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Without law and order any country could easily enter into a situation of crisis and then chaos may prevail. It therefore becomes necessary for any country to have an effective law and order system which can be ensured by having a sound and unbiased judiciary system. The role of judiciary in the country today has become extremely important as it sets various parameters for the smooth and legitimate working of different governments as well as non-government sectors. Furthermore, it also acts as a watchdog for any evil practices that take place in our society. None of us can feel safe in the absence of a sound judicial system.

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Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Dear Teachers and My loving students- Warm Greetings to all of you!

Today I, Mrs. Shakti Wadhwa, the class teacher of XII A would like to deliver a speech on a topic which is very appropriate for the current scenario, and the topic is the ‘Role of Judiciary in the Country Today’. Being a teacher of the humanities section I have always taught my students about the relevance of judiciary which has been the one of the most important pillar of the Indian democratic system. All the three pillars including Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary sustain the Indian parliamentary system.

The judiciary is regarded as the “Watchdog of Democracy”. Judiciary has been the most powerful body and is considered to be autonomous so that it can guarantee justice and equality to each and every citizen of India. Role of the judiciary ever since independence has been free and fair but recently a lot of questions have been hurled on our judicial system due to lack of transparency and misusing their power.

Indian judiciary’s role has come to limelight in the current times due to various scams that involved many top notch bureaucrats and political leaders. The various scandals that were brought in front of the people via the media do not ensure that it is only the judiciary’s fault. Our judicial system has been working in a well versed manner since the beginning. Sometimes, it does cross lines, which basically means that it overrides its jurisdiction to see that other organs are functioning in the right manner.

The most important reason why Indian judiciary is independent has been the fact that if any dispute arises in our society then judiciary is one organ which will helps in solving it according to rules established by the law. It not only settles dispute but also protects the rights of the citizens so that our democracy sustains and does not get converted into dictatorship. It becomes important that Judges in our country can function in a fair manner without any influence of others.

Rulings such as Judicial Activism which includes that if anybody’s right is violated then they can file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and get justice from the courts. This ruling has helped especially the underprivileged section of our society as they can now get justice through just filing a PIL and their rights can be protected.

Indian judiciary has always been considered as the backbone of our country and whatever it does will benefit everyone. Thus, we shouldn’t blame any organ of our system for wrong doings, instead the entire society shall be blamed not only the judicial system. So let’s pledge, as citizens of our country we should always be aware about our rights and appeal to the courts whenever they are violated in any manner so that it could ultimately make our judicial system strong and transparent.

Thank you everyone!

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Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends- Good Morning to one and all!

Welcome to yet another speech ceremony and I, Apoorva Gupta, is going to present before you a speech on the topic “Role of Judiciary in the Country Today”. I hope everyone present here understands the reason why our teacher has given this topic to me. Being citizens of India we all need to understand that how our judiciary functions and in what way we can improve its transparency and accountability.

So I am standing before you to sensitize you all on this topic which has become a very important issue in the contemporary era. Indian Constitution has been the supreme law in India and the judiciary has played a role of the protector of the Constitution. Judiciary is the most important out of four pillars of democracy including the legislative, the executive and the press. Indian citizens have tremendous faith in their judicial system and look at it as the savior and protector of their fundamental rights and for providing common justice. But have we ever realized that in being independent and autonomous body the judiciary oversteps into the role of other organs of the government too?

Let me explain you in a different manner which gives all of you a clear understanding about what role did Indian judiciary undertook after independence and how in current times those functions have taken a backseat and the Indian judicial system has started moving in a wrong direction altogether.

The three organs of the government of India being the legislature, executive and the judiciary have been assigned specific powers and functions according to the Indian constitution. It’s only our judicial system, which is considered to be in a privilege position as it is kept independent and autonomous away from the influence of legislature and executive. The other two organs can keep a vigil on the third organ but cannot interfere in the functioning of our Judiciary.


This privilege position has been misused by the courts and they have stepped above their jurisdiction and started to intervene in the decisions of legislature and the executive. Though, judiciary has been given the power of Judicial Activism which refers to active role played by the judiciary in order to promote justice. The power of judicial activism has blurred the lines between the legislature and the judiciary. These days’ courts take up every issue without even thinking about the separation of power norms between the legislature and the judiciary.

Thank you everyone for giving me an opportunity to speak on this issue and I would now request my teacher to enlighten the students more on this topic, which would help our students to think more in this regard.


