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Computer is data storage and processing device, that was once seen as a luxury has become a necessity these days. It is used to carry out various tasks at home as well as offices and other commercial spaces.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Computer in English

Paragraph on Computer 1 (100 words)

Computers have made life easy for man. This extremely useful electronic device has evolved over the years. From a simple machine carrying out basic tasks to a high end device that offers multiple uses – computer has not only evolved in terms of the services it offers but also in its look and size. It has become much more compact and easy to handle. The computer interface has also become user-friendly over the time.

The popularity of this machine has increased with time. While earlier it was found in only few offices and household today it is found just everywhere. Be it offices, shops, schools or households – one cannot do work without computer anywhere.


Paragraph on Computer 2 (150 words)

Computer is one thing without which we cannot imagine our life. It has become an important part of life for the modern day people. Computer has been introduced as a compulsory subject in schools to help the kids learn about the same from an early age. It is essential to teach students about this machine as this is what they would be required to work on as they grow up.

The current working generation had to attend special training programs to learn about the various aspects and uses of the computers in order to use them. However, the newer generation is being taught about it as a subject in school so that they do not face any such problem in the future. Special computer labs are set up in the schools and trained computer teachers are employed to teach the subject.

Knowledge about the use of computer is indeed essential these days. This is because most of the tasks today are carried out via these machines.


Paragraph on Computer 3 (200 words)

Computer is a high end device that receives and processes data to provide the right output swiftly and easily. It is used to carry out numerous tasks. The tasks that earlier seemed difficult to accomplish can now be carried out in a fraction of seconds with the help of computers.

Computers – A Boon for the Education Sector

Education sector is among those sectors that have benefited immensely from the advent of computers and internet. Unlike the earlier times when the students had to take out time to visit the library and surf through rows of books for hours and then collate the necessary information to prepare their notes, these days everything is just a click away. The time wasted in going to the library and searching and collating important information can now be used in studying and learning the same.


Distance learning has also been made easy with the help of computers. Students can now attend coaching and pursue courses via video lectures and online coaching.

Computer and internet has also made it easier for the students to find out about the future prospects of various professions and choose their career path accordingly.

Not just students, computers have also made things easier for the teachers. They also get all the information about all they require right on their computer screen. Knowledge sharing and innovation has also become much easier.


Paragraph on Computer 4 (250 words)

Computer is a smart device used for various purposes such as storing and sharing data, connecting with people, carrying out calculations and more. It has improvised and changed with time. The uses of computer have multiplied over the years and its functioning has become smooth. The device has become quite user-friendly and almost anyone can operate it with basic knowledge about the same.

Parts of a Computer

Unlike a mobile or laptop, a computer is not a single device it is a combination of various small devices that are called the parts or components of computer. All these are attached to the computer with wires and have special relevance. A computer cannot perform function in the absence of any of these. Look at the components of a computer:

  • Central Processing Unit

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main component of a computer. It is called the brain of the computer. All the information entered in the computer is stored here and this is where the data processing takes place.

  • Monitor

Any operation carried out on the computer is displayed on the monitor. This is basically known as the output device where the users can view the tasks being carried out.

  • Keyboard

Keyboard includes keys that are used to enter data into the computer. Everything on a keyboard is clearly defined.

  • Mouse

Mouse is used to click open files, close them and for various other purposes.


Computers are widely used in offices, homes, departmental stores, schools, restaurants and various other places. They have made various tasks easier.


Paragraph on Computer 5 (300 words)

Computer has become a significant part of our lives. It has made a lot of tasks easier for us. Powered by a high speed internet connection this machine can help us accomplishing any task in an instant. It helps you connect with your near and dear ones living in distant lands, makes tough calculations, store data with ease, process data quickly and much more.

Computers are an Integral Part of Offices

Computers first became popular in the office spaces. Some organizations bought and installed these machines. This data storage device streamlined the work process to a large extent. The piles of papers and files that formed a part of the offices were replaced by computers. Any information related to any customer or policy that the staff members were earlier required to find in the files spending hours became available at just the click of a button with the installation of computers.

