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Politics is a very commonly used term whether we talk about it in the context of political parties or in a broader framework. We often observe political leaders delivering a speech on politics while upholding their ideologies and thought processes. But, other than political leaders, students, teachers as well as social activist groups too are made to address this topic as a part of their assignment or job. So if you are also struggling with this task, then here things are made easier for you. With our short speeches on politics and long speeches on politics, you can draw much help and prepare effective speeches and/or descriptions to impress your teacher or audience. Just read through the pages and gain an insight into different subject matters.

Long and Short Speech on Politics

Speech on Politics – 1

Dear Students – Welcome to the speech assembly! Hope your studies are not getting affected amidst the extracurricular activities that are going on and are performing well in your weekly tests.

Today, the topic of speech is Politics. Why politics? Because it is always a hot topic irrespective of which country you belong to. Politics is such an engaging subject that everyone has something to say. Moreover, I feel it necessary that my students should command knowledge on practical subjects other than textual ones and should be able to confidently put across their thought and ideas. So through my speech I hope you all will be able to learn something.

If I were to define politics, I will define it as a social process with the help of which collective power is formed, organized, disseminated and used in various social structures. It is rooted in specific social processes and structures. It happens in societies having discrete economic and social arrangements.

Studying politics from sociological point of view would be about focusing on political behavior within the social structures. It is also about exploring the political relations with respect to the entire social fabric within which it is rooted. Politics is about power and it takes place when there is a degree of difference in power. Therefore, any social association which involves power differences is termed as political.

In actuality, the concept of politics mainly emphasizes the point that every social set up comprises a power structure, not just the one where social roles are officially stated in terms of power. As we all know that every facet of social life includes power structures and thus politics cannot be taken as including simply ‘what political leaders do’. Rather, any process that involves wielding power or control over others or coercion in society is ideally political in nature.

In other words, politics is not just limited to what politicians do, but goes far beyond that. Politics can also be defined as a mind game where the dominant section of a society tries to hold sway over the weaker sections of society or those who are marginalized. As we often hear people saying that “They are playing political games”. Playing politics or political games would imply being manipulative, knave and resorting to mean tactics in order to realize one’s goal. More often it carries negative connotations with itself and implies the selfish interests of the individuals without considering the common good of all.

Politics is good as long as it serves the common good of all, if not, then at least it does not harm the interests of others. But rarely does it happen and there is a rat race to subdue others and establish our own selves at the top of everything. Instead of learning politics, I strongly feel that people should learn moral values and the dignity to conduct himself/herself in life only then the world can become truly a peaceful haven for all. Regardless of which field you are in, it is important to value human relationships and rise above all petty interests to nurture mankind.

Thank You!

Speech on Politics – 2

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman – Welcome to the annual political gathering of our Jan Kalyan Samiti.

As you all know that elections are just around the corner and so much discussion is already going on about which party to vote for by trying to understand the political mind game of various political leaders and their past accomplishments. It is not easy for a layman to fathom what goes on behind the closed doors of political leaders and whatever comes from them whether it’s any ideology that they preach or simply advocate their views is never innocent and is always a part and parcel of their manipulation, scheming and planning.

Nevertheless, if we cannot understand their political games we can at least understand what politics is all about. Is it just confined to the realm of legislative bodies or goes beyond that? Let’s try and understand!

If I talk about, say our very own country, i.e. Indian politics – it refers to the actions of the political parties in unison with the administration and governance of India at various levels, viz. panchayat level, district, state as well as national level. And, a politician is someone who is professionally a part of political domain. Generally, it is believed that he/she wields positive influence over its people.

It is generally said that politics is all about the technique and art of government. Behind every idea propounded by an individual carries an intention, likewise political ideas too come with the aim of implementation; however several people perceive this with a negative thinking. It involves such activities of influencing the ruling government politics or for that matter staying in power. It also consists of the law-making procedures and policies.

The great spiritual leader of India, i.e. Mahatma Gandhi talked about the role of ethics in the realm of politics. He said that politics devoid of morals and ethics was not at all desirable. The principles that he laid his stress on were moral principles. As per his philosophy pertaining to politics, truth should be the ruling factor in our lives and also self-purification as well as morality. All of us know that the politics of Gandhiji was bound up with the principles of non-violence and of course truth. He also exhorted the people of India to align themselves with the morals of her ruling leaders. Being completely devoted to truth, he sternly upheld the role of moral values and principles in everyone’s lives. He also believed that religious issues are like a death trap as they kill the soul of a man.

He once said, “For me there is no politics without religion, not the religion of the superstitions or the blind religion that hates and fights, but the universal religion of toleration”.

Usually, politics is considered a dirty game where people are completely driven by selfish interests and do not value the interest of others. It makes people morally pervert and knave. However, if politicians begin to assume their roles and responsibilities and start discharging them selflessly then the term ‘politics’ will no longer be associated with negative aspects. There should not be any vitiated political games, but constructive mindsets with respect to the welfare of the people as well as nation-state.

