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We are able to have a sound sleep at night because we know for a fact that our soldiers are guarding our borders. Isn’t it? They are the rock solid foundation of our country. We should in fact be highly obliged to them and extend our utmost reverence for what they are doing, i.e. their selfless service for the mother nation. We can pay our warm regard to them by delivering a speech on soldiers acknowledging their sacrifices and great zeal for the nation.

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Speech on Soldiers – Speech 1

Respected Principal, Teachers, Staff Members and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

On the eve of the Independence Day, I would like to take this opportunity and deliver a speech on our soldiers. These days a lot of news is making rounds about our soldiers fighting on the Indian borders day and night failing the attempts of the terrorists to terrorize India and its people. It goes without saying that our soldiers are our national heroes who bravely face the stiff struggle every single day in order to keep us safe and secure. Because of their professional calling, they do not get to spend enough time with their family members. Even worse, some even lose their lives at a very young age when either they are just married or soon-to-be married. Some even have small children and young wives eagerly waiting for their husbands’ return.

Isn’t their situation so nerve racking that they have to constantly live under life threatening conditions without even knowing when they would get to meet their family members next time? My heart is filled with love, reverence and regards thinking about our soldiers who put everything at stake for their motherland. Soldiers are a part of the armed forces and they are given high regards in every country. They live under extreme conditions on borders sacrificing all their comfort and protecting out motherland.

Given the kind of tough life they lead, anyone can surmise that they live quite a disciplined life while serving the nation. A soldier takes orders from the Commander-in-Chief. He is expected to keep vigilance overnight on the borders even in the normal times of peace. He is that heroic persona who stands firm before the enemies.

Our nation’s safety and stability is entirely dependent on our Indian armed forces. Their lives clearly are not a bed of roses, but a bed of thorns. For them, the defense of our country is over and above all other responsibility. Our soldiers not only fight for our motherland in difficult terrains, forests and plains, but they also aid in rescue operations when natural calamities, such as cyclones, earth-quake, floods, etc. hit any part of the country. The history had always been a witness how our army men have successfully been able to evacuate and save the lives of many people at any given time of emergency. Besides, they also help in setting up medical as well as relief camps in order to help the affected people.

Did you know that our Indian military force stands the second largest in the world? Our armed forces comprise of the Air Force, i.e. aerial warfare and air-space, Army, i.e. land bases, Indian Coast Guards, i.e. maritime as well as Indian Navy, i.e. naval force.

A writer, a politician, a doctor and a school teacher play their respective roles due to the abilities what they earn, but the role played by our soldiers is over and above everything else. They live for others and consider the entire nation as one big family. The fate of a soldier is such that he lives for his motherland and ends up even sacrificing his life for the same cause. We all should salute our soldiers and feel immensely proud of them.

This is all from my side, Thank you!


Speech on Soldiers- Speech 2

Greetings to the Ladies and Gentlemen – I, Arpita Chawla – your host for today, welcome you all to this ceremony.

Today’s morning is special because we are going to dedicate it to the fond remembrance of our valiant soldiers who fight for our motherland and sacrifice their lives.  There are so many days in a year dedicated to festivals, birth anniversaries of the eminent personalities, but is there any day dedicated to our great soldiers who sacrifice their lives without any second thoughts in order to save us?

Needless to say, the life of a soldier stands on the foundation of discipline, restraint and sacrifice. They remain far-off from their families for most part of the year, not for enjoying any luxury of life but to constantly remain vigilant on our borders. He doesn’t have time to give to his family or children or chart out a future plan for them. They get to meet their families only on certain occasions.

When there is an outbreak of war, every soldier is expected to join his duty whatever be the situation. A soldier might be on holidays but whenever there is a call of duty, nation comes first for him. This is true of all the nations. There is a famous slogan given by Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, which says “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”, at the time of war with Pakistan in the year 1965, which shows how important are farmers and soldiers for the development of a country.

Soldiers have to live a strictly disciplined life, which is greatly admirable. What is seriously lacking in the people of present times is discipline. When we look around we find people following an erratic lifestyle. Our children today are living a stressful life and some are really full of violence; unable to channelize their energy in the right direction. In this scenario, they can be disciplined by making them observe how army personnel live their lives. They can become a great source of inspiration for our younger generation.


Besides, if we observe their lives closely we will realize that they are ever ready to undertake their duty and remain always on guard. Their life is full of challenges and life threatening dangers. Lord Tennyson, the famous poet once summed up the life of a soldier in his most unforgettable and immortal poem, i.e. “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, which says

“Theirs’ not to make reply

Theirs’ not to reason why

Theirs’ but to do and die”.

