Ice Cream Rhymes

Rhymes on Ice Cream

Ice-creams are favorite dessert of the kids. We have provided here many rhymes on the ice-cream for the kids of nursery class. All the ice-cream rhymes are written using very simple and easy rhyming words for the easy learning purpose of the kids. You can teach your kids ice-cream rhymes to recite on any occasion and school.

Tips for Moms:

Dear moms you can make ice-cream rhymes more interesting to your kids by using some nice tips given by us.

You can use real ice-cream cone, ice-cream cone toys, required facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme.

Such activities will make rhymes learning process very easy and interesting for your kids.

I like ice cream

I like ice cream,

But I don’t like milk cream,

Mamma says milk cream makes me healthy,

But I think ice cream keeps me happy.


Ice cream, ice cream

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream,

Mamma gives me ice cream,

I like butter scotch very much,

Give me from the freeze as such.


Mamma gives me ice cream

Mamma gives me ice cream,

When I finish my milk cream,

I eat ice cream daily morning,

But my papa in the evening.


I like to eat lots of ice cream

I like to eat lots of ice cream,

But mamma makes me always scream,

I eat ice cream with my friends,

But never share with any friend.


Mamma I need two ice cream scoops

Mamma I need two ice cream scoops,

Only after I drink your mix veg soups,

Mamma says ice cream only looks nice,

But mix veg soups really make you wise.


Ice creams are really nice

Ice creams are really nice,

I like to eat when I play dice,

They relieves summer heat,

As they are smart enough to beat.


Mamma gives me ice cream

Mamma gives me ice cream,

I promise I will quickly eat,

Before it gets melt by heat,


Daily see ice-cream wala

I come to home by school bus,

And daily see ice-cream wala’s in the rush,

May be he also want to reach,

To sell his ice creams among each.


Ice cream helps me to beat summer heat

Ice cream helps me to beat summer heat,

Come my teddy, come here and let me eat,

I know you also can’t wait,

And help me to fully enjoy this fate.


I eat ice cream in the evening

I drink a glass of milk in the morning,

But eat ice cream in the evening,

Then I do school work learning,

And go for nice night dreaming.


Do not touch ice cream before finishing meal

I get up early in the morning,

But mamma gives me warning,

Do not touch the ice cream,

Before finishing morning meal.


I enjoy holidays by eating ice creams

I enjoy my summer holidays,

By eating ice creams whole days,

I never leave ice cream any days,

At home or out of home anyways.


Ice cream makes me happy

Ice cream makes me happy,

It keeps me cool and healthy,

I take special care of my teeth,

To save them from being dead.


Enjoy eating ice creams at picnic

Dear little children,

Clap your hands,

But never play in sand,

Enjoy eating ice creams at picnic,

So that you can never get sick.


See where I do hide ice cream

Dear micky mouse,

You always live in my house,

Do not make your eyes open wide,

To see where I do ice cream hide.


Do you want an ice cream bite

Do you want an ice cream bite,

With me in the very mid night,

But I want to eat alone,

All my ice cream cone.


Eating ice cream ruddy

Dear lovely puppy,

You are my little buddy,

Do not get so muddy,

But get little chubby,

By eating ice cream ruddy.


Eat cool ice cream and be my guest

Oh flying sparrow,

Do not get sorrow,

Take some rest,

Eat cool ice cream and be my guest.


Have an ice cream taste

Oh sweety flying pigeon,

If you come in my region,

Let me know your vision,

I won’t snatch your freedom,

But do take some rest,

And have an ice cream taste.