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Agriculture is certainly one of the most significant activities of a country as it not only feeds millions of people, but also contributes towards the overall growth of the GDP. At various social events, school or college functions, agriculture is a much talked about topic. In fact, for the government too, it’s a pertinent issue and various steps are being taken for the improvement of this sector.

Long and Short Speech on Agriculture in English

Speech on agriculture is delivered at various social, political gatherings in order to raise awareness on this issue.

In case, you are also dealing with any assignment or are preparing for a speech on this topic, then our short speech on agriculture as well as long speech on agriculture can serve as a guide for you and give you a better understanding of the subject.

Here we have provided various long and short speech on agriculture which will be proved helpful for you.

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Speech on Agriculture – 1

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to the speech ceremony organized by our society to honor the labour of our farmers, who feed millions of people and significantly contribute in the economic growth of a country.

As we all know that Bharat, i.e. India is a Krishi Pradhan Desh, which implies that farmers act as the dominant force in our country without which the country cannot imagine its existence. As a matter of fact, it is the governing force for any country. For instance, the majority of Indian population draws their source of income from farming, which accounts for nearly 16 percent of the whole GDP. This ratio says enough about India, which as already mentioned above, is a Krishi Pradhan Desh and is therefore highly dependent on its agricultural activities because a vast area of land is used for it. There is no reason to doubt that agriculture always has an upper hand in terms of its contribution towards the overall growth of our country and hence it becomes important to ensure its growth.

Special attention must be devoted to this particular sector so that farmers can benefit from the latest state-of-the-art technology for agriculture, which in turn can yield good results. Better the focus on agricultural activities, greater will be our nations’ growth.

Since agriculture already has a great influence on the economic development of a country, special efforts should be devoted towards its improvement. In fact, various beneficial schemes can be integrated with the agriculture-based activities for the growth of the farmers and proper guidance should be given to them on how to improve their ways of farming and learning innovative ways to better their skills. In addition, important steps should be taken to overcome the incurred loss because of inadequate or heavy rainfall so that our farmers can lead a fulfilling life. Agriculture is not only one of the major activities of our country, but the most powerful one too. Its importance cannot be overlooked as it accounts for the high rate of GDP.

Let’s learn some of its benefits in a little more detail:

Offers a mean of earning to the people: In order to meet the needs of a country, it’s agricultural activities should be first strengthened. In India, more than 70 per cent of the total population is dependent on agriculture and is one of the important means of earning livelihood for the people, particularly in the rural areas. The ratio is very high to say that under-development is one of the primary reasons why such a huge sector as this is a part of agriculture. Majority of the population consists of farmers, who have no other option, but to do farming and make a contribution in the supply of food across the country.

Make a contribution in the national income: As stated above, agriculture is certainly one of the major sectors that accounts for the high GDP and it’s not just India, but many countries are dependent on it. In case of India, it is surely a major source of income for many families. Thus, it can be said that agriculture makes a significant contribution in the national income and is an extremely important sector to further improve upon.

Thank You!


Speech on Agriculture – 2

Dear Friends – I welcome you all to our session that is organized with an aim to highlight the importance of agriculture and spread awareness amongst the masses to support agricultural activities and farmers who often face great negligence from the government and/or authority in terms of strengthening their status in society.

Before we understand various nuances of being a farmer in today’s industrialized society, let’s first understand what exactly defines agriculture. Agriculture involves methodical sowing of beneficial plants, including rearing of livestock under the supervision of man. In other words, agriculture involves conscious efforts of a man to modify a part of the earth’s surface by cultivating crops or raising the livestock for survival or monetary gain.

Thus, agriculture implies farming in various branches, which includes soil cultivation as well as tillage, dairying, the cultivation and production, growing and reaping of any horticultural and agricultural commodities, the rearing of poultry or livestock along with any practices undertaken by a farmer on his farm in conjunction with different farming operations. However, it does not involve the manufacturing or processing of tobacco, coconut, sugar, or other farm products.

Agriculture is the principal source of food for the people in any country. In fact, in the absence of agricultural activities imagine how a country can feed the masses and supply them with the requisite energy to continue working all day long? Hence, this is the very basic or primary need fulfilled by the farmers through agricultural activities by producing necessary nutritious products, such as wheat, rice, onion, potato, mangoes, tomato, beans, sugarcane and cotton, to name a few. Our farmers work really hard for the whole day in order to ensure that these products reach the marketplace and can be accessed by the people who in turn can supply themselves and their families with the healthy food products. Therefore, without any doubt agriculture’s elementary requirement is to make sure that the essential need of food as well as nutrition is met and no one remains empty stomach. It is thus very much like a ‘way of living’ rather than a ‘mode of doing business’.

In addition, agriculture is not only important for feeding people, but is also crucial for export purposes. In any country’s economy, it is trading that draws a huge amount of revenue and brings prosperity to the nation. When agricultural-based products are sold into other countries, which are facing the scarcity of certain products, a substantial income is earned. Let me cite an instance, in the year 2013 our country India exported agricultural products that resulted in the earning of about 39 billion dollars, which is indeed not a small amount given the financial status of our country.

Needless to say that agriculture in itself is a very important sector, which other than being the key sector, has also encouraged the growth of other industries, which we commonly called them as agro-based industries. Don’t we? These are those industries which in some or the other way are connected with agricultural products like sugar industry, tobacco, cotton and the list goes on.

