Welcome Speech for Cricket Tournament

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Long and Short Welcome Speech for Cricket Tournament in English

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Welcome Speech for Cricket Tournament 1

Hon’ble Prime Minister

Mr.………. Minister of Youth and Sport

Mr. ………….BCB President

Eminent Guests, ladies and gentlemen – I wish you all a very warm good evening on behalf of the International Cricket Council and also warmly welcome everyone to the ICC under 20 Cricket World Cup.

It goes without saying that the ICC with immense pleasure presents the tournament to our cricket-frenzy country for the first time. The passion for cricket in our country, I will have to say, knows no bounds and I have no second thoughts about the fact that our country will host an excellent event. This is the sixth ICC U/20 Cricket World Cup. This specific event offers a preview of some of the finest cricketers of the future. So I am sure you all will really enjoy watching our budding cricketers perform. Do you remember that from the U/19 World Cup first organized in the year 1988 in Australia gave a break to such cricketers, Inzaman ul Haq, Brian Lara and Sanath Jayasuriya.

Succeeding events saw the emergence of several great players, such as Graeme Smith, Virinder Sehwag, Mohammad Sami and Ramnaresh Sarwan.

Two years back in New Zealand, Tatenda Taibu was given the title Man of the Tournament. He is now serving as the wicket keeper for the national team of Zimbabwe and is the vice captain of the cricket team of his country.

In this year’s tournament, there are players who have already gained experience on an international platform. Nafis Iqbal, Enamul Haque, Talha Jubair have all played for the national team of Bangladesh and Ravi Rampul has directly come here from the tour of West Indies in South Africa.

Of course, the cricket standard is really high in our country. Over the coming 25 days, the 16 teams that have assembled here will play 56 matches total across the globe. Friends, this is the first ever tournament being planned on such a big scale. Matches will be played at multiple venues and in front of what we believe to be the biggest crowd in the history of cricket events. It’s a very big responsibility, but it has a grounded support of the government of Bangladesh and its cricket board, including the International Cricket Team.

I thank the commercial partner of ICC, Global Cricket Corporation as well as Global Partners – the LG Electronics as well as Pepsi. Without their support, it is not possible to imagine an event at such a huge scale. I also want to thank our broadcast partners as well as the media who will help us convey the exciting and vibrant spectacle to millions of cricket fans across the globe.

And with this, I rest my speech. It’s time now for the players to come and take the centre stage.

Let us all have fun and enjoy the spectacle and also pay respect to the spirit of our cricket teams.

Lastly, as the teams prepare themselves for departure to the venues across the land, I wish everyone All the Very Best!

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Cricket Tournament 2

Hon’ble Directors of the Cricket Board, Distinguished Guests and Ladies and Gentlemen – It gives me immense pleasure to be hosting the Opening Ceremony of this 19th Cricket Tournament organized in our city of Chandigarh. I would like to take this glorious opportunity of extending a warm welcome to the respected directors, guests as well as our lovely audience, including all the participants and our faculty of physical education. It is our commitment towards the development of our youth that we tap their potential and put sincere efforts in polishing their skills.

This yet another tournament stands for the commitment that all of us share not only towards this sport, but also towards our youth. I am sure that we are going to witness some remarkable performances of the great order over the course of this tournament. I just want to say that give it your best and compete with a spirit of sportsmanship as well as keep it a fair play and grab every possible opportunity of coming close to each other, or in other words, giving a tough competition to each other!

There is a special quote given by Jesse Owens – the great American athlete – who bagged four gold medals in Berlin, Germany at the 1936 Summer Olympics. It says, “Friendship born on the field of athletic strife is the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, but friends gather no dust”.

This is obvious that each one of you will put your best foot forward in terms of skills and talent in front of your opponents who are from the other teams. But I would also urge you to make the most of this excellent opportunity by displaying your best athletic skill and the spirit of solidarity.

I would like to specially congratulate and extend words of praise to the Sports Staff which has helped you in giving meticulous practice sessions. It is because of their efforts that the overall standard of the sports competitions has touched considerable heights and it has also contributed in building the stamina of our players.

Needless to say sports make us healthy and strong and not only teach us to celebrate victory, but also accept defeat with grace. Such lessons at the later stage lay a firm foundation of the success in life. As we move towards the final stage of our preparations, we are focusing on building excitement in our community and motivating our people to fully embrace the sports’ spirit, i.e. “Be the Legend” by extending their support for the athletes who are competing. In the days to come, we are going to observe some very thrilling moments and therefore I would urge each one of you to enjoy it. Excitement and fun are guaranteed.

