Nana-Nani Rhymes

Rhymes on Nana-Nani

We have provided various unique and meaningful rhymes on Nana-Nani for the kids of class nursery. All the Nana-Nani rhymes are written in very simple words so that kids may easily learn. Kids can recite Nana-Nani rhymes in their school or any family function.

Tips for Moms:

Nana-Nani rhymes recitation can be made more easy and interesting by the use of Nana-Nani costume, eye glasses, stick in hand, nice facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme.

Rhymes recitation with proper action helps you to draw your kids mind towards study.

You can select any rhyme given below according to your need and kids interest.


Oh nani, sweet nani

Oh nani, sweet nani,

I miss your breads,

But nana’s dreads,

And think you both are great.


Nani tells me fairy tales

Nani tells me fairy tales,

And about beauty dales,

She looks very pale,

But always fears gale.


My nani wears round glass

My nani wears round glass,

And leaves me to my class,

She tells to eat healthy foods,

But always make neighbourhood.


My nani is very clever

My nani is very clever,

She becomes happy ever,

She carries bags of leather,

And never gets nether.


My nani is super nani

My nani is super nani,

She makes herself duper nani,

She is my favourite nani,

And likes to drink more pani.


Nani likes to be healthy

Nani likes to be healthy,

More than being wealthy,

She tells me sweet little baby,

And likes my every hobby.


My nani is very old

My nani is very old,

But she tells old is gold,

She wants a stick to walk,

And gets strict to talk.


My nani loves me so much

My nani loves me so much,

She gives me nice touch,

She shows me moon light,

When it gets very bright.


My nana nani talk

I go to morning walk,

Where my nana nani talk,

I saw many many mouse,

When I went to farmhouse.


I go to my nana-nani home

I go to my nana-nani home,

In my summer vacation,

I make and play with dome,

Then I returned till end of vacation.


My nanu is very great

My nanu is very great,

He has very little weight,

He becomes very funny,

When he see my little bunny.


Nani gives me dairy milk

Nani gives me dairy milk,

She tells to eat daily fruit,

She takes me to walk every morning,

But makes me sleep in the evening.


Nani tells me about relationship

Nani tells me about relationship,

She tells never make partnership,

And always enjoy trip in ship,

But never miss spaceship.


Nanu tells me to make readership

Nanu tells me to make readership,

But never forget to leadership,

And in later life make sponsorship.


My nanu is a good reader

My nanu is a good reader,

He wants to make me a leader,

He tells me I have good feature,

Just like a beautiful creature.


My nani likes to sleep on the mat

My nani likes to sleep on the mat,

But never likes whatsapp chat,

She has nice geography,

And always like photography.


Nanu likes biology

Nanu likes biology,

And Nani likes zoology,

Nanu tells nani is mystery,

But I think she is history.


Nani gets very fright

Nani gets very fright,

When she sees stormy light,

In the dark rainy night,

Whenever weather gets right,

She becomes very excite.


Nanu comes to my home every year

Nanu comes to my home every year,

He gives me gift when becomes very cheer,

He calls me my little dear,

I know you like love beer.


My nanu gives me Bourneville

My nanu gives me Bourneville,

Whenever he gets his will,

I become very chill,

When I go to high hill.


My nanu gets a clue

My nanu gets a clue,

When sky gets blue,

He shows me rainbow,

When rain stops flow.


My nanu says

My nanu says,

When you want to gain,

You need to bear pain,

Never bane your brain,

And cane to healthy grain.


Nanu tells me not to fight

Nanu tells me not to fight,

But always share your slight,

It is necessary to be right,

To make your future very bright.


Nani tells me a little girl

Nani tells me a little girl,

But like a beautiful pearl,

My hairs are very curl,

And they are continued to furl.


Nani tells me beauty

I am very cutie,

But nani tells me beauty,

Nanu calls me oh my fruity,

Let me fulfil my duty.