Thus, it can be evinced that agriculture is truly the backbone of any nation-state across the world and the benefit of farming are enormous. So let’s take a pledge to support our farmers as much as we can and push the government to give them a favorable working environment.

Thank You!


Speech on Agriculture – 3

Dear Students – Welcome to this special session, which is specially organized at the request of you all!

As we all know that in your Social Science subject you have one complete section dedicated to farming and studying the geographical, social, cultural as well as political impact on various agricultural activities of the farmers. So here I am to deliver a succinct speech on agriculture in order to give you a fair understanding on the subject.

First, let’s understand the very definition of agriculture. Agriculture means the cultivation and breeding of plants, animals as well as fungi for fiber, food, medicinal plants, bio-fuel, including a host of other products that are important for the sustenance and betterment of human life. When human civilization was born, agriculture began as a key activity wherein the farming of pet species led to the growth of food surpluses, which in turn supported the progress of civilization. The agricultural study is defined as agricultural science and the history of which goes back to thousands of years and its growth has been driven and described in terms of varied cultures, climates and technologies. Agriculture-based industries founded on big-scale monoculture farming have gained ascendancy over other agricultural methods.

Needless to mention, agriculture is the most crucial activity of all which not only helps the people to survive in terms of supplying them with food for life, but also strengthens the economic base of a country and brings prosperity as well as well-being. If we go at a deeper level and try to further understand the importance of farming, then I can unhesitatingly say that agriculture provides fiber, food, furniture, fuel as well as raw materials for various industries and also gifts human beings fresh and healthy environment. If agricultural activities will be given due prominence then it can yield plenty of food to drive out such horrifying situation as famine and encourage a feeling of friendship between people from different backgrounds and nations doing away with fights.

When agricultural production is carried out satisfactorily, it leads to the restoration of peace, happiness, health, wealth and prosperity for the people and driving away negative feelings of discord, distrust ad anarchy. It also enables communities of different castes and class to come together and form a unified society thus leading to the creation of better social, political, cultural and economical life. Development in agriculture is multi-directional endowed with a galloping speed and quick spread in terms of time and space.

I am sure all of you remember green revolution, right? So it was post green revolution that farmers began using improved technologies and agricultural practices in rigorous cropping systems along with laborers-centered programs with a view to increase the production potential per unit land, input and time. It provided a convenient atmosphere to all the improved genotypes for promoting and manifesting their yield capacity in newer places and regions. Agriculture involves growing plants as well as rearing livestock in order to sustain and produce while in the end striking an organic equilibrium in nature.

I hope I have been able to convey most of the important points related to farming in this limited time period. Now, you can raise your hands one-by-one and ask your questions.

Thank You!


Speech on Agriculture – 4

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Warm Greetings of the Day to all! Special thanks to our hon’ble principal and vice principal for gracing the speech ceremony of today with their presence. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart because we all realize the value of your time.

The speech topic for today is Agriculture. There are 2 reasons behind choosing this topic. Firstly, India is an agriculture-based land often called “Krishi Pradha Desh”. So it is important that as a youth we take up important issues and spread awareness. Secondly, I hail from a farmer’s family and my father himself is a farmer. Every day I see him toiling on land and working hard on his crops. No other topic could have been a better choice for me other than this because I want to raise the sensitivity of people on this subject and enable a mass support for the farmers so that our government can take appropriate measures for strengthening their status in our society. So here I go!

Do you know the source from where the word “agriculture” is derived? It is from the Latin words, i.e. Ager and Cultura, meaning land or field that the word is derived wherein cultura implies cultivation. Thus, the term suggests cultivation of land, i.e. the art and science of cultivating crops as well as rearing livestock for monetary gain. It also implies the science of growing crops and rearing animals from the earth’s natural resources. The chief aim of agricultural activities is to make an empty piece of land productive and securing it from misuse or deterioration. Farming and agriculture are often used irreplaceably – where it means the cultivation of food, fodder, including other industrial resources.

Agriculture is synonymous to art, the science and business of raising crops and livestock for monetary benefits. As an art, agriculture takes into purview the methods of performing the farm operations using great dexterity and skillfulness. The skill that I am talking of is divided into 2 chief categories, i.e.

  1. Physical Skill: It is about the capability to perform operations in the most efficient way possible, for instance efficient handling of farming-based equipment, animals, etc implanting seeds, fertilizer, application of pesticides, etc.
  2. Mental Skill: It is the ability of a farmer where he is able to take firm decisions by drawing on his experience, such as (i) making a choice of crop as well as cropping system to suit climate and soil (ii) choosing method and most importantly time of ploughing (iii) adopting better methods of farming.

As a Science: Agriculture makes use of the latest technologies based on scientific principles, like breeding, crop production, improvement and protection, etc with an aim to increase the growth and profit margin. For instance, new varieties and crops are developed with the help of hybridization, herbicides are used to prevent the growth of weeds and bio-control agents are used to fight off crop diseases and pest.

As a Business: Till the time agriculture is the way of living life in the rural regions, production will eventually be linked to consumption. However, when it comes to business the aim of agriculture will then shift from merely consumption to maximizing output so as to yield maximum return on the same with the help of effective management of labor, land, capital and water as well as making use of the varied knowledge of Science for the production of fiber, food and fuel.

Thus, agriculture is a vast phenomenon and need to be understood in a larger national as well as global context.

Thank You!



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