Welcome Speech for Bride and Groom

Welcome speech for bride and groom has been a common practice in Western countries; this practice has now become widespread in Eastern countries as well. Many families prefer arranging evening parties and get together, to welcome the bride and groom in the new family to the new life and world. In such situations, the bride’s and grooms’ friends or siblings, etc. is invited to deliver ‘Bride and groom welcome speech’.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Bride and Groom in English

We have shared samples of long welcome speech for bride and groom as well as short welcome speech for bride and groom that you can take ideas from.

The language of these sample speeches are very simple, so that you can identify yourself and prepare your own Welcome speech for bride and groom.

Bride and Groom Welcome Speech 1

Good Evening Everyone!

We all know the reason of assembling here tonight. With so much pride and honor, I would on everyone’s behalf, like to welcome Isabella that’s Chris’s would be wife. Finally, my best friend and my brother Chris has decided to settle down and to everyone’s surprise, he has even found a decent girl. Indeed friends, you heard it right, Chris is going to get married next month.

Being his best buddy and brother, I would like to take the honor to speak few words today on this grand evening. Chris, as many of you know has been a self made person. Though, he had struggled hard since his childhood, he has reached the heights of success in his life. Chris and I have shared the same house, same parents, same school and nearly same friends and since he is only 2 years elder to me; we have grown up together and matured together. Chris has been optimistic and hard working, which is why he has been successful professionally; however, he has missed the company of a decent girl so far. Guys, he has never dated any girl so far and the girl he ever dated is going to be his wife soon.

Isabella, as you all know is his would be wife, is not only beautiful but also very decent girl. I am very glad for both of them and wish all the very best for their future. Can’t wait to attend your marriage guys, enjoy!

Now, I would like to call upon Maria, Isabella’s friend to speak few lines about her friend. Please welcome, Maria,

Speech from Maria

Dear all,

It’s really an honor to speak on this grand evening. When I first came to know that Isabella has decided to get married to Chris, I couldn’t believe myself as Isabella has been a career-oriented girl as far as I know her. She has always shared her secrets with me and I clearly remember when she said that she would spend rest of her life with Chris.

I was surprised, in fact doubtful until I had met Chris, but after meeting him, I am very sure that my best friend would not only enjoy each and every moment of her life but Chris would also let her fulfill her dreams and aim in life. Isabella is a very kind and polite girl and at the same time, she is very determined. I can say, if she has decided to settle down, she would be successful in that sphere as well, as she has been successful in her professional life. Our wishes are always with you guys, but only on one condition that you guys are not going to forget me!


Isabella has been like a sister to me with whom I share all my secrets; today I am going to say something dear… that I envy you. Chris is really a very nice guy, and I am very sure that both of you would make the best couple. You guys know, that we are always there for you two, and do let us know, if you need any kind of help at any time.

We wish you all the luck and happiness in life!

Stay Blessed,

Thank you!


Bride and Groom Welcome Speech 2

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for being a part of this blessed occasion. We are extremely thankful to all of you for making it so big for us.

This is an auspicious event for Joanna, my best friend and her fiancée Smith are going to share a lifetime together. Joanna and Smith have been dating each other for 5 years now and the reason that makes Smith most happy to marry Joanna is that he doesn’t have to drop her to her home every weekend like he had been doing so far (laughs). That ways it saves Smith fuel too (laughs).

We are nearly speechless and enthralled with the quantity of support, love and help their respective families have showed to us so far. Their parents have been highly supportive and above all, they believed in their individual decisions. Joanna and Smith cannot express enough of their gratitude towards their parents and all other family members and relatives, who had stood by them through all pros and cons.

I would like to add here that Joana’s parents were little doubtful whether Smith would ever make a good groom or not; their doubts however were cleared when I intervened and convinced them that Smith is a really nice guy. They knew that Joana indeed would make a perfect bride for Smith. Along with the parents and family members; there have been many other people who have supported the couple throughout. I would like to mention some names here and friends, please don’t get angry or feel offended if I have missed yours because I am little high now!


Peter, Smith’s best buddy always believed that he can get serious someday to the extent that I would get married to someone. But off course, if it was not Joanna, Smith would never have decided to settle down, you know! I am also thankful to Peter as he is the one who introduced Joanna to Smith.

Linda, Joanna’s and my common friend is also a very distinguished person who brought the couple together. Whenever Smith wanted to say sorry to Joanna for being irrational sometimes in the past 5 years to the extent that he would have lost Joanna; Linda was the one who would always convince them to fall back in love again.

And finally, I would like to thank Joanna who has been a constant support in my life. My life and career in the past few years has been a roller coaster, but this beautiful lady has always shown the same amount of love, faith and care as my parents have been showing. Joanna, I would be honest…. I was still doubtful whether I could take these responsibilities or not, but whenever I see you, I get motivated. Now that you are getting married and about to begin a new life, I feel a little lonely as I would be distanced from my best friend, but I am still happy for you and wish you all the best in your married life.

