Welcome Speech for a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are truly special for the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Celebrating birthday parties is quite a common activity, but nowadays even welcome speeches are being prepared by the person himself/herself or by anyone close to him/her, for instance it could be that person’s parents, brother, sister or close friends.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for a Birthday Party in English

If you are also awaiting a birthday party and need to deliver a welcome speech, then you can refer to our welcome speeches. The welcome speech for a birthday party should ideally be in an easy to understand and informal tone.

Here are both short welcome speeches for a birthday party as well as long welcome speeches for a birthday party, which are comprehensively written completely justifying the occasion. Read on for yourself to a better understanding!

Welcome Speech for Birthday Party 1

Hello Friends – I welcome everyone to my birthday party!

So finally it’s my birthday, the day that I have been waiting for so long. I couldn’t have been happier today as everyone is present here right from my family to friends, to make my day extra special. The best part is that no one is missing and everyone has made it today. Really thank you everyone for taking time out for me and adding grace to this party.

Before we proceed for the cake cutting celebration, I would like to say a few words, especially for my parents. I want to thank my parents from the bottom of my heart for throwing this wonderful party on my 18th birthday, this cannot get any better. In fact, this is more than I could have asked for. I hardly could express my feeling for you, Mom and Dad.

But today, I don’t want to miss the opportunity and make it to the most by expressing my feeling for my loved ones. You both have always fulfilled my desires without making me realize that most of the times I had been too demanding and unfair towards both of you. I have been given the complete freedom to decide for myself and you both have been there as a guiding torch. You never have tried to clip my wings and I have flown in full swing so much so that I stand here today as a confident girl who believes that she can achieve anything that she wants to and can take informed decisions on her own.

I have been sent to the best school for my education and by the grace of God I have come across such great friends who are indeed like a second family to me. I pray to God for my parents’ healthy and prosperous life. May they continue to smile like this forever! And last, but not the least, I want to thank my friends who have been a great support to me and stood by me during hard times. There was a time when my confidence became very low and I was not performing well in studies, then my friends pulled me off from that zone and made me realize my inner strength. That’s how true friends are, isn’t? They are the ones who bring fun element in your life and make you a crazy bunch of fools.

So thank you all of you for being a part of my life and thanks to the God for blessing me with a wonderful family and amazing friends. Now, without any ado I would like to bring an end to my speech and request everyone to kindly proceed towards the main hall for the cake cutting celebration. Post this, dinner will be served and there is also a dance party for all my friends who are looking forward to shake their legs.

I hope you all will enjoy with us and help me in making my birthday more memorable.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Birthday Party 2

Hello Everyone – I, the father of Riya, welcome everyone on her 16th birthday party.

So my little daughter is turned 16, it really feels surreal because I cannot come to understand myself that our daughter has grown this big. It feels as if it was about yesterday when she used to hold our hands in order to walk. It is incredible for us as parents. Don’t worry Riya, I won’t get all mushy and I will only talk about your childhood mischief today. Don’t be so surprised, I promise that it is not intended to embarrass you.

You are the apple of our eyes and we consider ourselves lucky to be your parents. You have always been that sincere child who has never troubled us and listened to us with a lot of patience. We really pray to God for your long and healthy life. We have watched you grow up, taking those baby steps, stumbling, falling and then getting up again. And today I can see you as a confident girl filled with dreams and hopes; ready to take on the world. It makes me so emotional seeing our beautiful daughter blossoming and growing up in front of our eyes. Literally beta, you amaze us and thank God every time you make us proud with your noble acts and endeavors.

It goes without saying that today is one of the best days of our lives.

I know for a fact that one fine day; a couple of years from now you will look back and recall this special day, which will bring a big smile on your face. So let’s make it to the most and create wonderful memories which will stay with us for our lives.

Riya, on your special day your mother and I promise you to always stand by you and support all your decisions. We really adore you and we believe that you are a result of your good deeds.  On this day, we want just one promise from you that you will never ever change yourself and continue to work hard in making your life bigger and better.

I hope you like the preparation and the entire set up. It took us a couple of days to decide the theme and the venue of your party. I hope it goes well with your taste and preference. Last, but not least I want to thank all our guests for making to our daughter’s birthday party. Without the presence of you all, the party wouldn’t have been this exciting. You all have doubled the excitement quotient and now let the party begin without any further delay.