The calculations that required a good amount of time and effort could also be done easily with the help of these machines. In addition to this, the space that was earlier occupied by numerous files and folders in offices was now free to be used for other purposes. With this, the workplaces became clutter-free and that helped bring in a lot of positive energy.

All this led to the popularity of computers at work places. Gradually, many organizations and institutes began replacing their age old methods of working with this new technology. Further, there came a growing trend of installing computers at shops and departmental stores and various other commercial spaces. Computers have changed the overall work environment at workplaces.


Computers are not only popular in offices but also at homes. Different people use this device for different purposes. It has indeed changed the life of people for good.


Paragraph on Computer 6 (350 words)

Computer comes handy while carrying out various tasks. It has benefited almost every industry and business. The education sector, healthcare, hospitality and various other sectors have largely benefited with the advent of computer and internet. It has made life easy for those providing services as well as those seeking the same.

Advantages of Computer

  • Purpose of Accounting

Calculations and accounting has been made much easier with the help of computers. One can get answers for complicated computations at just a click as opposed to the manual calculations that require a good amount of time.

  • Storage of Data

Computers can store large amount of data without occupying any external space unlike the papers and files that require separate rooms and cupboards for storage. In today’s times when there is a growing problem of space constraint this is the best option. The data can also be moved from one location to another with ease.

  • Error Free Data

Manual calculations may be flawed. No matter how intelligent a person is the possibility of error in calculations cannot be barred out completely. However, there is no chance of error when the data is processed and computed with the help of computers.

  • Speedy Computations

Computers have helped speed up several tasks. The processing of data, accounts related work, transmission of data from one place to another – everything can be done quickly and easily.

  • Networking

It is easy to connect and network with people via computer. This is one of the fastest and the easiest ways to connect with people living in faraway lands.

  • Knowledge Sharing

Computers do not only help in sharing data but are also a great means for knowledge sharing. Students, professionals as well as businesses have benefited owing to this feature.

  • Entertainment

Computers also serve as a good source of entertainment. You can play games, watch movies and surf the internet to explore a lot of new stuff to keep you entertained.


All in all, computers are a boon for the mankind. These are evolving and improvising and the newer features being added with time are proving to be all the more useful. However, computers also have their set of disadvantages that must be kept in mind before using these.


Paragraph on Computer 7 (400 words)

Today, people cannot imagine their lives without a computer. We have become so accustomed to smart devices such as computers, mobiles and laptops that we spend most of our time on these. A lot of our tasks are carried out on the computer and life can get extremely tough if we do not get access to it even for a single day. While computers offer several advantages such as storing data, carrying our computations with ease, speeding up the work process, communicating and sharing data, enhanced networking and knowledge sharing it also comes with its set of drawbacks. There are many disadvantages of installing computers that cannot be ignored.

Drawbacks of Computers

  • Security Issues/ Cyber Crime

Earlier the data of organizations was safe with them. It was kept in the office or at a place where only the trusted employees could have access to it. However, all the important data of the organizations is now stored in the computer where anyone can access it with little effort. Even when employed for personal use at home, one stands at a risk of leaking any personal information stored in the computer.

With the introduction of internet the cases of security breach have gone higher. This has given way to a lot of crime. Cyber crime has become a big issue these days.

  • Health Hazards

With the installation of computers at work places everything is available right on the computer screen. People spend hours sitting in front of the computers in the same posture and this leads to a lot of health issues including obesity, backache and spondylitis.

Similarly, with the installation of computers at homes, people now spend most of the time in front of the computer playing games, watching programs and surfing internet. Kids have especially been affected by it as their physical activities have reduced and lack of it is leading to various health issues.

  • Expense Involved

Purchasing, installing and using computer involves a good amount of expense. Whether using at office, departmental store, home or anywhere, this is a costly affair compared to the earlier modes of carrying out tasks and seeking entertainment. The cost of repair and maintenance of these machines can also be big. Besides, they need to be upgraded every now and then with the advancement in technology. This also requires investing time, effort and money.


Thus, computers also have their set of advantages and disadvantages just as everything else in this world. It is on us as to how we use it.



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