Speech on Music and Its Importance

There is some sort of divine power in music! Isn’t it? Music is of different kinds and different people have different likes for different genres of music.  It can be Pop Music, Jazz Music, Classical Music, Remix, etc. Since it’s a very exciting topic, it’s easy to talk about Music and its Importance. Below we have provided a variety of Speech on Music and Its Importance under short and long speeches category of the various word limits for the wide range of students and professionals.

Long and Short Speech on Music and Its Importance

Speech 1

Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I – Kavita Mukherji – stand in front of you all in order to deliver a speech for which my topic is Music and Its Importance. I cannot thank our ma’am enough for giving me this speech topic as I am a music enthusiast and cannot imagine my life without it. Needless to say, I can talk endlessly on this topic, but I should hold back my emotions and talk about it objectively.

Friends, I believe that music is the man’s greatest creation, which helps us express our innermost feelings in the most powerful manner; without having to speak. It touches our soul and strikes a chord in our hearts. The influence of music on us is what creates a marked difference between human beings and animals. It is the sublime power of music that breaks all the geographical boundaries and helps people come together regardless of their different social, political, geographical and cultural backgrounds.

A lot can be said about music and it is one of the important areas of study in the sphere of religion and culture. In fact, I would describe it as a sublime force that knows no religion and no discrimination on the basis of caste and creed; it gives equal delight to all and helps us connect with God by transporting our soul to another world. To a certain extent, music also helps in establishing peace and promoting international brotherhood.

Music also has the power of healing our wounds and it binds people together from all over the world. For this very reason, music is believed to be an instrument of peace that helps in settling down the situation of turmoil and chaos. Imagine yourself in such a situation where you have fought with your close friend or companion and what if he/she plays some nice music for you! Would your heart not melt then? You may not easily forgive the person, but your mind will gradually come at peace and negative emotion will subside.

Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, if you were to express your feelings of love, anger, joy or passion – the best medium would be music. It is often said that when language fails, the best resort is music. Believe in the power of music and you will be able to express your innermost feelings much more effectively and with a lot of magnitude in it.

Did you know that there is a certain kind of music that doctors recommend to their patients? You know why? It is simply because music has the power to heal and pacify our soul. Fall in love with it and trust me your life will get changed for good. You will never be disappointed and then there will be no looking back. So tune in to music in your free time or when you need isolation as it will prove to be your true companion not only in happiness but in distress too.

This is all from my side, thank you!


Speech 2

Our Respected Music Guru and My Lovely Friends – Warm Greetings to one and all!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that our batch has successfully completed a year. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive whether I am making the right decision by joining to learn music under Shri………. – our music guru, but soon all my doubts vanished away in the air when the classes began. Now I am a proud student of our guru and in the entire journey of one year, I have learned a lot. My most favorite instruments are guitar and tabla – yes even though these two instruments are poles apart, but I have learned to play them with much ease. I can also sing well and have developed a sound knowledge of all the ragas and the sur.

Over a period of one year, I have evolved as a complete performer and have gained the confidence to perform on stage. All thanks to our guru!

On this auspicious occasion, I on behalf of the entire students want to felicitate our guru with a bouquet of flowers and a small memento. Secondly, with the due permission of all of you, I wish to deliver a speech on Music and Its Importance. Hope you all will allow me.

So here I begin!

Needless to say, Music is my life and adds substance to it. I can unhesitatingly say that I eat music, I drink music, I sleep music and what not! It runs in my very blood. Trust me, it’s not an exaggeration! If I was to describe music in a line, I would say that it’s the sum total of the sounds that create some sort of a pattern. This pattern is so strong that it evokes and stirs up the feelings and emotions in the listener’s heart and creates a sense of joy or excitement.

It’s an art to make sense of the sound, which helps in expressing the ideas and emotions through these elements of music, rhythm, harmony, resonance, and timbre. Lyrical music means the coming together of words and sounds in harmony.

Music is the creation of soothing sound as well as tone either in a single running melody or more (harmony) with the help of instruments and voices. It’s an organized melodious sound in succession which helps in creating a composition of music in unity, continuity, and harmony.


This very harmony of music produced through musical instruments and voice helps us reach a sublime state, such as we have Sufi music. It is such a delight for our ears to hear this form of music. We can produce music with the help of various instruments falling in different categories, such as:

  • Stringed Instruments
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Keyboard Instruments
  • Wind Instruments
  • Bowed Wings

In the end, all I want to say that sublime music is really powerful like that of nature for it uplifts our soul nurtures us and helps us in feeling good from within. The very resonance of sound soothes our senses and gives us instant delight – this is what nature also does to us, right! Good music captivates us and then there’s no escape from it. Thus, I want to say that music is my first love and will always be as it shapes me as a person and brings out the best creativity from me.

