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Speech recitation and group discussion are the most important necessities of the student’s school life which develops leadership qualities among students. Students must involve in both whenever they get chance in their schools or colleges. Doing so, helps them in removing their hesitation of talking in front of others on stage as well as creates leadership qualities in them.

Speech on Christmas in English

We have provided below variety of speech on Christmas in order to help students to actively take part in the speech recitation activity at Christmas event celebration in their school. All the Christmas speech provided by us are written using very easy words and small sentences for the students. So, you can select any of the speeches on Christmas according to your need and requirement:

Christmas Speech 1

Good Morning to the Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, seniors and my dear colleagues. Today is the Christmas which we celebrate every year very happily by arranging a cultural event. This day is celebrated as Christmas Day as an annual festival all over the world especially by the people of Christian religion. This day is of much importance for the Christians as they commemorate the birth of their God, Jesus Christ.

It is observed annually on 25th of December as one of the religious and cultural celebrations worldwide. Christmas Day has been declared as the public holiday by the government in most of the countries all across the world. It is also celebrated by the non-Christian people culturally in India and other countries by proper decoration and arrangement. This celebration is one of the integral parts of the holiday celebrations of the year.


The custom of celebration in various countries involves mix of Christian, pre-Christian, secular themes and origins. Some of the most important customs of this holiday celebration are gift sharing, distributing gifts by Santa Claus, Christmas cards distribution, Christmas music, singing Christmas songs, lighting candles, church services, having a special meal, special Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and so many. Various identical figures such as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Christkind, bring gifts to the small children at Christmas night. It is a significant event especially for the retailers and businesses.

At this day children become very happy as they get gift by their parents and Santa Claus in the mid of night. They wear Santa cap and Santa dress to celebrate this day in their school. Children go to the market and do lots of shopping with their parents. I hope you all liked my speech on such a great occasion. I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Thank You All


Christmas Speech 2

Good Morning to the Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, seniors and my dear colleagues. As we have gathered here to celebrate Christmas, I would like to speech some lines about Christmas in front of you. I am very thankful to my class teacher for giving me such a great opportunity to speech here at this occasion.

Christmas is called as the “Feast day of Christ”. It is celebrated as the Christian holiday to pay honor as well as commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed as the Son of God for years by the people of Christian religion. It is also supposed and celebrated by the non-Christians as a cultural holiday in the month of December. It becomes a great festival in the winter season. Everyone waits for the arrival of Christmas very eagerly. It is celebrated every year on 25th of December with huge preparations and decorations. Christmas tree, Christmas cards, Santa Claus, gifts, etc matters a lot at this occasion.


25th of December is the most important day of the year for Christians. They also celebrate Easter to remember the death and resurrection of the Jesus Christ. People start preparations for Christmas which is called as Advent and it begins on Sunday of four weeks before the Christmas. The whole season of Christmas is known as Christmastide which ends on 6th of January means 12th day of Christmas during which Epiphany is remembered by the people.

This occasion is celebrated all over the world as a religious holiday by both Christians and non-Christians people alike. The rituals and traditions of celebrating it differs a while from country to country however almost included things are feast, gifts, cards, Santa, church, singing Christmas carols and songs, etc. Santa Claus is a most famous tradition which is must be performed in many countries of the world. I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Thank You


Christmas Speech 3

Good Morning to the Excellencies, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, seniors and my dear colleagues. We are here to celebrate Christmas and at this occasion I would like to speech some lines about Christmas festival. First of all, I would like say a lot of thank to my class teacher for giving me such a great opportunity to speech here at this occasion.

Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th of December by the Christians and non-Christians people all over the world. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who was born on 25th of December. It is a religious and traditional festival of the Christians. In India, it is celebrated by more than 25 million Christians with great enthusiasm and joy. There is a largest Indian Christian community in Mumbai where mostly Roman Catholics are found. In other states of country there are high populations of Christians are found who make this festival a glory of India in the winter season.

At this festival, a midnight mass is considered as the most important service for Christians especially Catholics during which whole family members go to the mass and enjoy a massive feast of different delicacies. They also involve in the giving and receiving of presents to each other. Few days before of the date, they enjoy decorating churches with Poinsettia flowers and candles especially for the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass service.


People start greeting each other from few days before the festival by saying Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Subh krisamas, krismas Mubarak, etc through Christmas cards or gift distribution. Decorating Christmas Trees in the houses or garden is the special custom and tradition of Christmas celebration. People also decorate their homes and Churches with candle and electric bulbs. Christian people in Southern India lit some small oil burning clay lamps on roofs to symbolize that Jesus is the light of whole world. They sing a special song known as carol song and perform other rituals in the church. At some places, there is a traditional to cut fruit Christmas cake to actually celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Santa comes in the mid night with lots of attractive gifts to distribute among kids.

