Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour

Vocational education is truly the need of the hour. And especially in country like India where major percentage of our education system is based on the conventional studies, which alone cannot help our students to become self reliant, vocational education is the call of the time. ‘Vocational education is the need of the hour’ speech has been meticulously prepared to make students aware about the benefits of such medium of education. This mode of education should be encouraged in our society because it also gives students the opportunity to earn experience, which is extremely important.

Long and Short Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour

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Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour- Speech 1

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to everyone!

I Kartika Sharma being an alumnus of this school is present before you to sensitize you all on the relevance of vocational education which has really become need of the hour. In our growing ages we have been always taught to work hard and make successful careers in professions like Doctors, Engineers and so on. The times have changed and society itself is getting evolved and what we need in the current times is education system that teaches us skills instead of just providing us with education and that too through rote learning.

Mugging up the facts and writing an exam won’t teach us anything rather joining a course which enhances our skills will only help us in developing our personality. We should give the students an opportunity to realize what skills they are good at and then that could be their profession instead of just forcing them into a certain job where they don’t work with their heart and soul.

When teachers start providing knowledge of this paradigm then the students will also start following their dreams. Some students would like to become chefs while others would like to be in the fashion industry. A new trend has started these days becoming makeup artists. This career ensures huge amount of money as well as one can follow their passion and improve their skills day by day. This is what we can define as vocational courses or training where a student learns certain skills with which it makes him/her ready for job market while following his passion simultaneously.

Vocational education would make you self-sufficient and independent altogether and would motivate you every day to develop something new which in turn would benefit our country. It’s not that people are not aware about these vocational courses and their importance but it’s just that we need to broaden our thinking regarding our career choices. Even our government has started taking initiatives to improve vocational educational education in India.

We need to think out of the box if we want to climb the ladder of success. Sticking to only basic education will not suffice. The type of education we need has to be job oriented otherwise if everybody will be following same path then there will be fewer jobs and more competition.

Thus, we need to think about moving towards vocational education which provides us with promising careers and is still fruitful instead of just getting molded by the old education system which doesn’t provide us with extra skills and cannot guarantee a job or fixed career after our education gets completed. I hope that I have been able to make you all aware about the importance of vocational education and how we should start adopting them.

Thank You Very much for your Precious Time!


Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour – Speech 2

Good Morning Teachers and My Dear Students!

Today we all have gathered here to address a very important topic, which is regarding vocation education. Being the Principal of this school I would like to announce that the zero periods that starts after the assembly everyday would be now utilized for you students to get a hold on skills that you feel is your passion.

We have established certain vocational sections with their heads who will teach the required skills. It was a very necessary step as I believe that vocational education is the need of the hour. Firstly, it’s important to explain what does a vocational course means altogether. This kind of course will prepare you all for a specific profession which could be anything ranging from learning Culinary skills, Beautician Course, Makeup Artists etc. These courses will make you all job oriented i.e. in simple terms these would help you to find appropriate jobs for yourself.

Vocational training helps to improve your skills rather than adopting conventional academic learning. These will help you to enhance your skills and would be ideal in instilling in you all a stable career. Getting training through vocational courses will be an added advantage to your regular academic learning. We as your facilitators of knowledge believe that school is the most appropriate period of your life where you can recognize your skills and take time to improve them by these courses. There is no hard and fast rule that all of you have to take similar ones. If anybody feels that they need to learn something out of the box, please feel free to inform us and we will introduce that course for you. We just want that you as students should listen to your dreams and passion.

These abilities will provide you with an extra edge over others when you step out of your school and get ready for the job market. These would also help you in earning extra money so you will always be in an advantageous position than your peers.

Vocational training therefore is need of the hour in India which is an extra course other than your education. Nobody is forcing you to choose these courses but always remember that whatever we teachers do for you is always for the betterment of our students and for our country as it would make you job ready plus self-sufficient individuals of our society. The final decision is going to be your students; you will have to choose what is right and wrong in your life. We all can just guide you on the right path but it is you who have to walk on the path shown by us.

