

Therefore, I hope you all have understood the value of school and got an insight on how the real world would be and how you need to overcome tough challenges.

Thank You!


Speech on Life after School – 3

Good Evening Friends – How are you all doing?

I warmly welcome you all to this closing ceremony of today where we all can see each other together one last time within our school premise. Until this time, we have been living a secured and sheltered life under the constant guidance of our teachers, but now time has come when we have to be on our own.

I am sure we are experiencing the same emotion at this point in time – we are happy but sad at the same time because of the thought of leaving our school. Outside world already appears quite intimidating and things do not appear easy going. There are other sets of challenges, such as which career option to choose and then short listing the names of reputed institutes which offer respective courses. The job doesn’t end there as then comes the most difficult part of making it to the college of our choice based on our cut offs as well as entrance scores.

Throughout we have been following the footsteps shown by our respected teachers, but now we will have to learn to develop independent, critical thinking so that we can take the decisions of our life. However, consulting our parents and teachers is a must, but what we want in life matters the most. Till date, parents and teachers have been our decision makers, but now we have to be our own decision makers. We have made many mistakes in our school lives and there were our teachers and especially our class teacher who could constantly correct our mistakes and help us in improving ourselves. We have been given many chances to improve and prove our mettle. Everyone used to be so encouraging – from the hon’ble principal ma’am to our respected teachers – who helped us so that we realize our true strength and even work on our weak areas.

Friends, I can unhesitatingly say that school life was full of fun and exciting indeed. But now I feel that we are ripped apart of that sheltered life and stand naked, exposed to the harsh reality of the outside world where cut throat competition prevails and even the slight negligence on our part can cost us huge.

We cannot act childish because career decisions taken post finishing our school can make or break everything. So act wisely and think twice before taking any career related decisions. Definitely, college life will come with its share of enjoyment and we should look so forward to it. Getting to meet new people, attend lectures without any obligation will also give a thrilling experience. There are both plus and minuses and it depends on us how we embrace it whether we see it as glass half filled or half empty.

Life after school will also reap fruitful results provided we take it sportingly and put in our sincere efforts to make our college rocking both in academics and other co-curricular activities. For any situation of crisis, I am sure we have our parents and teachers who are always ready to help us steer clear through any hurdle.

This is all from my side, thank you friends!


Speech on Life after School – 4

Hello Friends – How you all are doing?

I, Akriti Saxena – the alumni of this school, warmly welcome you all to the speech ceremony of today! Firstly, I would like to thank my teachers for giving me the opportunity to speak today in front of everyone. Today, I am feeling extremely nostalgic visiting my school after 2 long years.  Even though a considerable time has passed since then, but I can’t help travelling to those golden times when we were school students and used to follow a disciplined lifestyle and work under the aegis of our teachers.

Everything was taken care of by our teachers and parents. Never did we know that life would be so challenging post the completion of our school education. Suddenly, we were stripped off from that protective shield weaned by our teachers and we realized we were on our own. Charting out our career path and working towards it was not at all easy because we just cannot afford to make mistakes because no one is going to guide us step by step the way our school teachers used to do.

But life after school has got to offer you its own shares of exhilaration by making you breathe in an independent environment where there are no rules to break and attending classes are not a compulsion anymore. You are not going to be shouted upon by your professors provided you submit your assignments on time and meet your minimum attendance level.

School life is undoubtedly the best phase in life, but college life too has a lot to offer and the only reason why it gives you a sense of freedom is to help you in becoming independent and develop critical thinking. Because, after all how long we can be spoon fed as the time will surely come when we will have to be on our own!  Isn’t it? Sometimes, we have to be a little harsh on ourselves so that we realize our true potential and emerge as a stronger and a better individual. If we sail through this journey of college life, we will surely shine through in our career ahead.

Life will only be promising when we learn to do what is required out of us and exercise our mental faculty well to achieve our goals. And, college life gives you that opportunity to prove your mettle in your chosen field. So never get intimidated by the outside world and prepare yourself well in your school days itself. I know I am a better person now than I was yesterday and it’s because of all the decisions taken initially by my parents, then my teachers and now by me.  Take every facet of journey in a positive fervor and relish its experience like never before, only then will life become meaningful and worth living.

Nothing comes handy, you have to earn it. So prepare well in your school days for the life ahead, i.e. college life so that it opens a world for you according to your dreams and wishes.

Thank You!



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