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Christmas is one of the most popular festivals worldwide. It is celebrated on 25th December every year, but the celebrations start well in advance. It is celebrated in the honour of the lord Jesus Christ as he was born on this day to mother Mary. Jesus lived an exemplary life and taught everyone to follow the path of goodness; he taught people to believe in the almighty and perform good deeds. The life led by Jesus is an example that must be followed by everyone for attaining salvation and for living in harmony on this earth.

Long and Short Paragraph on Christmas

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Paragraph on Christmas 1 (100 words)

Christmas is the most pious festival of Christians, but it is celebrated across the world now-a-days irrespective of caste and class. It is celebrated as the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, who taught everyone to live a virtuous life.  Though it is true that no human being is perfect and people tend to make mistakes almost every moment which causes misunderstanding and disharmony amongst people; but Jesus taught people to follow the path of forgiveness. He assured that whosoever seeks him shall find him. People who follow Christianity follow the path of Jesus Christ and celebrate Christmas festival with great zeal and enthusiasm.


Paragraph on Christmas 2 (150 words)

The festival of Christmas undoubtedly holds a great significance across the world, especially for the Christians or those who follow Christianity. Everyone, particularly children eagerly wait for the festival as they receive loads of gifts, sweets and surprises on this day. Christmas is an annual festival and celebrated on 25th of December in the honour of Jesus Christ who taught the path of peace and harmony to people. This is an occasion for people to meet their loved ones, leave behind all their worries and come together for merry-making.

It is declared a gazetted holiday in India and the celebration of this festival is highly noticeable at places where Christians are in majority. People exchange sweets with each other; the entire city gets illuminated with star like lights. People decorate their respective houses, including their surroundings and some follow the native rituals by displaying clay figures and decorating huge Christmas trees, which are usually an evergreen conifer such as fir, pine or spruce.


Paragraph on Christmas 3 (200 words)

Christmas is an annual festival that falls on 25th December every year. Even though it is primarily the festival of Christians, but now-a-days it is celebrated by everyone irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion. This is what makes this festival even more special. The festival spreads the lesson of love and is celebrated in the honour of the lord Jesus Christ. Jesus himself is the symbol of love and peace and thus the festival unites people beyond their caste and religion barriers.


There are different ways of celebrating Christmas festival, but one thing that remains common everywhere is the decoration of Christmas tree which symbolizes growth and harmony and spreads the message of love and living in unity. It is typically a huge fir or pine tree decorated with lights, flowers, balloons, sweets, chocolates and gifts. The bushy tress signifies the everlasting bond between their followers and Lord Jesus.

People start their Christmas day by attending Church; they offer special services at the church, they wear new clothes, spend time with friends and family members and spend day in eating festive meals. People often exchange gifts and goodies, especially with children. Small children wait for the Santa Clause loaded with gifts and chocolates and share the same with them. Most of the private and public offices, banks, post offices, etc remain closed on Christmas Day.


Paragraph on Christmas 4 (250 words)

Christmas is an annual festival celebrated on 25th December every year. It is primarily the festival of people who follow Christianity, but has become highly popular amongst everyone. India has a great attraction towards this festival as it brings with itself a lot of happiness, fun and enjoyment. Children enjoy Christmas very much because they get gifts, sweets, etc from their elders. Several states in India such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu in the south, Goa in the west, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in the north-eastern part of India have special charm for this festival.

These states are considerably populated with people who follow Christianity; thus these places become utmost scenic during the Christmas season. Christmas is also popular in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal because Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta) was the capital city during the reign of East India Company.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is celebrated in the honour of Jesus Christ’s birthday; the lord of humanity and harmony. Thus, everyone during the Christmas season forget their enmity and come together to celebrate the birthday of their beloved God with great zeal and fervour. By distributing sweets, they spread the message that our deeds should be equally fruitful and devoid of any feeling of malice or hatred. Christmas tree and Santa Clause are an indispensable part of this festival. A huge pine or fir tree gets decorated with glitters, chocolates, gifts, sweets, etc. Cities get illuminated with different types of lights. The passion and attraction of Christmas festival is increasing year by year and it has become one of the national festivals of India now.


Paragraph on Christmas 5 (300 words)

Christmas is an annual festival, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Christians. The festival is celebrated for marking the birth of Jesus Christ and observed on 25th of December every year across the globe. There are lots of customs associated with the celebration of Christmas which vary from one nation to the other. The celebration basically starts almost a week ago with the decoration and shopping, etc. The main occasion starts from the Christmas Eve that falls on the night before the Christmas. Many people pay special prayers and services at the Church on the Christmas Eve and stick to the secular origin and themes.