There is a traditional of keeping fast especially by the Catholics, they do not eat from 1st to 24th of December and eat after midnight service. Santa Claus (the Christmas Father) is also called as Christmas Baba (in Hindi), Baba Christmas (in Urdu), Christmas Thaathaa (in Tamil), Christmas Thatha (in Telugu), Natal Bua (in Marathi), and Christmas Papa in (in Kerla).

Thank You


Christmas Speech 4

Good Morning to the Excellencies, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, seniors and my dear colleagues. We are gathered here to celebrate the Christmas festival. I would like to speech some lines about Christmas festival. I am very thankful to my class teacher that she has given me such a great opportunity to speech here at this occasion.

We eagerly wait for this great occasion every year. It is one of the happiest and enjoyable festivals of the winter season. It falls every year in the mid of winter season, on 25th of December. It is celebrated by the people of many religions worldwide however especially by the Christians. The tradition of celebrating it varies from country to country however almost similar. The most common activities are decorating and lighting Christmas trees, hanging Advent wreaths, buying Christmas stockings, candy canes, Santa dress, Santa cap, decorating the place with Nativity scenes to show the birth of Jesus Christ, etc. Christmas carols are sung and stories are told to children to let them about the figures like Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Christkind, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost, etc.

Christmas is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus on 25th of December. Jesus is also called as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ. He is believed as the Son of God and has been the central figure of Christianity for years. Modern scholars agree with the historical existence of Jesus. It is believed that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi who had preached his messages to people orally. He came on the earth to support his people however crucified for the sins of people. His followers believed that he was back to the life after death. Jesus was the Son of God having unique significance and took birth from the Holy Spirit, a virgin woman named Mary. It is considered that He came to earth as savior of his people. He was one of the important prophets of God and Messiah for innocent people.

In order to pay honor and remember the Jesus Christ for his all the great works, people celebrate Christmas day annually with huge preparations and decorations. They start sending Christmas cards and gifts to the loved ones few weeks before the celebration. It is a special religious observance when Christian people keep fast for many days and break their fast on the midnight Mass. I wish you all the very happy Christmas.

Thank You


Christmas Speech 5

Happy Christmas Ladies and Gentlemen! Good Morning Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends. I am especially thankful to my class teacher Mr./Mrs. —— for providing me this opportunity to say few lines on Christmas. Our hearts are filled with the joy of festival as we gather here to share the joy. Yes! This is the month when common greetings like Hello, How do you do etc are replaced by “Happy Christmas!” of course with a warm smile! Once again I welcome you all with a very warm “Happy Christmas” and start my speech on Christmas.

Christmas is a Christian festival which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a public holiday, a day off for everyone and most of the businesses remain closed on the day. Preparations for the Christmas begin days before the main day. People start decorating their houses and gardens with lights, flowers, Christmas tree and other decorative. Every building, locality you look is burning bright with beautiful lights and with a decorated Christmas tree placed at the entrance.

People exchange greetings and gifts, visit relatives and friends; organize get together and feasts. Days around Christmas are filled with tremendous activities and joy.

In a culturally diverse country as ours, Christmas symbolizes unity too as we celebrate it together, across the demographic lines of religion and culture. Any festival in India cannot be complete without its delicacies and Christmas is no exception. I personally like the aroma of fresh fruit cake coming from the houses and find it irresistible! Don’t you? I am sure you too love it!

You could see the festive mood setting in with beautiful Christmas carols playing everywhere. It really makes the ambience pleasant and joyous. The sound of bells, coming from the churches fill up the surroundings and make the festival more vibrant.

Children are the happiest around Christmas. They receive a lot of gifts and surprises from their parents, relatives and not to mention Santa Claus. They believe that Santa comes silently in night and plant gifts for them in the Christmas tree; which is actually done by their parents.

Children are the happiest going out with their family for buying Christmas tree, gifts and sweets. It is the time when they are taken for outings, movies, shops and also get to choose gifts of their choice.

Having said all that on Christmas, there is one more thing I would like to mention here, since I have the opportunity to do so.  Donate or volunteer! That’s correct, you heard me right. There are some families or individuals who cannot afford the celebrations and the joy as you do. You can bring some happiness in their life by giving them a gift; believe me that you will never forget the smile that you will bring to the children’s faces.

This holiday is a great time to show your concern and compassion towards other through donation or volunteering. Christmas is a reason to be happy and spread happiness. Brighten your own house as well as the house of others.

With this I would like to conclude my speech and once again thank you all being such a wonderful audience. God Bless You all and once again Happy Christmas!



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