Speech on Self Discipline and its Importance

Self-discipline is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Self-discipline helps you achieve perseverance and the capability to win as well as resist temptations. Everyone knows its importance, yet from time to time, speeches and lectures are delivered on the topic. You may be required someday to deliver speech on self-discipline and its importance. We have shared here some sample speeches on self-Discipline and its Importance for you to take ideas and prepare your own Self-Discipline and its Importance Speech.

Long and Short Speech on Self Discipline and its Importance in English

Our long speech on self-discipline and its importance can be delivered in colleges; universities and organizations while short speech on self-discipline and its importance can be delivered at schools; community programs, etc.

The language of the speeches is very simple but highly impactful and meaningful.

By going through these speeches on self-discipline and its importance, you would be able to understand the theme and share your own ideas when encountered with sudden situations where you may have to deliver speech on self-discipline.

Self Discipline and its Importance Speech 1

Good Morning Teachers, Parents and Dear Students,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the 10th summer camp organized by our school. Before we begin the programs, I would like to speak about self-discipline and its importance in one’s life.

I am sure, whenever someone wants you to be disciplined; it sounds more like a command, especially for students. Have you ever wondered why we hate or dislike to be disciplined? It’s because, we feel someone is controlling us. Then how can we ever become self disciplined? In order to become one, it is important that you understand the meaning of self-discipline and its importance in your life.

Discipline refers to code of conduct and behavior and self-discipline means the art and ability of controlling one’s own behavior, habit and etiquettes. It is important in one’s life as it helps in overcoming one’ weaknesses and lead a useful life. While, it is okay to pamper oneself sometimes and be little casual on weekends, etc; self-discipline is essential in helping you lead a successful and fruitful life. Discipline could be imposed externally, while self-discipline is more like a self resolve to stay disciplined. No matter how much harsh it may sound, discipline is an important part and parcel of our life since it is required at any age of life.

Discipline is not only imposed on children; it is also important for the grown-ups to be self-disciplined; whether one is at home, office, playground or gym or anywhere for that matter. It teaches us to respect our time as well as others’ time. Self-discipline is also important to be healthy in life since it requires us to eat and drink on time.

When children are small, they are required to be told everything to do, for instance, brushing, bathing, washing hands, eating, doing homework, etc.  However when they grow up, they start doing all these things on their own, this is called self-discipline. Discipline helps in differentiating between the right and the wrong and it makes people sensible and respectful. Though, one needs to be disciplined always; the fundamentals of discipline can be taught only at a young age.

Children learn fast and if they are made aware of the benefits of being self-disciplined, they would stay positive and encouraged throughout their lives. They must be taught to behave properly in front of others. Small habits like sharing food, toys, chocolates, etc. would inculcate habit or respect in them for years to come.

It is not only the parents’ duty to teach their child to be disciplined, teachers must also work upon children and teach them good manners, especially the benefits of self-discipline while in school, playground, assembly hall, etc. Many kids are lured and bribed for behaving properly. This act must be avoided by the elders and being disciplined should not be projected as a choice; it must instead be portrayed as rule of lifetime. However, you must always appreciate your child if your child behaves well and remains disciplined when out or at home.

Self-discipline is good since it constructs character and develops unity, teamwork and strength. It develops the team work and leadership qualities in people. Good characters always help in achieving success in life and the more self-disciplined you are, the better it is for yourself and the people.

Thank You


Self Discipline and its Importance Speech 2

A very Good Morning to Everyone!

Today is the last day of our annual sports week. Last week had been very fun-filled, exciting and full of enticing sports competitions.

All through last week, I was surprised to see how disciplined children were. They had nicely displayed the art of self-discipline and team work and some of you exhibited great skills of leadership. Ever since I was young, I had been told by my parents, elders and teachers that self-discipline is a very important and one of the most useful skills that help everyone succeed in life. During those days, I used to think that only children are required to maintain self-discipline, but later I realized that self-discipline is an important aspect of everyone’s life whether some is working or non working individual, big or small, man or woman, young or old, or whether one is at office or home.

It is because self-discipline teaches us good habits and manners and it help us grow up as an individual that respects self and others. Self-discipline is usually considered being harsh towards self and boring in life; but it’s not at all true. Self-discipline is nothing but just following the right practices, punctuality, good eating habits and respect for time, self and others.

Self-discipline must be taught at the young age of life because young and fresh minds learn things fast and easily. Discipline when taught at young age becomes the habit of individuals and such kids do not need to be threatened or scolded while teaching or training. Students who want to pursue sports as their career are specifically required to be self-disciplined because only then can they be successful in their fields.

Waking up early, doing exercise regularly, eating healthy and timely meals, drinking milk and juices, water, etc. in sufficient quantity, etc. are some of the very common expectations from such students. These practices are impossible to achieve if one is not self-disciplined in life. Self-discipline is also important as it helps people control their feelings and emotions and be practical in life because such people are focused in life.

Though self-discipline is required by everyone and at every phase of life but school and home are the best places to learn discipline because these are the foundations of our life. It is also the duties and responsibilities of the teachers at school to teach students about the importance and benefits of self-discipline along with studies, so that they become responsible in life.


It is also important in life as it gives individuals the right kind of attitude and approach towards life and helps sticking to one’s decisions through the thick and thin. People who are self-disciplined do not have fluctuating minds and such people achieve their goals in the long run. For instance, when a student decides to become a doctor; he/she would make study routines, attend coaching classes, do group or self study, eat, drink and sleep on time and hence he/she is self-disciplined. Self-discipline basically helps you strengthen your inner strength, overcome weakness, laziness, procrastination and addictions; instead, it helps you to stay agile, time bound and energetic.