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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – Thank you for becoming a part of this panel discussion organized to review the role of judiciary in the country today.

There are a lot of debates and criticism on the role of judiciary in the current scenario. Various scholars have also expressed concerns regarding the Indian judicial system. We all know that Indian democratic system stands on three most important pillars. Out of which the judicial system has been of utmost importance.

It is that vital pillar of democracy which provides justice and ensures that rights of individuals and groups are not curtailed. Another most important function of the judiciary has been to interpret the constitution and to act as a watchdog of democracy. The Indian constitution provides us with an independent judiciary which helps to resolve any kind of dispute between the central and the state government and has a major responsibility of protecting fundamental rights of the citizens. The need for an independent judiciary was very much important in our country so that it could protect the rights of the citizens without being influenced by any individual or group.

During last few decades the functioning of the Indian judicial system has been debated. Various scholars have blamed the judiciary on different parameters:

  1. Some have termed it as overstepping into the matters of other organs of the government.
  2. While others have blamed it to be conservative.
  3. The third complaint has been that the courts are not taking into consideration the interests and aspirations of the citizens.

These complaints and blame game by debaters and scholars according to me is just narrow way of thinking instead of broadening their minds. Before raising blame on the Indian judicial system we should try and understand why it happened altogether.

Indian judiciary has always been independent and if it feels a need to look into the matters of other organs it might be right in some way. If any government body is not functioning lawfully or if the court observes the functioning as questionable then it has the power to intervene and dictate guidelines, keeping the larger interest of masses in mind. It is a kind of guardian role that judiciary is empowered to play, whenever it feels that justice is being denied or a government body is overstepping its powers.

The judiciary has also been blamed for being conservative and not considering the interests of the people. We all need to understand that the Indian judiciary too is bound by certain judicial dictum which it cannot over step and go against the rules and procedures mentioned in the constitution.

Thus, being the protector of the Constitution and to provide justice in millions of pending cases there is a considerable delay sometimes, but judiciary alone cannot be blamed for it. Investigating agencies are primarily responsible for the delay in justice.

It therefore becomes the responsibility of each one of us to come together and understand the role that Indian judiciary plays in our lives and its time now that we value our judicial system.

With this I end my speech, thank you!


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Dear Society Members and all the Children – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Being the president of this society it came to my mind to make everyone realize the importance of our judicial system in our lives. So I am here to present before you a speech on role of judiciary in the country today.

However, with special attention to our children as they are in their growing ages I want them to develop a positive thinking about our Indian judiciary rather than restricting their mind and getting opinionated wrongly from external sources. I want to enlighten everybody present here about the relevance of our judiciary and what role does it played in recent times.

The judiciary in India includes the Supreme Court at the top and high courts as the highest courts in a state. Below the High court lies district and lower level courts. All these courts abide by the Indian constitution and also act as a custodian to the constitution.

The interests and rights of the people and wide variety of groups are safeguarded by judiciary which has been provided autonomy by the constitution of India. It is also considered as guardian of Fundamental Rights and watchdog of democracy, the judiciary has all the powers to declare any provision by the parliament as null and void if it feels that it goes beyond the provisions of the Indian constitution. The power of judicial activism allows the judiciary to review the working of the legislature and the executive if any of them steps over the rights of the people.

The most important feature of the judiciary is that it is independent of the executive, which means that judges of High court and Supreme Court are appointed by the President and he in turn consults the Chief Justice of Supreme court. People from all backgrounds and dimensions trust the Indian judiciary and its verdicts, as every individual is aware that if any of their rights are violated then they can move to the court and their rights would be protected. Citizens can move to the courts to protect their rights through public interest litigations (PIL).

Therefore, the importance of a healthy and independent judicial system cannot be neglected for a country with so much cultural, religious and economical variances as India. It is the fundamental requirement for keeping democratic process intact. Judiciary is not only entrusted with providing justice but also with protecting the fundamental rights and ensuring equality for all irrespective of their caste creed or religion. While people might have some misconceptions about the government’s action but they should always have faith and trust in the judicial system otherwise it would only hamper the functioning of Indian democracy.

These roles, powers and functions of the judiciary should be understood in the right manner as judiciary plays the most important role in the democratic structure and ensures that every department of the government works in the proper manner adhering to the constitutional guidelines as enshrined in the constitution.

At the end I hope I was able to enlighten everyone about the relevance of judiciary in our country and our lives.

Thank you everyone!



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