This is all from my side, thank you!


Speech 3

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – Welcome to this grand music concert!

It’s a huge honor for me to be hosting this music concert where such great musicians and performers are going to share the stage. Needless to say, this evening is going to be really memorable and like a never before one. So tighten your seat belts and get ready to be a part of this awesome evening.

However, before our guests arrive and we do the felicitation please allow me to deliver a short speech on Music and Its Importance. I am a big-time lover of music and cannot stop myself from becoming a part of such a great festive evening, especially when I get to play the host.

Let me quote the New World Dictionary of Webster, where music is defined as “the art of combining tones to form an expressive composition; any rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds.”  But the music I believe is so much more than just this as music is everywhere around us and can be found anywhere, especially in the lap of nature. Haven’t you heard the birds chirping, water running, tree leaves rustling and wind blowing – everything contains music and it is God gifted. When we hear these natural sounds our mind becomes calm and we are more at peace. In the lap of nature, we forget all our worries and leave them far behind. Music helps us come to terms with ourselves and find our real self.

It is a great medium to express our emotions to the other person and helps us win them over. Isn’t it? It is one of the finest forms of art. And similar to other forms of art, music requires great technical and creative skills, including the power of imagination. Just like dance is a form of artistic expression through bodily movements and painting which requires the finest strokes of brushes, music is composed of different sounds in harmony. Music delights our senses, for instance, what a fragrance is to our nose, a gorgeous sight is to our eyes, feathery touch to our skin, the scrumptious dish is to our palate, so music is to our ears!

Plato, who was a great Greek philosopher, once said that Music should be an indispensable part of education. In his scheme of education, he emphasized on three forms of disciplines, viz.

  1. Mathematics for the development and training of our brain;
  2. Gymnastics for the development and training of our body;
  3. And last but not least, music for feeding our soul!

Therefore, music helps us in connecting with our real self, which is, of course, our soul and while tuning into good, soothing music, we start to undertake an inward journey to the soul.

With this I bring my speech to an end and now that our chief guests, as well as performers, have arrived, I would request our event manager to kindly come on stage for the felicitation.

Thank you, everyone, for being such patient listeners!


Speech 4

Hon’ble Guest of Honor, Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Welcome to all of you!

I – Pooja Mishra from Standard (XII) Commerce Department – feel ecstatic to be hosting our school’s 16th annual function. I am sure you all are excited like I am to watch the performances and enjoy the gala time. In fact, I also can’t wait to kick start the program. But before all of this, let me express my gratitude on behalf of the entire school to our chief guest for accepting our invitation and coming to grace the function with his due presence. I would request our respected principal ma’am and vice-principal ma’am to kindly come on stage and pay honor to our guest.

Friends, a huge round of applause for them! Now, I would also request our guest of honor and principal ma’am to address our students and say a few words (.........and they deliver a brief speech).

I would now request everyone to allow me to deliver a short speech on Music and Its Importance as today is the Make Music Day. So I wish to speak a few lines about it talking about its relevance and importance in our lives.

Friends, music makes use of different sounds to form patterns! These patterns are so powerful that these evoke emotions and feelings in the hearts of the listeners and give them instant pleasure. Good music has the power to uplift our soul, ease our worries and helps us to come to terms with this world. With music our lives become musical and we start enjoying the harmony of melody, rhythm, and resonance. There are different types of music, such as:

  • Classical
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Reggae
  • Blues, etc.

Now let’s know what importance it holds in our lives:

  1. It’s an excellent medium for pastime

Music gives you a permanent solution to wipe off boredom from your life. When you listen to music there is no realization how the time simple flies. If you are sitting idle and got nothing to do, then switch to music for a while – you will be re-energized and would feel rejuvenated.

  1. It opens up several career opportunities

If you are good at playing any musical instrument or even singing for that matter, you will have ample job opportunities for yourself in the music industry. You just need to know how to make your way through.

  1. A powerful medium to convey your feelings

Music is one of the strong mediums to help you express your feelings. Whether it’s vocal or instrumental – every form of music is full of feelings and emotions, which you cannot express in plain, normal words.

In the end, all I want to say is that it doesn’t matter whether we know how to play an instrument or not – music in whatever form we listen has the ability to improve the quality of our lives. It also helps us convey the message of peace and brotherhood across nations. So my request would be to make music your permanent companion and “Make Music not war”.

Thank You!