International Day for Elderly People

International Day for Elderly People 2019

The International Day for elderly People will be celebrated on Tuesday, 1st October 2019, to raise awareness about the problems faced by the elderly people in our society.

The theme for the 2019 observation of the day is “The Journey to Age Equality”. The theme is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal number 10 or SDG 10 – preventing old age inequalities.

About International Day for Elderly People (World Elderly Day)

1st October is celebrated as the International Day for Elderly People each year which was first established at 14th of December in the year 1990 by the United Nations General Assembly.

It was started celebrating for the first time on October 1st in the year 1991 to aware the people about issues which affects the elders as well as to appreciate their contribution towards the society.

The day is celebrated every year to make certain the welfare of elder persons as well as to enroll their significant involvement in the society to get promoted from their knowledge and ability.

The Plan of Action on Ageing was adopted by the World Assembly on ageing to encourage the society development for all ages. The day is celebrated worldwide to examine issues, promote public awareness and focus on which type of behavior can help older men and women throughout their life.

International Day for Older Persons is specially celebrated for the senior citizens all across the world to focus on the responsibilities towards their lives through the demonstration of promotional material in schools, institutions, offices and public notice boards. People are getting encouraged about their responsibilities towards the lives of elder people to make their life better and happy by analyzing all the problems affecting the life of older people.

Themes of International Day for Elderly People

> Theme of 2011 was “The Growing Opportunities & Challenges of Global Ageing”.

> Theme of 2012 was “Longevity: Shaping the Future”.

> Theme of 2013 was “The future we want: what older persons are saying”.

> Theme of 2014 was “Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All”.

> Theme of 2015 was “Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment”.

> The theme of 2016 was “Take a Stand Against Ageism”.

> The theme of 2017 was “Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society”.

> The theme of 2018 was “Celebrating Older Human Rights champions”.

> The theme of 2019 is “The Journey to Age Equality”.

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