Welcome Speech for Basketball Tournament

With the increased focus of the government on educational institutions, to promote sports and games, many schools and colleges have included Basketball as one of the primary sports in their institutions. The sports have been made mandatory for students and each year the institutions also organize tournaments not only to test the students’ talent, but also to boost their morale and passion. A welcome speech for Basketball tournament is also needed to be delivered on the annual sports day.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Basketball Tournament in English

We have shared some sample basketball tournament welcome speeches that will help you prepare your speech in your own language.

The long welcome speech for basketball tournament will help you deliver impressive speech on college level and the short welcome speech for basketball tournament can be well delivered at schools and social events.

The language used in the samples is extremely simple yet exciting that will keep your audience engaged and interested.

Basketball Tournament Welcome Speech 1

Respected Chief Guest, Chairperson of Sports Association, Faculty, Managers, My Dear Participants, Students and Each One of You – a very warm Greeting!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the opening of the Basketball Tournament at ABCD Sports Association. This Association, though not very old has been one of the most desired sports club and association for most of the students. The managers and the Faculty have really worked hard under the great leadership of our dearest Mr. Sharma, who is also the chairperson of this association.

Mr. Sharma himself had been a successful Basketball player and had played several tournaments on State and National levels. He was the Captain of the Basketball team during 2000- 2005 and his team had won several medals and accolades under his captaincy.

It’s an honor to be a part of the association which is led by such a grand player. Mr. Sharma is a very kind and humble person in his personal life too. He specifically opened this Association as a charity to help poor students learn Basketball. There are many students in our state who cannot afford the fees of learning certain sports. Some students cannot afford to eat healthy and nutritious food in the absence of proper resources and knowledge.

ABCD Sports Association not only teaches sports to such students but also help them stay in the hostel, which runs on charity basis. The students are only required to deposit a token amount which is also refundable when they play their first tournament. This Association is only for the talented students and it’s really enthralling to see so many students enrolling themselves to the Association.

We are also grateful to our Chief Guest, Mr. A; he donated a considerable amount to the Association for starting the tournament. Being the sports leader, he has constantly been supporting the association with all kinds of help be it financial or non-financial. Mr. A’s aim is to promote sports amongst maximum students as he believes that sports and related activities help in boosting confidence, strengthening companionship and fostering teamwork amongst the youth of today. He has been a constant support for us and he also gives great pieces of advice and information from time to time that help our association to grow.


This association, under the guidance of Mr. A and under the leadership of Mr. Sharma, has created several champions in the last 5 years. Like every noble cause has to struggle in the beginning, so has this association. But thanks to Mr. A, who has been helping us overcome all the hurdles in our way.

The goal of ABCD Association is to promote young talents and create more and more champions who bring honor not only to our state, but also our country by contesting in Olympics, Commonwealth Games, etc.

In the end, I would only like to say that this Basketball tournament is a healthy competition and we expect each player to give his/her best to the sport. You may win or lose, but you would always learn a lesson in both the situations. Don’t get disheartened, if you lose and don’t become arrogant if you win.

This is a sport, so enjoy each and every moment while you play.

Thank You!


Basketball Tournament Welcome Speech 2

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the opening of 10th Basketball tournament organized every year by our Federation. First of all, I would like to welcome you all to this occasion. Our Sports Federation was established with an objective to create athletes and sportspersons those serve our nation and I am feeling very proud to say that many of our athletes have played on state as well as national level. Some have even played on International level and have brought name and recognition not only to our Federation, but to our nation as well.

While I say so, I would like to express my kind gratitude to the sports and physical fitness teachers who train our students with utmost dedication and are always committed towards their duty and the nation. Our students have also shown great commitment towards the game and have always been enthusiastic to participate in the competition be it within or outside the Federation.

I remember when we had opened this Federation; I had to face a lot of criticism because many parents thought that sports hamper the studies of students. Many also thought that there is no career in sports and some thought that Basketball game is sheer waste of time, because it is too difficult to gain name, fame and money in this sport like one can get in Cricket.


I would like to tell the students, their respective parents and to everyone who doesn’t take Basketball in high spirit that no comparison should be made between different sports since each sport has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, any kind of sport is going to increase your stamina, physical strength and certainly going to develop your skills such as team work, coordination, accountability towards the team and self confidence, off course.

There are many new students who have just joined us; this tournament is a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent and skills and talents against the rival teams; however I would advice that you should make the best of this opportunity and improve your spirit of comradeship with the fellow team members and learn from your seniors.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all those who have always showed non-stop faith in our Federation and have showered us with their love and support. Our Chairperson Mr. A, a retired Banker; he is the one who started this Federation with only 2 trainers and 5 students. He believed that sports are very necessary to enhance the overall personality of an individual.

