Paragraph on Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a most important topic for everyone. It is truly said that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ for the human beings. If we maintain cleanliness in our daily life we feel lots of benefits. Students studying in classes like 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 generally get assigned to write some paragraphs on cleanliness by their class teacher. It helps teachers to enhance the English writing skill and knowledge of the students about any topic.

We have provided below some paragraphs on cleanliness to help students. They can choose any paragraph according to their need and requirement. All the cleanliness paragraphs are written in easy words and simple sentences.

Cleanliness Paragraph

Cleanliness Paragraph 1

Cleanliness means keeping ourselves neat and clean by avoiding dirt. It is the best practice to keep everything clean. According to the type of things, we can divide cleanliness into various types such as cleaning of clothes, cleaning of streets, cleaning of surroundings, cleaning of houses, cleaning of person, personal cleanliness, etc. In order to maintain our personal cleanliness, we need to practice cleanliness very carefully and make it a most important habit. It is very necessary to maintain the cleanliness of surrounding together with our personal cleanliness. We should understand the importance of cleanliness and do practice of cleaning ourselves and surrounding areas.

We should follow as well as teach kids of home to practice teeth cleaning, hand washing, bathing, and other cleaning habits. People who are used to of keeping themselves dirty, they also keep their surrounding areas and environment dirty and filthy. That’s why they always suffer weakness, weak health, infections, various types of diseases, etc. So, it is very clear that we should keep ourselves and environment clean in order to be healthy, happy and free of diseases.

If we talk about our health (physical, mental, social and psychological), we notice that how important the personal cleanliness and cleaning of environment is necessary for us. The whole environment is our home which we need to keep clean in order to be healthy forever. Some people understand the importance of cleanliness very well and follow all the cleanliness habits; however some of us throw wastes and dirty things on road which gets spoiled and make them ill. If a clean environment can keep our mind and body healthy; in the same way, a dirty environment puts bad effect on our body and mind. Many people suffer infectious diseases because of infectious agents in the dirty environment. Disease causing agents become very active in the dirty and filthy environment and can cause diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, flu, etc.

People become victim of various diseases in the hospitals because of practice of unsterilized techniques by the doctors and other paramedical staffs. Some doctors do not care about cleanliness in the hospitals because of their money earning habits and spread various fatal diseases among patients and their attendants. We need to raise our hands together for the maintenance of cleanliness in the environment and stop throwing garbage anywhere especially in the populated areas. We should keep our body, mind, homes, streets, schools, offices, etc areas very clean in order to keep us healthy and happy. Kids at home and students in the schools and colleges need to get educated about the importance of cleanliness at national and international level.


Cleanliness Paragraph 2

Cleanliness is one of the most important cleaning habits for human being in order to live a healthy and happy life. It is a best quality everyone needs to have or develop with time. Following cleanliness helps us in keeping our body and mind very energetic, active, fresh and healthy. It keeps us away from the diseases as it is the part of healthy civilization. If we follow this habit all through our life regularly we will always be free from infectious diseases. Cleanliness makes us fit and smart with a cheerful mind. It gives us lots of confidence, progress and improvement in all the spheres of life. By following cleanliness we move gradually towards the divinity. That’s why, it is well said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

We should give ourselves daily care including with the cleanliness of surrounding areas. We should follow personal hygiene every morning such as cleaning of teeth and tongue, bathing, hair and body cleaning, etc. We should eat clean food in timely manner and follow all the good habits before going to bed. We should wash our hands with soap and water before every meal and after using toilet. We should always wear clean and ironed cloths as well as throw wastes only into the dustbin. We should take care of the drainage system and sanitation of the home and surrounding areas. We should cut hair and nails timely to get maintained and feel good.

Cleanliness Paragraph 3

Cleanliness is a most important and good quality. It is must to be followed by every human being to be healthy and happy all through the life. People with dirty habits always become unhappy and suffer many infectious diseases. However people with cleanliness habit become happy and healthy in their life. We need to maintain the habit of cleanliness accordingly with the progress of civilization. We need to keep our body, mind and spirit clean every time to remain away of the problems. The habit of cleanliness can be practiced better at home in the guidance of our parents and at school in the guidance of our teachers.

Cleanliness is very essential for our life as it benefits us in many ways. It not only keeps us healthy but also improves our confidence level in various fields. Just keeping our bodies and limbs clean, we can be free of many kinds of diseases. We should take care of the cleanliness while making food, eating food, taking bath, cleaning dishes, cleaning home and other surrounding areas. Cleaning our bodies regularly make our complexion brighter which enhances our confidence level. We feel happy, fit and smart if we wear clean clothes. It gives us a peaceful and cheerful mind which brings us closer to the divinity. We should maintain cleanliness everywhere whether at home, office, school or other places. We should always take part in the activities related to the cleaning habit for better understanding.