Thank You!

Speech on Politics – 3

Hello Friends – Warm Greetings of the Day! It gives me immense pleasure seeing you all after a long time! I hope life is treating you well and everyone is in the best of spirits.

Before I begin my speech on politics, let me first express a feeling of gratitude towards all my friends present here and making this ceremony so graceful.

Politics is a much nuanced term as it carries different meanings for different people and there is no particular definition for it. However, I would like to put its definition in the following manner: Politics is a process wherein decisions are taken by the members of an association. Putting it more narrowly, politics will refer to gaining and exercising governmental positions and weaning control over a community of people, chiefly a state. In addition, politics refers to the practice or study of the dissemination of resources and most importantly power within a known community (this is generally an organized population, which is hierarchical in nature), including the interrelationship(s) between various communities.

Like in many countries, if you see, people there have formed various political parties in order to put across their thoughts and ideas. Even though there may be a difference of opinion between people involved with a particular party, but it deserves appreciation that they yet work together because the differences are taken positively. The people feel that what matters is that they agree on many other things, which are enough to bring people together for a common goal and they will become even more powerful, if such people come together.

These people give their consent to adopt the same stance on various issues and agree to encourage the same changes within the law. What do we see in elections? An election majorly involves competition between various political parties. Here are a few examples of political parties – the Labor party, the Liberal party, the Conservative party and the Greens.

Politics carries a multifaceted dimension. It consists of a fair set of specific meanings which are explanatory and non-judgmental (like “political principles” and “the science or art of government”); however it time and again does carry a negative connotation in terms of different political games that are marked by dishonest practices and scheming tactics. The negative feeling that comes from politics can be evinced from such phrases as “play politics”, which has been in vogue from somewhere around 1853, when Wendell Phillips, the abolitionist affirmed: “We do not play politics; anti-slavery is no half-jest with us.”

There are innumerable tactics that are deployed in a political sphere, which involves either upholding or forcing one’s own politically-charged opinions on the masses, framing legislative bodies, exercising control, parleying with other political parties and if it doesn’t work then the preparation of warfare against the opponents.

Political games are played socially on a wide scale, ranging from tribes and clans of traditional societies, via contemporary local governments, institutions as well as organizations from sovereign states to the world-wide level. So politics is not just limited to the legislative bodies, but extends its wide reach to the people in general where manipulation, scheming and maneuvering has become a part and parcel of day-to-day lives of the people.

So we need to think deeply and understand where our present-day civilization is heading towards? Because any undertaking – be it political or non-political, if become devoid of moral ethics and principles, lead the society to a downfall. That’s all I have to say!

Thank You!


Speech on Politics – 4

Warm Good Evening to one and all – Thank you for this warm congregation and supporting our political parties and our campaign for the upcoming elections!

Since we belong to the political sphere and while running our political campaign we often get to hear unpleasant statements from our people whom we visit, such as “You play politics for your own personal benefits”, “all politicians are the same, i.e. hypocrites, morally perverts, double-standard people, etc.” Well, these statements are true to a major extent, but it is not always good to judge everyone in a likewise manner and form opinions beforehand.

However, we are not even asking you to trust us blindly, but adopt a neutral stance, judge us through our work and if then you find anything unsatisfactory or not up to the mark, then feel free to label us with such statements as “all politicians are alike and play dirty games all the time”.

Here, we have not kept this congregation to boast about ourselves, but to let you know all the actual meaning of politics and its various connotations. So let’s know about those various connotations in detail.

In terms of definition, politics refers to those activities connected with the governance of an area or a nation. The activities associated with politics aim to improve one’s own status or gaining ascendancy or power over others in an organization. As far as political concept is concerned, I believe that it’s an utterly naive thought. Honestly admitting, each one of us is a politician. Whatever we do, we usually adopt a stance which is political in nature and charged with selfish aims – whether anyone likes it or not. Politics spans every sphere of life. How and in what manner you will be educated, whether you will be able to find a job or not, how much money is required to run one’s own life, how much money needs to be spent and how much is to be saved as well as how much you should surrender in terms of taxes to your state are not innocent questions but political ones.

Should your preparation and education in life be the same as that of others or should you have better opportunities in comparison with others? We do not live in a vacuum or a no man’s land – whatever we do follows certain repercussions and those repercussions not only affect us, but the society as a whole. In other words, an individual’s level of independence as well as collective freedom correspond with each other, equality vis-à-vis rights, justice, duties are all a significant part of the political realm.

Playing politics has become a universal phenomenon and no human activity is untouched by it. Whether we visit any legislative body, administrative staff, educational institution, sports club – politics is all pervasive. But it is not important to know, what is more important to understand is how people are playing the political games and serving their end. If we are a responsible citizen of our country, then we should never encourage it and rather urge the people to adopt a path of righteousness and morality.

Thank You!



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