Cleanliness is a very significant topic and have a vast meaning in its own. It is very necessary to be followed all through the life by everyone to really enjoy the nature’s beauty by living a healthy and fit life. Cleanliness is really an abstract state of being clean as well as free from dirt in order to maintain and achieve the state of being peaceful, healthy and fit.

It is very necessary for everyone to understand the importance of cleanliness and maintain it forever to continue a healthy and peaceful life. Cleanliness is not only means about the cleanliness of body, it means about the cleanliness everywhere (cleanliness of body, mind, soul, home, surrounding, environment, river, and whole planet).

Cleanliness Slogan in English

We have provided below some exclusive and catchy Slogans on Cleanliness in English. The slogans are written wisely with rhyming words and phrases to make them attractive to the audience.

Apart from obtaining the attention of the audience, these motivational Cleanliness Slogans will also inspire them, to keep their body, house as well as the environment clean.

These inspiring Slogans on Cleanliness effectively convey the message that a person could be healthy and happy, only if s/he is clean and follows hygienic habits.

You can use these slogans during several cleanliness events organized by your school or any government or non government institution. These Cleanliness Slogans will inspire and motivate the participants towards maintaining cleanliness and a develop hygiene.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Cleanliness


Cleanliness is in our hand, so why don’t you take stand.


Cleanliness doesn’t results instantly but will result definitely.


Cleanliness will be worldwide, but first you start from your side.


Step ahead, clean your surroundings and make India great.


Clean India, Green India, is of our dream India.


Cleanliness is the soul of the nation, are you playing your role for the nation.


Cleanliness can’t be achieved same day, but will be achieved one day.


Cleanliness is the only way to keep all the diseases away.


Neat and clean is the perfect scene.


Neat around, clean surround should be our keen behind.



Clean and green makes perfect scene.


Maintain cleanliness in the godliness.


Cleanliness everywhere shows our godliness.


Make your environment clean for your future teen.


Give your city clean look to maintain the dream book.


Don’t be so mean and keep surrounding very clean.


Cleanliness is good habit but why you don’t follow it.


Make this planet greener to live life cleaner.


Clean habit and white rabbit both gives nature a nice look.


It should be everyone’s dream to keep the earth clean and green.


Be clean! Be healthy!


Cleanliness brings happiness but dirt makes us hurt.



Let’s go green to make this globe very clean.


Be clean and remain away from filthy mind.


Don’t make your life bitter by being anti-litter.


Clean earth, green earth should be our aim worth.


Cleanliness is the way to good health and happiness.


Be clean and remain tension free.


Cleanliness keeps away from diseases and mental sickness.


Cleanliness is the way to be healthy, wealthy and wise.


Cleanliness is a habit nice, without paying heavy price.


Clean the city, green the city by being a while pity.


Going green will help in breathing clean.


Eat clean, breathe clean and be evergreen.


We should be keen to keep us very clean.


We need to be a team to fulfill the dream of clean.


Cleanliness is everyone’s duty to enhance the nature’s beauty.


Clean your hands very well before eating anything!


Clean hand! Clean stomach! Gives us disease free life.


Being clean is a discipline; we should follow it to remain teen.


Cleanliness in surrounding makes us very astounding


Green earth, clean earth is our dream worth.


Follow cleanliness to kill tomorrow diseases.


Cleanliness is our fellow which keeps us away from sorrow.


Follow cleanliness to spread godliness!


No day is better than today to take the pledge of cleanliness.


Today is the best day to pledge for cleanliness.


Cleanliness is the only medicine to all diseases.


Clean people and healthy people can make a wealthy country.


Lit the lamp of cleanliness to spread the light of godliness.


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