Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India

Addictions are of many kinds. Some of the common addictions include drug addiction, alcohol addiction, internet addiction, gaming addiction and TV addiction. While these addictions are seen in people belonging to various age groups, the youth of India is more vulnerable to fall prey to these. Each of these addictions is equally damaging to our mental and physical well being. These addictions are ruining the future of the youth of India.

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Short Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India – Essay 1 (200 Words)

Everyone wants to be happy. No one wants to be sad and lonely. Each one of us, especially the youth of the country, is looking for some way or the other to be happy. They grow addicted to anything that gives them a high. For some it is their mobile phone, for others it can be a drug, for yet others it can be a video game and so on. They often indulge in anything that is easily accessible to them and grow addicted to it almost instantly.

The changing lifestyle of people can be blamed for the growing addictions among the youth. In the earlier times, people lived together as one big family. Joint family system was prevalent in our country. Members of the family interacted with each other and shared all their joys and sorrows. They also shared a close bond with their relatives and neighbours. This formed the basis for a healthy environment which proved to be good for the growth of their children.

But today, young kids are often left alone with house helps. Their parents do not have enough time to interact with them and inculcate good values in them. Children spend most of their time watching TV and playing mobile games and grow addicted to them. Teenagers, often start consuming drugs to relieve themselves of the increasing competition in school. They soon get addicted to them.

Addictions of different types are proving to be a threat for the youth of India.


Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India – Essay 2 (300 Words)

Drug Addiction: Impacting the Well Being of Youth of India


Drug addiction is a global problem. Youngsters around the world are known to consume drugs of different kinds. Unfortunately, a large number of youngsters who take drugs belong to India. This is because corruption lies at the heart of our country. Illegal supply of drugs is common in India. Drug suppliers target the youth of our country to boast their sales. Young people often fall prey to them and ruin their future.


The Youth of India: Worst Affected by Drug Addiction

Different kinds of drugs render different affect on our senses. While some make us feel confident and quicken our brain activity, others slow down our ability to think yet others take us to a different level and often cause hallucinations. Drugs of all sorts give a temporary high and thus drug addicts keep consuming these constantly to remain in that ecstatic state of mind. They do not realize the harm it is causing them.

Young Indians addicted to drugs are spoiling their lives. Drug addiction is the worst kind of addiction. It causes numerous mental and physical ailments. Young kids addicted to drugs often go into depression. In order to cope up with stress and depression, they try to consume more drugs. They keep spiralling around and are never able to leave this addiction. They lose their sense of control and become vulnerable. Many of them commit suicide or get involved in different kinds of criminal activities.

Many drug addicts suffer from health conditions such as organ damage and stroke.

Rehabilitation Centres to Overcome Drug Addiction

Many rehabilitation centres have been opened in India to help people get rid of drug addiction. Drug addiction is a serious problem. It must not be ignored. Anyone suffering from this problem should be admitted to a good rehabilitation centre to seek professional help to get rid of the addiction.


The youth of India is intelligent and promising. Its enthusiasm and energy should be put to good use. However, sadly drug addiction has taken over majority of young population of our country. Efforts must be made to overcome this problem.


Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India – Essay 3 (400 words)

Addictions: Ruining the Future of Youth of India


It is rightly said that, “excess of anything is bad”. Anything we do/use excessively is harmful. There should be a limit to everything. While grown up, mature individuals are capable of drawing the line the youth of the country can seldom set a limit. Young people like to explore and achieve more and more. This is a good thing if they channelize their energy in the right direction.


But unfortunately, in most cases, the things that draw the attention of the youth aren’t very good for their future and before they know they are addicted to these things. Drug addiction, mobile addiction, alcohol addiction, gaming addiction and TV addiction are among the most common types of addictions the Indian youth is suffering from.

Impact of Addiction on the Mental Health of the Youth of India

People grow addicted to different things as they like the strange and soothing impact they have on their mind. What they don’t understand is that this impact is temporary and that it can have serious consequences in the long run. The mental health of the youth of India is being impacted adversely due to different types of addictions. Here is how addictions of various sorts impact the mental health of a person:

  • It slows the brain activity. An addict is unable to think rationally and is unable to take quick/right decisions.
  • An addict is likely to become short tempered and display aggressive behaviour.
  • Some kinds of addictions such as drug and alcohol addiction cause hallucination.
  • Addictions disturb the sleep pattern of a person. Addicts often complain of lack of sleep. Many of them suffer from insomnia.
  • An addict becomes socially isolated and is likely to go into depression over the time.

Impact of Addiction on the Physical Health of the Youth of India

Different kinds of addictions have different impacts on a person’s physical health. Here are some of these:

  • Mobile and TV addicts often complain of red, itchy and swollen eyes.
  • These addicts also suffer from frequent headache and migraine.
  • These addicts are at a high risk of developing health conditions such as obesity cardiovascular diseases.
  • Drug addicts are likely to suffer from more serious health issues including damaged liver and kidney, cancer, lung problems, brain stroke and hypertension to name a few.


Thus, addictions are causing various kinds of physical and mental health problems among the youth. These problems may seem small initially; however, most of them aggravate with time and can prove to be life threatening. It is important to address them on time to save the future of the youth of India.


Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India – Essay 4 (500 Words)

How to Help the Youth of India Stay Away from Addictions


It has been observed that children between the age group of 10-19 in India are suffering from different types of addictions. In India, the young minds that form a part of this age group are overburdened by studies. They try to meet the expectations of their teachers and parents. They are scolded and have to suffer humiliation if they do not get good grades or behave properly.

This impacts their mind adversely. Many of them try to look for an escape from these problems as they are unable to bear the stress. They try to overcome this stress by various means and soon these means grow on to become severe addictions.

Parents Must Guide Their Children

Many students in India try to overcome their stress by way of drug intake. They gain access to drugs through their friends at school and colleges. They love the effect these substances have on them and see it as an escape from their routine problems. They soon grow addicted to them.

It is the duty of the parents to keep their kids away from these addictive substances. It is time to realize that the maddening competition in schools and colleges is ruining the future of the youth rather than improving it. The high level of competition is stressing the students and freaking them out. The focus of the parents should not be to see their children score high in the class.

Instead, it should be on raising a healthy and wise child who is able to distinguish between right and wrong. Parents must guide their children and be there for them at every step. They should hone their skills but also understand their calibre. They should not overburden them with studies and other such expectations. They must maintain a close relationship with their children.

Parents should keep a check on their children’s activities and see to it that they don’t fall prey to any kind of addiction. Any symptom or any kind of addiction should not be ignored. It must be addressed immediately. Parents need to understand that scolding their children and forcing them to leave an addiction does not help. Getting rid of any kind of addiction is a gradual process. Parents must stand by their children during this process. They should provide guidance and support to their children to help them overcome the addiction.

Schools/ Colleges must Run Awareness Programs

Schools must also run special programs to make the students aware about the harmful impact of different kinds of addictions. During these programs they should highlight the short term as well as long term impact of different kinds of addictions.

Young children adapt to both good habits and bad habits easily. When they see the negative repercussions of drugs, mobile, gaming and other kinds of addiction, they shall refrain from indulging in the same.

Schools must focus on inculcating good habits in children and not put excessive pressure on learning academic lessons.


The youth of India can stay away from different kinds of addictions and can overcome them easily if their elders guide them in the right way.


Long Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India – Essay 5 (600 words)


Millions of people around the world have developed addiction of some kind or another. As if the problem of drug and alcohol addiction wasn’t grave enough, the advancement in technology has brought forth several new kinds of addictions including the social media addiction, internet addiction and gaming addiction to name a few. The youth of India has particularly been affected by all kinds of addictions. These addictions are ruining their future.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Impacting the Future of Indian Youths

Drug and alcohol are among the few things that the youth of India are getting addicted to. This is because of the easy accessibility of these things in our country. Many youngsters have these, just for experience and soon grow addicted to them. Several cases of alcohol and drug addiction among youth have come up.

This is termed as substance abuse and causes irreparable damage to a person’s physical health and mental well being. Youngsters addicted to drug and alcohol stand at high risk of incurring cardiovascular diseases, stroke, nervous breakdown, lung diseases, lever problems, cancer and more. It also causes anger issues and depression. The addiction is life threatening.

The government of India must take stringent measures to stop illegal supply of drugs and alcohol. Strict action must be taken against anyone who sells them to teenagers.

Gaming Addiction: A Common Addiction among Youth of India

Gaming is another addiction that a lot of youngsters in India are experiencing. This addiction messes with the brain of the young people. They lose interest in their studies/work and are hooked to mobile games. Playing games continually for hours slows down the brain activity and hampers the ability to focus and learn. It also impacts analytical thinking power and decision making ability among the various other problems it causes. Gaming addicts complain of frequent headache and itchy eyes. This addiction is a big hindrance in studies.

Mobile Addiction: Impacting Young Indians

Mobile addiction is also a common addiction among the youth of the country. Different apps including the social media platforms and chatting apps keep the youngsters busy. They constantly chat with strangers online. They also post different updates on the social media just to fetch attention. Youngsters crave for attention and companionship and these apps provide them just that.

Such apps have particularly been designed to target the youth and are successfully doing so. They are cashing in big time on this addiction. The urge to check the mobile notifications and scrolling through different apps just to check any new update is extremely common among the young generation.

Mobile addiction is hampering the academic performance of the youth of India. It is also causing physical health problems such as migraine and weakened eyesight. Besides, it has cut them off from the society. They are glued to the mobile and do not pay much heed to what is happening around them.

The Future of Youth of India is at Stake

Young Indians are known for their sharp minds. Many Indians have earned fame worldwide owing to their knowledge and skills. However, various kinds of addictions seem to have taken over the bright side of their young minds in the current times. These addictions are having a negative impact on the youth of the country. It would not be wrong to say that their future seems to be at stake. Addictions are spoiling their future.

The youth of India needs to get over these addictions and get back to senses and take their life in the right direction.


Different kinds of addictions are impacting the youth of our country in different ways. It is high time they should be guided properly and denied access to things that cause severe addictions. Parents and teachers must work together to ensure the same.



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