Thus, self-discipline is one of the most important and most desired characteristics required in every phase of our life and don’t think that only young children or students require it. Self-discipline is required by everyone to stay fit, happy, active and successful.

Thank You!


Self Discipline and its Importance Speech 3

Respected Teachers, Parents and Dear Students – Welcome to our school auditorium!

It’s a grand day for all of us as our school has completed 25 years today. Our school is one of the most popular schools, especially for studies, games and discipline.

The school has produced many Doctors, Engineers and sportspersons only because it inculcates the habit of self-discipline in each student and it teaches students to be confident, disciplined and self dependent. Self-discipline is very important in everyone’s life as it not only builds character; it also widens unity and strength. It also teaches students about team work and develops feeling of co-operation. Self-discipline by many people and children is considered an obstacle to enjoyment, fun and playing. But it is not true, as self-discipline, in fact, makes a child perfect in everything they do. It must be inculcated in people from their childhood as it helps people in succeeding in life.

You must be thinking why self-discipline is so important in life. It is because, self-discipline teaches us to be punctual and utilize our time in the best manner and self-control. It also develops the talent of making good choices in life with zero procrastination. Self determination and perseverance and being focused with decent moral character are some of the core things you would learn, if you are self-disciplined. You would start observing ethics and morals in life and you would never be instructed to behave properly or do certain things in life, if you are self disciplined.

Many children dislike being disciplined as they miss on many pleasures, fun, play and enjoyment. However, gradually you would learn the talent to avoid momentary and instant pleasure and happiness, in order to gain some better advantages and more satisfactory results and you would start putting more time and effort to accomplish a task.

If you are self-disciplined, you would also gain the ability to follow your dreams and decisions without altering your mind; this would help you be successful in your later life and achieve all your goals. Self-discipline would help you to select and then stick with the thoughts, actions and behavior, leading to success and growth. It would also give you the ability and internal strength to conquer addictions, laziness and procrastination in life that are major hindrances in one’s life.

Life would always throw challenges and stresses; problems and issues, on the road to achievement and success. In order to overcome life’s challenges and issues, you must first control your emotions, stay calm and overcome life’s challenges with confidence and self-discipline. This would also help you fight many diseases in later life as you would be able to mend your addictions, eating disorders, bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and all other unconstructive and harmful habits.

Almost everyone is aware of and acknowledges the benefits and importance of self discipline; but very few would take concrete steps to learn, enforce and strengthen it in life. Self-discipline can be taught, especially to children by presenting to them some examples and through persistent trainings. Along with self-discipline, children and young adults must also be taught to do regular exercises and mediation, etc. These would help them control their emotions and be self-disciplined in life.

Thus I appeal to everyone present here, to be self-disciplined and successful in life.

Thank You!


Self Discipline and its Importance Speech 4

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers, Parents and Dear Students!

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to conduct the show on self-discipline! Our institute not only demonstrates the importance and value of self-discipline in life, but we also conduct classes on it, especially during summer and winter holidays.

Self-discipline is one of the most important steps towards a person being a better individual. Though, self-discipline is seldom liked by most of the people but the truth is that only those people, who are self-disciplined, are successful. Many people think that self-discipline is important only for people who want to pursue their career in academics and want to become doctors, scientists, etc. But that’s not true; self-discipline is required by and important for every individual. Even if you are creative and want to become a singer, dancer, actor, painter or you may go in any field; you would need to be self-disciplined. Self-discipline is important for office goers as well as for those who stay at home.

Our mothers wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for us, pack our lunch, bag, bottle, etc. When we come back home, she feeds us, clean our uniform, irons it; she also helps us with our homework; prepares our dinner. She can achieve all these so beautifully because she is also self-disciplined. Basically, it teaches us to love and care others as well as ourselves. Though, it is important for everyone and at every phase of life; self-discipline can best be learnt at a young age. Young minds are fresh and have a zeal for learning; therefore, anything taught at this age becomes people’s habit at a later age. Many children however, do not like to be instructed; they feel that things are being imposed on them forcefully.

Hence, parents and teachers need to be extremely cautious while inculcating the habit of self-discipline in children. They must be taught the benefits and importance of self-discipline in one’s life with examples. Children and young adults are attracted towards actors, singers, sportspersons, etc. Instructors can quote the examples of famous personalities, sportspersons, actors, dancers, etc. and explain to them that their ideals go through rigorous training and practices in order to become popular and even when they become popular, they remain self-disciplined and focused.

Self-discipline is the only quality that can help people overcome hurdles and achieve success in life; because it teaches us to value time, resources and money. It also teaches us to be determined, dedicated and insistent. There is no particular framework or book that can guide you to be self-disciplined; it’s just in our mind. The time we decide to be self-disciplined, nothing can stop us from being one.

By understanding the importance of self-discipline in your life, you would not only strengthen your will power but your character would also get enhanced and your life would get real meaning. Self-discipline not only improves our eating and sleeping habits; it also reinforces our inner character and helps us overcome bad habits such as playing video games, watching TV continuously and being lazy all the time.

In the end, I would only say that self-discipline is not a rule; it’s just a way of living that helps us live a better, healthier, vigorous and successful life. Therefore, through this platform, I appeal to everyone sitting in the hall to be self-disciplined and love your life.

Thank You!



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