I would request all our guests to please have dinner after the cake cutting celebration and also join us at the DJ. We will be looking forward to some amazing dance performances by our guests. With this, I would like to end my speech.

Thank you so much for being such a patient listener.



Welcome Speech for Birthday Party 3

Hello Friends – I welcome everyone to my birthday party!

It feels slightly awkward to be celebrating my birthday like this at this stage of my life when I am married and have a 2 year old baby. I already feel so blessed and happy having such a wonderful wife by my side and my baby who mean the whole world to me. I feel so complete and really enjoying my married life. And now this birthday party has come as a huge surprise to me, of course I am pleasantly surprised. Little do I realize that my birthday party would be planned this grand and all my favorite people would be present here.

I will have to applaud the efforts of my wife and extend a huge thank you to her for doing all this for me. However, she wrested the responsibility of delivering the welcome speech on me, which I haven’t liked! Ha-ha, of course I am not prepared for it, right! So it’s an impromptu and whatever I am saying is coming straight from my heart. I am feeling extremely emotional today seeing all this. I am sure it must have taken her a month at least to prepare for all this. Right from choosing the venue to making all the requisite arrangements to inviting all my friends must have been quite a task and on the top of this handling our super naughty baby. No word can well convey my emotions that I am currently experiencing.

Last, but not the least, I would want to thank all my friends for making to my birthday party despite all odds. I am sure you must be having other priorities too but you sidelined everything just to be here. It feels amazing to be together here like this after so long as I clearly remember we all gathered like this; 3 years back on our friend’s destination wedding.

Let me assure you friends we are again going to have a gala time together. Before going for the cake cutting, I want to make an announcement that you can feel free here and let your children enjoy amongst themselves. Here is one section dedicated to children which has all the toys and games so send your children there without having to worry about them.

Now let’s go to the cake cutting area.

With this, I would like to end my speech and thank you all once again for patiently listening to me and being so sporting.



Welcome Speech for Birthday Party 4

Hello Everyone – I am glad to see you all on my birthday party!

I hope you have had no difficulty in locating the venue. This venue is easy to locate as it is situated on one of the famous roads of Mumbai. You must be wondering why am I throwing this birthday party, when I could have easily given you the party in the office. Actually, I am really feeling homesick these days and due to the added work responsibilities, I couldn’t go back home and meet my parents. Otherwise, as the ritual goes I should have been meeting my parents today. However, I am not regretting it, it’s just that I am missing my parents and my mother’s delicious dishes especially prepared for me.

They couldn’t have come here either because of the awaited wedding of my brother. Anyways, I don’t want to get sentimental and rather enjoy this party with you all to the fullest. Before proceeding for the party, I would like to say a few words.

I want to thank my friends those who have come all the way from Delhi and Ahmadabad for me. I cannot thank you enough and my happiness knows no bounds today. Guys, do you even realize we are meeting after so long? I am so glad that today some of my school, college and office friends are gathered under one roof. Let’s not keep any reservations today and enjoy to the fullest. There is also an arrangement for the DJ party, which I am sure most of you would be looking forward to. But amidst this frenzy don’t forget to relish snacks and of course dinner.

I am sure you just can’t wait to party hard, but friends I would request you to keep a little more patience. Actually, my school friends have kept a surprise and they want to run a small film. I hope you all would want to watch it for me, right? So let’s first watch it. ………………. (Movie Running!)

Ufff, this just couldn’t have been better and I couldn’t have asked for any other gift! I loved every bit of it. Guys, how you have managed all these pictures? Well, I can recollect those days, but some of the pictures have been taken without my realization. I am pleasantly surprised, good job friends. Thank you so much for making my birthday so memorable with this.

Now, without any further ado let’s do the cake cutting ceremony as we have our office tomorrow and I know some of you have to travel a considerable distance. The party will go until 12:30 am, but those of you want to leave earlier can leave. I completely understand! The fact that you all took time out for my birthday party is more than enough.

With this, I want to rest my speech.

Once again thank you everyone for coming here and listening to my emotional outpourings with this patience.




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