Speech on Depletion of Natural Resources in India

We all know that our natural resources are depleting fast which is why it has given rise to an alarming situation. The depletion of natural resources in India is a glaring example where on the one hand our fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum are being unfairly exploited and on the other hand the burning of fossil fuels is causing a great harm to our environment so much that it is giving rise to major health issues to the people around. It has therefore become extremely important to raise awareness of the people so that sustainable development can be achieved.

Long and Short Speech on Depletion of Natural Resources in India in English

On our part, we have created a few critical speeches on the depletion of natural resources in India which will give you a good insight on the subject. There are both short as well as long speeches on the depletion of natural resources in India, which are comprehensive and easy to understand. Read for yourself!

Depletion of Natural Resources Speech 1

Warm Greetings everyone – May this day finds you in the best of spirits!

Let’s begin with the speech giving ceremony for today. I, Sourabh Shrivastav, one of the associated members of the ABC group would like to deliver a speech on the topic called the Depletion of Natural Resources of India and thereafter would request each one of you to share your thoughts and knowledge with us.

As we all know that our natural resources are depleting fast, which has become a major concern for all of us because if all the non-renewable natural resources get exhausted, life would become difficult for our future generation.

By the term resource depletion we mean the utilization of a resource sooner than it can be replenished. Natural resources are usually divided into two categories, viz. renewable and non-renewable resources. If the use of the resources from either of these categories goes beyond their replacement rate it is then taken to be a case of resource depletion. The depletion of resource is usually used in the context of fishing, farming, usage of water, mining and exploitation of fossil fuels. Extinction of wildlife species is defined as Defaunation.

There are various factors associated with the depletion of natural resources and these are:

  • Overpopulation
  • Contamination or pollution of resources
  • Wastage of resources
  • Mining activities to extract minerals as well as fossil fuels
  • Aquifer Depletion
  • Depletion of Ozone
  • Soil erosion
  • Excessive use of resources
  • Industrial as well as technological development
  • Agricultural practices, such as slash and burn, which at present takes place in several developing nations
  • Last, but not the least, Deforestation

Of course, the welfare and sustenance of mankind depends on the utilization of various natural resources. For a nation to achieve an overall development, it is important that it makes a wise use of the resources, such as coal, soil, water minerals, gas, oil, electricity as well as nuclear energy. The use of these resources has transformed the way people govern their lifestyles.

Of the total population of about six billion in the world, one billion populations of Europe and USA alone utilize 84 percent of the world’s total energy. About three billion people of India, Brazil, China and few other nations make use of 15 percent. India has the second largest resource of Coal in the world and third and fourth in Iron and Manganese respectively. Fossil fuels, such as Petrol, Coal and Natural gas on which contemporary industrial centers are based are not unlimited.

India is going through an ecological crisis and is exploiting her natural resources every single day. Now the scarcity of natural resources is a matter of global concern. We can observe a growing deficiency of metals, non-fuel, energy, coal and non-metallic materials.

We should therefore not lose sight of this concern and make a wise use of the resources so that our coming generation can also benefit out of it.

This all from my side, Thank you!


Depletion of Natural Resources Speech 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I, Samaksh Rana from Class-XII (B), stand in front of you all to deliver a speech on the depletion of natural resources. God has gifted mankind with abundant natural wealth, but man has not been able to make a wise use of it. These natural resources are exploited to a large extent where they have come to a stage of annihilation. Natural resources fall into two categories, viz. renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources as we all know can be used over and over again without any fear of extinction. Wind, Sunlight, Rain, Biomass and Water are some of the renewable resources.

There are non-renewable resources on the other hand which are limited in nature and therefore needs to be used accordingly. They tend to get depleted much faster than they actually get replenished. The industrial revolution was when things started off. As civilization progressed and human beings began giving rise to several inventions in order to make life easy, the demand for raw materials inevitably started to grow by leaps and bounds. The problem doesn’t lie in using them, but in their excess utilization and paying no heed towards the fact that they would become depleted at one point of time. Our mother earth would not be able to meet the ever growing demands of the people.

Many fossil fuels, such as Natural Gas, Oil and Coal are called non-renewable resources because their formation requires millions and billions of years. In the present times, drastic reduction in the amount of fossil fuel has come to the fore resulting in severe energy crisis. The reserves of coal in the world are on the higher side when compared to natural gas and petroleum and they may not become depleted soon. Do you know what the chief coal producing countries in the world are? These are U.S.S.R, U.S.A, China, U.K., Germany, India, Japan, France, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The chief oil producing nations are U.S.S.R, U.S.A, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Indonesia and Arab Republic. New oil discovery has recently been made in the Mumbai sea beds.

Now the question arises how do we prevent our natural wealth from running out? There is a solution to it! Many countries in the world are resorting to sustainable and renewable energy resources like Wind, Solar and Hydro Power. These are not only renewable natural resources, but also a source of clean energy since they will not cause pollution to the environment.