Many people have changed the style of celebration and follow modern customs, such as they organize theme based parties, grandly decorate their homes, invite friends and relatives at their places, exchange gifts and sweets, etc. In fact, Christmas Tree, Santa Clause and Christmas Carols have special places at this festival as they continue to remain the centre of attraction for many even today. Special festive meal gets prepared for Christmas; houses get decorated with candles, clay made oil-burners, dancing lights, etc.

Since gift exchanging ceremony and various other facets of Christmas festivals involve a lot of activities such as buying clothes, sweets, gifts, chocolates, etc; the entire holiday season becomes a noteworthy event due to which sale period is often declared by various brands and retailers. Shopkeepers run offers and schemes on clothes, electronic items and other products which can be exchanged as Christmas gifts.

On Christmas day, schools and offices remain closed and many people are able to plan for a long outing during the festive season. The entire month of December gets coloured in the festive mood and the month actually brings with itself lots of happiness; thus people wish each other by saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and embrace each other. People wish for each other happiness, prosperity, good health and good luck like Jesus taught everyone to spread the message of love and peace everywhere. Thus, the festival would continue to remain one of the favourite festivals for people around the world.


Paragraph on Christmas 6 (350 words)

Christmas is an annual festival primarily celebrated by the Christians; the day commemorates the birth of the almighty Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on 25th December in a cultural and religious manner by billions of people across the world. There are several things that symbolize Christmas festival such as oil burners, small electric lights, artificial pine or fir trees, etc.


Since lots of Christians live in India, the country has special attraction towards this festival. Many people celebrate this occasion in an Indian style by decorating their houses with mango or banana leaves, marigold flowers and other things. Artificial Pine or fir tree named as X-Mas or Christmas tree is one of the most important features of Christmas festival. The tree gets illuminated with various types of small, twinkling lights in different colours. Almost every city gets decorated during the festive season.

Shopping malls and showrooms would decorate their shops with green fir or pine leaves in order to welcome the festival; they run various discounts and schemes to allure more and more customers towards shopping. A fat person dressed up as Santa Clause with a bell in his hand would attract kids and even elders. Dance shows, singing competition get organised in malls, clubs, etc. People look forward to this festival for the entire year and since it falls in the winter season; the enthusiasm of people is even higher and worth observing.

Church Visit and Other Celebrations

Many Christians start their day on Christmas by visiting church and offering special prayer and services. Since schools and offices remain closed on this day, people spend time with their family members, friends and near and dear ones. This being the annual festival of Christians, they buy new clothes for this occasion; prepare cultural delicacies, exchange gifts with their friends and family members, etc. People decorate their houses and light candles, electric lamps or clay oil-burning lamps, etc. Some also throw small or grand party for coming together with their dear ones. Christmas celebration has gone far beyond being the ritual festival of Christians only. Almost everyone in India participate in the celebration with equal zeal and enthusiasm now-a-days.


Paragraph on Christmas 7 (400 words)


Christmas is one of the most important festivals of people who follow Christianity. The festival is celebrated on 25th of December every year and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. People worldwide have great attraction towards this festival. Christmas is declared as a gazetted holiday in India and people, irrespective of their caste and religion celebrate this festival with great zeal.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is celebrated just the night before Christmas. The eve is celebrated by observing several customs and traditions. One of the most popular practices, which is followed even today is participating in the Midnight Mass Church Services.  In most of the Catholic countries such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Mexico, etc this is one of the most important services of the Christmas season. Some even fast and some avoid non-vegetarian food during Christmas Eve and the main Christmas meal is eaten after the Midnight Mass Church Service. Even today, Christmas Eve has special recognition and people get excited for the main celebration from midnight onwards.

Christmas Bells and Trees

Christmas Bells, especially church bells have special significance associated with Christmas since ages. In Catholic and Anglican Churches that have bells are usually rung to signify the start of the Christmas service. Christmas tree is another important part of the festival. A huge fir or pine tree is decorated and placed at the main entrance or at the place where it can be easily located. Different people may decorate the tree in different manner. Some use chocolates, small gift boxes, bells, etc but the colourful and twinkling lights are the main attractions of the decoration.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is celebrated in different manner in different countries. In India, people have great interest for this festival. The entire city gets decorated and people meet each other in order to enjoy this festival. Some Christians make the traditional Christmas pudding and by eating this pudding, they mark the end of the celebration. People throw party at homes or offices; wear new clothes and exchange gifts and sweets with each other. Christmas is also celebrated with great zeal at schools; kids are asked to dress up in red and white, a school staff would imitate ‘Santa Clause’ and give away chocolates and sweets to children. Christmas is also an important festival for the non-Christians as after a week ‘New Year’ arrives. Thus, the entire 15 days people remain involved in feasting, enjoying and merry-making.


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