Thank You!


Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour – Speech 3

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and Dear Students – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Today I take immense pleasure in standing before you all and presenting a speech on vocational education being the need of the hour in India. As a motivational speaker I have been called to make you students aware about its importance and relevance in our society these days.

Vocational education in simple terms refers to training that enhances your skills and knowledge for a particular job. We in India have a varied dimensions of industries which include computer networking, finance, trade, management etc. each of these industries require different type of skills and this is what vocational education would provide you all. You can choose these courses according to your interests and skills.

You all know how hard it is to crack a good job interview and to be recruited in a good company. You will require certain skills, and these courses will help you in that dimension. The students who develop these practical skills other than their basic education perform better in interviews and are self-motivated and confident which is the main reason why a certain company selects them. You all would have come across the word ‘Technical Education’ which is very much synonymous with vocational education. Vocational education provides knowledge in a particular discipline which could also be interdisciplinary to your education courses.

These programs are for shorter period of time and are affordable to any extent. Every student sitting here should be aware that if still your parents are not able to afford these courses then government of India has launched an initiative called as “Skill India” where certain centers are designated where you can go and learn these courses free of cost.

Students benefit a lot from these courses and they enjoy doing this as they put in their heart and soul to follow their dreams. There is a growing need for skilled labor in our society and vocational courses prepare you for all this. It is not only beneficial to a particular student but also helps in economic development and growth of our country. It helps you to give a practical experience in a particular field and make you understand small little things of that specific industry.

Therefore, with changing times people have understood the relevance of vocational studies. More skill based jobs are being created in our society which requires more skilled labor force and vocational education helps in fulfilling these. There is a mutual collaboration between educational institutions and various industries to make students understand its importance. Vocational training ensures that education given to you through these courses is appropriate for market demand and job prospects. At the end I just want to wish all the best to you for your future endeavors.

Thank You!


Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour – Speech 4

Respected Principal, Vice Principal and My Dear Students!

I am present before you all to speak on a very relevant topic which is vocational education is the need of the hour and specially to make aware our class 12 students about its benefits as they are going to finish their school life and starting to enter the real and practical world.

Vocational education is imparting of a special kind of training which will improve your education to a certain extent and will also provide you with the skills for you to get ready for the job market industry. These courses will give you hands on experience in particular fields and disciplines.

There are various benefits of adopting vocational training other than the formal academic learning which you all are forced to do:

  1. It will make you Job Oriented: Vocational education makes you ready for the employment and you could start earning money at a very early stage which will be beneficial for you and would place you in an advantageous position than others. Together with the classroom training you will also be provided with practical knowledge which will include taking you to the factories where real work of a particular industry takes place.
  2. Affordability: Both private and government institutions provide these course as their expenses are very less. Sometimes they even provide you with the scholarships if you clear certain conditions. These are better as compared to three or five year degree courses which are available in India as you will save the extra expense which involves hostel, food and other accommodation. For those who cannot afford high fees structure for various colleges, vocational courses are the best and correct option.
  3. Employability: Students who choose vocational courses are preferred more as compared to college pass outs by various companies as they have the right and appropriate kind of knowledge and education for that industry. It’s not only limited to India but you will also get the opportunity to move abroad, since there is a huge demand of skilled labor in many countries. These courses are not only for students moving out of school but people who already have established careers learn these courses to get promotion and better opportunities in their life. The duration of these courses are less but knowledge provided cannot be compared to anything else.
  4. Job Satisfaction: There are various indirect benefits linked to these courses as they boost your confidence and motivation and you will always be satisfied when you make career out of your dreams and vocational education helps you achieve that objective.

At the end, I would just like to say that it’s your life and you need to choose what you want to make out of it. We teachers can only spread awareness and guide you in choosing paths. The end decision is going to be yours.

Thank you!



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