There are a lot of things which can be done from our end in order to avoid further degradation of our natural and environmental resources. Our action is what counts and if we fail to take steps towards conserving our natural resources, they will run off one day. Let’s not reach that stage and make a wise utilization of resources. This is all I have to say.

Thank You!


Depletion of Natural Resources Speech 3

Greetings of the Day Everyone – I hope you all are doing well!

The topic for today’s speech is Depletion of Natural Resources in India. This has become a major  national concern these days, we are running out of our natural resources, viz. non-renewable resources, such as Coal and Petroleum and there is no way we can get them back once they get exhausted. How are we going to survive in the absence of these resources, on the basis of which our industries thrive and we live a qualitative life? Secondly and most importantly, will we be able to preserve these resources for our generation to come so that even they could be benefitted out of it.

Given the fast paced and overindulgent lives that we are living, it is very hard to imagine a scenario where our younger generation could enjoy the same luxury of resources as we do now. But as the responsible citizens, we should take the onus of preserving our natural wealth and giving back to our mother earth from where we extract abundance of natural resources to achieve better living conditions.

We know that there had been an unhindered growth in our country’s population so much that it had surpassed 125 crores, i.e. 1.25 billion. The greater the increase in our population; deeper will be the impact on the natural wealth and it will eventually end up aggravating the problem of environmental pollution. As a result, there will be deterioration in the quality of these resources as well as supply would become deficient with respect to the market demand. This is because the population growth would create more demand of these resources in the market.

Resources that are once overtly used will get exhausted one day and we will no longer be able to enjoy their benefits because their formation itself takes billions of years. It’s not only about non-renewable resources, which have a limited stock, but even when it comes to renewable resources like water and forests which if overexploited takes a huge amount of time in terms of their replenishment. For the mankind to survive on this planet we must take preventive measures for conserving our natural resources instead of overtly utilize them. The resources should be judiciously used without causing any wastage.

Following are the steps that can be taken towards ensuring the conservation of natural resources:

  1. By changing the way of life;
  2. By avoiding the wastage and minimizing the demand;
  3. To speed up recovery and recycling of objects.

Solid wastes can be used over and over again because of their energy content and the materials can even be recycled. The total market demand can be met by reducing the consumption of new materials and speeding up the reclamation process.

Thus, in the end all I want to say is that if we put conscientious efforts towards preserving our natural wealth, we will be able to reap their benefits for a long term without harming the interest of our coming generation. This is all from my side.

Thank You!


Depletion of Natural Resources Speech 4

Greetings Ladies and Gentleman – Welcome to this drive of preserving our natural wealth which is the need of the hour!

Before we actually go into the groundwork, it is important to first discuss the state of crisis in our country and how it can be overcome. Non-renewable natural resources as we all know get exhausted once overused and their chances of replenishment are very weak because it takes billions of years for their formation.

Since this wealth of natural resources is extremely essential for the mankind to thrive, their preservation becomes equally important. Clearly, man is dependent on nature for his survival and sustenance and the more he uses these natural resources higher are the chances of their depletion. The use of water, minerals, soil, electricity, coal, gas, oil and nuclear energy are quite significant for the nation’s growth. These resources have brought a huge transformation in the living style of a man and made his life more comfortable.

Here are the names of a few resources which are in the declining stage:

  1. Coal: This is the most high-in-demand fossil fuel as well as a non-renewable energy resource. It has been estimated that we have sufficient coal to meet the worldwide demand for about 200 years, but if the demand continues to increase this timeframe will automatically reduce.
  2. Water: It is true that most of it, i.e. 70 percent is water on our planet, but only 2.5 percent of it is fresh water. Remaining is salt water and not fit for human consumption. Therefore, in that case we have only a small percentage available for consumption.
  3. Oil: The scarcity of oil will directly impact the global transportation and if its demand continues to increase, there will not be enough oil left to meet the demand for the next 45 to 50 years.
  4. Natural Gas: The known gas reserves are expected to last for about 56 years given the current production that takes place worldwide.

Our country is blessed with a wide variety of natural wealth. Water and land are considered  as the two most significant resources. Also, we have enough mineral and energy resources. An extensive range of physiogeographic as well as climatic conditions has made our country rich in both wildlife as well as forest resources.

India is also gifted with precious mineral resources. Our country is the world’s largest producer of Mica. It is third in the list when it comes to the production of Coal, fourth in the Iron Ore and likewise sixth in Bauxite as well as tenth in Aluminum. But having said that doesn’t imply that we go on exploiting our natural wealth to an unwarranted limit and exhaust them completely. Let’s pledge to make a wise use of these resources while at the same time try to nurture our mother earth in all possible way. For example, planting trees, using a bicycle for short distance, avoiding wastage of water etc. can also greatly help in keeping our environment safe.

So let’s take such small initiatives and spread the awareness so that a better place can be built.

Thank You!



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