Well, I thank you all again, please enjoy yourself tonight and stay happy and blessed like we are!

Thank You!


Bride and Groom Welcome Speech 3

Dear All – A very warm Good Evening!

This is an auspicious moment for everyone in our family as my cousin brother and my best friend Paul has been engaged. While he has been one guy in our family, who had always been excited about getting married; he would not find a suitable match for the reasons you all know: he is too tall, i.e. 6 ft. 2 inches tall. Poor guy couldn’t even fall in love for he has been shy throughout. Being a navy person, he has seldom stayed at home so had very less time to fall in love or date a girl; I mean that’s what I have thought all this while.

Paul is a very nice guy though, very caring and very possessive about his belongings. He has stayed away from family, most of the times though; he is very close to all of us. He loves to buy gifts and take his friends and family out for dinner when he is home during holidays. He has this queer habit of walking alongside beaches and sitting for hours and hours watching the setting sun. As far as I have known him as a person, he is very emotional and doesn’t speak about his pain to anyone. Well, by now all of us know about this nature of him and we had been eagerly waiting for a decent girl to come and brighten up Paul’s life. And guess what…? Sandra came in Paul’s life.

Sandra also belongs to our community and most of us have known her since we have met on almost every Sunday in the Church. So I told you that Sandra is a believer of God. She is also a very decent girl working with IT Company called ABC Technology. Sandra loves to sing and dance and she is the life of every family party. Sandra’s family and our family are very good friends and we are very glad that both Sandra and Paul liked each other.

Guys, if you are wondering how they met; let me tell you, it is a complete arranged marriage kind of a thing; but let me tell you something, my dear brother Paul already loves Sandra and I am sure Sandra will reciprocate equally. Now don’t ask me how I know that; common, I am Paul’s best pal and he doesn’t hide anything from me; even if he wants to, his eyes don’t.

Friends, I would now like to call upon stage the beautiful couple to speak a few lines about their bachelorhood and togetherness. I am sure you guys are in the best of your days at the present since you are engaged, but not married yet. Guys, this is the time you must enjoy the most; go out, eat, drink, celebrate and merry make because these days won’t come back. Well, well, I am not threatening you. All I want to say that enjoy these days to the fullest and make plans for your marriage.

Friends, thank you for hearing me out and let’s give our blessings and wishes to the lovely couple. Give them a very big hand!

Thank you!

Over to you Paul and Sandra!


Bride and Groom Welcome Speech 4

Warm Good Evening to all our Lovely Guests tonight – It gives me immense pleasure to deliver the welcome speech for the bride and groom. I, Sakshi Sinha – the groom’s sister, feel a great sense of joy today seeing my big brother donning the attire of a groom and walking so majestically for the Var Mala Ceremony. I never imagined that my brother can look this handsome, lols. My going to be sister-in-law is in fact my best friend first. Seeing them together today on the stage is like a dream come true. I never ever envisaged my brother and my best friend tying this beautiful wedding knot and becoming an even more integral part of our family.

So today, I warmly welcome our most special bride and groom and we all will pray to God for your happiness and well-being. The best part is that there is no sense of awkwardness between us and we all are so comfortable, in fact our families know each other from so long, and this propitious day has finally arrived where I am made to welcome the bride and the groom and deliver a speech in their honor. I know Samiksha that my brother wouldn’t have found a better person than you. You are everything that my brother is not, i.e. you are tolerant, patient, calm and so positive in life. You truly complement bhai in the best manner possible. I am sure you both are going to be this gen power couple and will set couple goals for others.

My wish today for you guys is that may your love continue to grow and prosper and you achieve next level of understanding and compatibility. Please continue to be this crazy couple that you are and keep rocking and tolerating each other’s nuisance. Samiksha, I can’t wait to welcome you in my home as my bhabhi and we all are eagerly waiting for you to take control of my brother’s life and give it the right direction as only you can understand him more than he understands himself. I can see a big smile on my brother’s face and the happiness is so evident on his face. I have never seen him being this much happy in his entire life. And I am sure that you also can’t wait to become a part of our family and take charge of my brother’s life.

Your presence in our lives will be like a bundle of joy for all of us as you not only know bhai so well but all of us.  You know what Maa likes and what is it that can make our father happy. You know their likes and dislikes in ways more than one. What else do I want? You will not be the daughter-in-law of our family, but the daughter herself as our mumma rightly calls you samjhdaar beti in our house. Isn’t it? So without any further ado, let us proceed with the marriage rituals and take the blessings of the God.

With this, I rest my speech; this is all from my side. Thank You!



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