There are various ways we can keep ourselves neat and clean properly in daily life. We should teach our neighbors and other illiterate people to be neat and clean. We should keep our kitchens and toilets very clean as they are the source of various infectious diseases. Cleanliness is the matter of fact without which no one can be happy and healthy.


Cleanliness Paragraph 4

It is truly said that ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’. Cleanliness is a step which leads us towards godliness. It is a good habit as it keeps our body, mind and everything clean around us. We should practice it regularly from the early life. The real meaning of cleanliness is to keep our body, mind, soul, home, surrounding areas, clothes, environment, etc clean. It is the habitual act which keeps us away from dirt and diseases as well as helps us to maintain good health including personal and environmental hygiene.

Maintaining cleanliness in our daily life is the essential act for good health and happiness. As we all well know that dirt and diseases always go together, we must practice cleanliness and personal hygiene all through the life. In order to maintain cleanliness, we should maintain personal hygiene, take regular bath, eat clean food, wear clean clothes, keep surroundings and environment clean including other cleanliness activities. People who maintain cleanliness in their life always remain happy and healthy as well as they are liked most by all. No one likes to live or talk with dirty people as they always suffer infectious diseases. Their dirty habits are the source of spreading germs of diseases. Peace of mind and purity of soul can come only from the cleanliness of body. It is said that neat and clean body with a peaceful mind and pure soul becomes the abode of god. We can maintain cleanliness in many ways such as throwing wastes only into the dustbin, keeping roads clean, cleaning surrounding areas (roads, parks, railway stations, etc) on daily basis, keeping eatable things and potable water covered, clean homes daily, washing hands before having food and after using toilet, and so many cleanliness activities.

Cleanliness Paragraph 5

Cleanliness is the state of being clean and free from dirt. It is the process of achieving and maintaining cleanliness through regular practice. Cleanliness is the moral quality which leads us towards real health, beauty, confidence and happiness. It is the ongoing procedure requires a set of habits to be followed on regular basis. Maintenance of cleanliness is very essential for the social life. Cleanliness is a good characteristic of people who maintain it and prevent things from dirt.

Cleanliness is deeply related to the hygiene and disease prevention. Washing whole body with water and soap is the way of achieving physical cleanliness. Procedure of cleanliness must be followed while manufacturing edible things. It helps people in establishing cultural values in the society. It also helps people in maintaining proper hygiene all through the life.


Cleanliness Paragraph 6

Cleanliness is the state of being clean. It is the process of keeping our body, dress, surrounding areas and mind very clean. Cleanliness is very necessary for the physical and mental health of the people. It helps us to remain away from the dirt and diseases as well as live a healthy and happy life. People who do not follow cleanliness generally suffer ill health. But people who always follow cleanliness in their life, become happy and healthy all through the life. People generally become the victim of various infectious and fatal diseases who live in dirty way. It is very essential to follow cleanliness in the daily life on regular basis such as taking bath, hair cleaning, washing hands and face, wearing clean clothes, etc.

It is necessary for maintaining self-respect, getting confidence and getting respect from others. People who live in dirt never get confidence and self respect. Cleanliness helps people get lots of respect and popularity. It helps people living closer to the divinity and has fear from the God. It indicates the standard and character of a man. In order to follow cleanliness all across the life, one needs to acquire clean habits from childhood onwards.


Cleanliness Paragraph 7

Cleanliness is really very important for having a healthy mind, body and spirit. It is our duty to keep us, things we use, places we use, surrounding areas, environment and other related things very clean. It is first and foremost duty to be clean. We must clean our teeth, face, hands, feet, hair and whole body. We should get up early in the morning, get fresh, clean our home and surrounding areas, and take bath. We must well wash our hand with soap and water before taking each food and after toilet. If we do not take bath daily, we will suffer itching and other diseases of skin.

We must wear clean clothes daily in order to be safe from skin diseases. Having our body clean and dressed up in clean clothes gives us a nice feeling and lots of confidence. Being rich and clean are completely different things. We need very little things and care to be clean regularly. We need to develop the habit of cleanliness very carefully most probably from the childhood. However, this habit can be developed at any age group if practiced regularly and carefully.


Cleanliness Paragraph 8

Cleanliness is a good quality as it keeps us safe from many diseases as well as improves our personality. It is the part of civilization and it improves together with the progress of civilization. People who are civilized keep themselves neat and clean in all the aspects. The level of cleanliness people follow shows their standard and manner of living. If we keep ourselves clean physically, it helps us to clean our mind and soul also.

The topic of cleanliness is very important and generally discussed in the school to make it habit of students. Cleanliness has got high importance in the society. It has added as a topic to the student’s classes to let them know the value and importance of cleanliness in their life. It matters a lot in the daily life whether it is the personal cleanliness, cleanliness of home, surrounding areas, school, street, etc.



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