Today, this Federation has earned several accolades and is loaded with students. Each year we get applications from thousands of students but we only select students who are actually interested, irrespective whether they can afford the fees or not. We even provide support to the talented students since we promote talents and aim at creating future champions.

The effort of the trainers, teachers, administrators and each one associated with the Federation is also highly appreciable and most importantly the dedication and perseverance of the students is commendable which has brought the Federation to this level.

Well I would rest my speech here and wish each one of you a very good luck and a bright future ahead!

Thank you and All the Best!


Basketball Tournament Welcome Speech 3

A very Good Morning to all the Teachers, Students and Visitors!

First of all, let me welcome you to the 5th annual sports week celebration of our school. As you know that today the basketball tournament has been organized in our school and it gives me immense pleasure to share that our school had won the interstate championship trophy in basketball tournament last year.

I had always been an avid basketball player all through my life and I still participate in all types of sports held in our society’s club and community. Like many other people, basketball for me is a fun activity and an efficient form of physical exercise. When I was small, I was the champion in my school and I recollect that playing basketball would always relieve me from the stress of studies and personal issues.

I used to enjoy every moment while I played as it also developed team spirit and sportsmanship in me. I still remember I was in class XII when I had to choose between basketball and an entrance to a popular college in USA; I chose basketball because the sport was life for me. I am glad that I chose it because the sport has always kept me fit and vigorous.

There are lots of physical advantages one can get from playing basketball. Not only that, it develops physical wellness like all other outside sports do; the fast-paced and intense action of basketball game concurrently builds up speed, stamina, hand and eye coordination as well as cardiovascular health. Like I said, I still play basketball; if given an opportunity as the rapid movement across the basketball court increases lower-body fitness; as well as the shooting; passing and defending the ball increases upper-body fitness.

Now-a-days, obesity and other fitness issues are found in children too in our country. By playing basketball, you can control your weight and stay fit since you can burn considerable amount of calories in the court. Like I said earlier, basketball for me has not only been a game; it has been an effective way of fighting stress and maintaining a calm life.  Many people don’t want to play as they feel they are not champions. I would like to say that you need not necessarily be a champion to play basketball. Just play basketball in your leisure time; you will feel the difference yourself.

Now-a-days, students lead a very stressful life. They also have social pressure to become the best; peer competition has always been another reason of stress in students’ life. That is why; our school puts immense importance on sports. In our school, it is mandatory for all students to select at least 1 indoor and 1 outdoor sport; whether they prefer or not. I personally want their overall personality to get improved and playing basketball is one of the most energetic activities for everyone. Also, basketball strengthens regular social communication and builds team spirit in the players which will benefit them in their professional life ahead.

Well, I rest my speech on the note that irrespective you win or lose today, continue playing the sport.

All the best and Thank You!


Basketball Tournament Welcome Speech 4

Good Morning Everyone!

Let me first of all; welcome you all to the 7th Annual Sports Month of our College. Many of you, I am sure, keep waiting for the augment of this month as you get an opportunity to take out time from regular studies and engage yourself in some fun-filled, vigor driven activities.

The students of our college are excessively interested in Basketball and have been participating in the sport on national level. It gives me immense pleasure to say that last year our college had won the national level championship in basketball tournament. While we focus on studies and motivate students towards academic betterment; we also are very must inclined towards promoting sports and through our training and coaching we want to produce many basketball champions in coming years.

I would like to share that we have hired 2 additional basketball coaches seeing the active and increased participation of our students in the game year by year. Sports like studies hold a very high position in everyone’s life. You develop and sharpen your mind by playing indoor games such as Chess, Carom, etc and you develop stamina, strength and endurance level when you play basketball.

There are lot of other benefits of playing basketball such as you become disciplined, active and enthusiast and the most importantly, you become a team player. Any outdoor game for that matter, especially basketball is considered to be the best activity for learning teamwork. You develop coordination, cooperation and synchronization. At the same time, basketball also helps you become a good leader in the future as you learn to guide and command your team.

However, it is very important that you play the game as real sportsman and should not envy your fellow player. Friends, there is always one champion in every team; if you want to become the champion, you must follow the discipline of the game and should not adopt short cuts or pull down the best players.

You would be glad to know that we are doing many things in the area of basketball. We have taken on lease a court in the ABC club for promoting basketball after college hours. This is especially for those students who are doing excessively well in the sport and who want to seriously learn the sport.

You would require membership to learn and practice in the club. It is not very far from the college and you only need to devote 2-3 hours daily on practicing. The membership form can be collected from the administration department by paying a nominal charge. We are expecting great participation from all of you and I am foreseeing many basketball champions getting produced from our college that would bring accolades to our college on national level.

Nonetheless, this entire sports month has a lot of different outdoor and indoor games. You can participate in any but make sure that you do participate because you learn something or the other from every game.

Enjoy rest of the day and month guys and all the best to all of you!

Thank You!



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