We cannot even imagine how every single day is full of challenges for them. Unfortunately, despite investing their whole life in the service of the nation, they are not given their dues properly by the government. Often, we get to hear the news how the soldiers’ family is neglected and they have to live a life of deprivation. The loss of their family member is permanent and nothing can fill that void, but it becomes the responsibility of whole nation to stand in the support of their families and extend our utmost help in their growth and prosperity. By doing this, we will be able to pay homage to our great soldiers in the true sense.

This is all from my side. Thank you so much everyone for being such wonderful audience!


Speech on Soldiers – Speech 3

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, My Colleagues and Dear students – A Sincere Welcome to all of you!

I, Mayank Arora, the class teacher of class 12 is here to give you a speech on soldiers who protect and safeguard our country. A soldier might be a part of Army, Navy or Air Force but he is always there to protect his country. The relevance of soldiers is very important as they protect our borders from our enemies and in turn safeguard our lives.

You as students would also have dreamt of becoming a soldier but always remember that a soldier’s life is not easy. You should be disciplined and faithful in all endeavors of your life. A soldier needs to be vigilant and alert all the time to face every challenge and danger coming his way.

Soldiers also control the disobedient and hooligans present within our country. For them there is no festival and no birthdays. The security of our country is on their shoulders and they fulfill it with utmost responsibility. They stay miles away from their families and also sometimes they need to sacrifice their lives for their country.

Soldiers fight in almost all weather conditions; nothing stops them from protecting us. We live in our homes peacefully because they are there fighting on the borders with our enemies and protecting us and our country. They fight in the most difficult terrains, be it forests, mountains or plains.

They always keep intact their values and memorable lessons given by their seniors and military traditions. They obey each and every order of their commandant and seniors with due respect and heads up. Soldiers also conduct many rescue operations during natural calamities without even thinking of their lives. They have saved thousands of lives in earthquakes, cyclones, floods etc.

India is a powerful country and there are lacs of soldiers in Indian armed forces who were also students like you. They gave up their materialistic life to become proud soldiers of our country.

Therefore, we all should salute them for whatever they do for us. A teacher or politician play their normal roles in building a nation but the role a soldier plays is commendable, safeguarding the frontiers of our country in the most dedicated and confident manner. A soldier lives for the country and dies for his country. We all should feel proud of them and should always remember them in our prayers so that they are always safe and protected. As a citizen of our country we should always try to support and help our soldiers and their families by whatever means we can, for we are spending our life happily because of the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Thank you!


Speech on Soldiers- Speech 4

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and Dear Students- Warm Greetings to everyone!

I would like to thank everyone present here for providing me an opportunity to speak on the life of our soldiers. Being an alumnus of this school and now a soldier myself, it brings back the memories from where I nurtured the dream of becoming a soldier.

Being a soldier I am proud of my own country and the fellow citizens. Life of a soldier is not that easy, we go through a lot of hardships and sometimes we even have to take decisions on the spot. Out of you all, I hope someone or the other have dreamt of becoming a soldier. I advise you that the decision taken by you is the appropriate one, but then you need to sacrifice material things in life.

We need to leave our families and get separated from them to go on borders to fight for our “Mother India” and in this journey we need to forget certain emotions of pain and love. We have to be bound by our duties and when you all too one day become a soldier you will realize what I was talking about.

I would like to share a wonderful experience with you all. One fine day we were on the borders and suddenly we heard noises of guns and bombs, we immediately came out of our bunkers and realized that the other country has attacked us. We travelled a few kilometers and a soldier of the other country was half dead and wanted water. We as human beings offered water but he immediately stood up and fired on one of my own colleague. That was the moment I realized that when we are in war we need to lock all our emotions, no matter whether its emotion of being human.

Though it was a very painful incident for me but it made me strong and bold from within. I would suggest you all that if you really want to become a soldier then there is no career like it. The feeling when you make your country proud is the best feeling in your entire life. Soldiers are respected by everyone, the time we wear our uniforms we carry the responsibility of protecting our country men and safeguarding their lives. We don’t regret missing any festival or occasion as we feel proud when you all as students miss us and pay homage to whatever we do in our lives. We feel proud when you all make ourselves as your inspiration; it gives us a feeling to work harder and with a lot of more dedication.

Before I end my speech I would like to wish luck to all those students who want to become soldiers in their future. I also hope the best for other students too and pray that you all get success in your life and make our nation proud.

Thank You!



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