Mother Goose Rhymes

Mother Goose Rhymes

We have provided very easy and meaningful mother goose rhymes for the nursery kids. All the mother goose rhymes are written using very easy rhyming words for the kids learning purpose. Kids may recite mother goose rhymes on any occasion like family function, in their school, etc.

Tips for Moms:

Mother goose rhymes can be made more interesting by the use of mother goose costume, appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics.

Rhyme recitation with proper action will help your kids to easily learn rhymes.

So, go ahead and select any one rhyme on the mother goose given below according to your kids interest.


Oh my little sweety dear

Today is sky very clear,

Oh my little sweety dear,

Come on I have love bear,

It is very lovely, don’t get fear.


I saw a thunder in the sky

I saw a thunder in the sky,

It was wonder but I said bye,

As my little kid make loud cry,

And she didn’t get stop after my try.


Come on my sweet girl

Come on my sweet girl say me bye,

When I return welcome me saying hi,

Come on make me promise don’t cry,

Take care of yourself and your guy.


It seems that it will rain today

It seems that it will rain today,

I’m very happy as it was hot yesterday,

But raining is not good every day,

As it makes every where mud and clay.


I like rainy season very much

I like rainy season very much,

It is the beauty of nature as such,

It gives everyone happiness and life,

And make dead plants really alive.


Animals and plants

Animals and plants are beauty of nature,

They are god gifts and nice creature,

Everything of nature makes a nice balance,

Disturbing life cycle is really like violence.


Spring season

Spring is my favourite season,

It is my hobby to live in cool region,

But avoiding hot region is my final decision,

And going ahead at top is my vision.


Winter season

Winter season is nice weather,

It is a family and friends get together,

I have winter coats made of leather,

I eat healthy foods it keeps me healthier.


Summer season

Summer season makes us hot,

Winter season keeps us cool,

Rainy season makes us wet,

But spring season keeps us happy ever.


Birds are flying so high

Birds are flying so high,

Making up and down while fly,

Up above in the sky,

They are very happy but look tiny.


Money makes us wealthy

Money makes us very wealthy,

Honey keeps us really healthy,

It is true that health is wealth,

Then why people fight for getting money.


Come little kids

Come little kids come soon,

I have many ice creams cone,

Here is a nice dance beat,

Do some dance on your feet.


I like my kids

I like my kids very much,

They are so cute as such,

They are always in my touch,

I never keep them in the crutch.


Green vegetables are really good

Green vegetables are really good,

They are source of healthy food,

We should not eat any food,

Whenever we have sad mood.


I always pray to God

I always pray to God,

To give me nice squad,

To whom I could be delight,

And make never fight.


I’m very thankful to God

I’m very thankful to God,

For giving me loving parents,

With a lot of food variants,

All are loaded with healthy nutrients.

My parents are very punctual,

They are as such in actual,

They try to make me cultural,

Honest, sincere and factual.