Indeed, this cricket tournament will play a very important role in building the profile of our sports club. Towards the end all I can wish for is success and good health of everyone. I am extremely pleased to announce the 19th Cricket Tournament in our city.

With this, I rest my speech. Thank you so much!


Welcome Speech for Cricket Tournament 3

Respected members of the Cricket Federation, our sponsors and dear audience – Welcome to yet another cricket tournament in our very own city, i.e. Chandigarh.

I feel extremely glad in welcoming you all again to this exciting cricket tournament where we have teams from different cities of the country with players who are at their nascent stage. The match is going to be very interesting as the players are going to professionally play for the first time after having undergone rigorous training. It is not going to be an easy competition, but a really tough one as every player is excellent in his own personal capacity. No one is less than anyone.

However, before this match starts, I would like to deliver a brief speech on the Cricket Tournament and would like to talk about this most-loved sport.

So ladies and gentlemen, beyond the 24 yards, the fours and the sixes, the wides and the no-balls, the ducks and centuries and in the end – the wins and the losses, lies the unavoidable aspect of this cricket match, which is a flurry of emotions. Post the determination as well as our hard work that one showcases on the field – being present on the losing side is definitely a difficult pill to digest.

There is a plethora of emotions being attached to this game of cricket and it’s not just about the audience or the fans, who watch it, but goes much beyond that. There have been various such instances where the players go separate ways during the presentation ceremony organized after the match. Tears, emotions and goodbyes from the playground affected thousands and millions of fans nationwide. In fact, this is true of this match even on a global scale. Look at our Indian Cricket Team and how they count on each other during the cricket matches, burst on the cricket ground after experiencing failures, etc. It is all a part and parcel of this game. In fact, it is true of all the games. Isn’t it?

However, I want to say to our teams that don’t play the game with the only intention of winning it, but with an intention of earning the experience of playing on the ground. Every experience is important if it teaches you something, so play the game and learn from your mistakes. You cannot avoid failures, but what you can avoid is making mistakes which teach you something in the end.

The entire cricket federation is with you all and don’t be nervous. Just put your best foot forward and wait for the magic to unfold. Last, but not the least I want to address my audience and say that you all are wonderful and I can see a lot of enthusiasm. This is going to be a very exciting match both for the players and audience as well.

So without any further ado, I rest my speech here and let the players assemble on the cricket ground for the toss.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Cricket Tournament 4

Welcome ladies and gentlemen – I hope you all are equally excited as I am for this cricket tournament!

It is really good to see the exuberance in the audience, which really helps the players to perform well on the ground. The confidence that the audience show in their teams and love that they shower give a huge motivation to the players. So I – Abhishek Khatri – the founding member of the cricket club want to request you to motivate your favorite teams or players so that they are able to showcase their talent in the best manner possible.

This is not the first cricket tournament in the stadium of Chennai because the warmth and love that we receive from our audience makes us come back to this place again and again. In fact, the arrangements have been made quite dexterously and no inconvenience has been caused to us, so far. On the top if it, the weather is so pleasant and favorable, I must say our cricketers will really enjoy playing on the ground and so will the audience watching them.

Before the match starts, I would request the audience to buy their food coupons before the match begins and keep their beverages with themselves without littering them here and there. I hope you all will maintain the decorum of the place and not cause any hassles to the person sitting next to you. The match will begin in some time, but before that on behalf of the entire cricket federation, I would want to extend a note of thank to our commercial partner, the state cricket corporation as well as our state partners – ABC Group and XYZ Limited for supporting this cricket tournament at this grand level which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible at all.

I also would like to extend a warm thank you to our broadcast partners as well as media group who help us go a long way in conveying the exciting as well as vibrant spectacle to those millions of cricket fans out there.

I know that the passion for cricket runs deep in us and there is no doubt about the fact that this tournament will be yet another memorable event for all of us. The standard of the cricket match organized by us is increasing year after year and we are glad that we are giving the opportunity to many budding players of honing their skills so that they can one day showcase their talent internationally.

I sincerely hope that we continue to contribute to this match to the best of our capacity and give our youth the opportunity to come forward and portray their talent. With this, I sign off and let the cricket match begin.

Let me call on the ground the teams and ask Shri …….. to take the lead and go for the toss.

Thank you!



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