Speech on Indian Farmer

Indian farmers have stayed a neglected community for decades despite their huge contribution in the economy of the nation. Indian farmers are the backbone of its economy as Indian economy is primarily an agriculture based economy. Statics reveal that Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18% of India are Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provide employment to nearly 50% of work force. Unfortunately, despite being the main players in such big industry, Indian farmers are constantly subjected to harassment, nonpayment or lower payment of crops and other yields, subjecting them to incur losses and face poverty.

India is the largest producer of wheat, rice, pulses and spices and has abundant scope for growth in agriculture sector. If farmers get an assured (Minimum Support Price) MSP for their produces and also if the functioning of trade is made digital, eliminating middle men, then the financial state of farmers will improve as they will get the fair and deserved price for their yields. The plight of Indian farmers and also the improvements in agriculture fields witnessed in some places, due to new laws and policies provide an important issue to discuss in schools and on other social and political platforms.

Long and Short Speech on Indian Farmer in English

Our long and short speech on Indian farmers provides the reader an insight of the plight and problems of farmers of Indian agriculture industry. The language used is kept simple, so as to make every student understand the issues concerning the farmers and may provide opinions and also organize debate on the issues. A simple Indian farmers speech with all the vital statics and relevant explanations is bound to spellbound audiences and adding value to their knowledge.

Indian Farmer Speech 1

Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends!

Today, we all are gathered here for an event especially organized by the school as a way of showing our gratitude towards the Indian Farmers. I know that this is quite unexpected for most of you because the farmers in our country are not really appreciated in a way in which they should be. We have invited some of the respected farmers of the country as a guest for today’s event and it is my honor to host this event. Before the event begins, I would like to deliver a speech in the respect of our Indian Farmers.

Our country is a land rich in agriculture. About 75% of our population resides in villages and most of them are farmers. Many villages still don’t have proper facilities and availability of resources like raw materials etc. But apart from all difficulties they still grow crops for us to meet our requirements, facing all the adversities. They are equally respectful just like a soldier but the bitter truth about our country is that these farmers are respected only verbally but not in the practical life. They face extreme financial distress due to which they suffer depression and often suicide due to excessive burden of loan which they could not pay from a small amount of income.

The government is obviously responsible for this because the prices are too low according to the economic condition of the country. Due to the negligence of the government, the condition of our farmers is getting worst day by day. They do not have enough money to meet their family’s daily requirement, making their life comfortable is still a distant dream for them. They can’t afford proper clothes and still live in the houses made of mud. These houses are not even properly ventilated, and every corner screams the plight of penury faced by the occupants.

Our government has launched few policies and taken some steps for improving the condition of the Indian Farmers showing little progress. New technologies have been introduced to the agricultural industries and new methods of farming and better quality of raw material reducing the risks.  Government is also providing compensation to the farmers in case of losses incurred due to natural calamity. Government is providing education, electricity, good roads and proper supply of water. There have been many establishments of government schools and hospitals in rural areas.  But not only the government is responsible to improve their condition but every citizen has to respect the work of a farmer and the food he create by not wasting it.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and thank every respected farmer who works hard every day to grow food for us. I would also like to extend special thanks to our hon’ble principle ma’am who gave us the idea to create an event in school to celebrate this auspicious day.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Indian Farmer Speech 2

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, this gathering has been pronounced here for showing our gratitude and respect for the very precious part of our country that is the Great Indian Farmers and I am feeling very lucky to be a part of this event. This is one of the most auspicious events that I have ever attended in my life. Indian Farmers are the one of the biggest reasons of our country’s pride. They are the soul of our country. This event is nothing but a way to show and give them the love and respect they deserve.

When we hear the word “FARMER”, the first thing that generally comes in our mind is hard work and dedication. They are probably the most hardworking people as equal as a soldier who is always ready to fight for the protection of the country. A farmer is a person who feeds himself and as well as his family by a very less amount of income even after working very hard and this is the fact of their world. Most of the times they are not even able to arrange food for their family because of the amount of money that they get from their blood, sweat and tears is not at all sufficient. They have to pay back several loans to money lenders or banks, provide education to their children, feed their family and fulfill many general necessities.

There were many cases where farmers have taken their lives or committed suicide because they find it difficult to arrange even complete meals for their families. They live the hardest life that we could not even imagine. Their distress of paying loans and providing meal for two times a day to their family leaves them with no option other than suicide because government’s focus on their problems is not sufficient. It feels really bad that a person even after doing a lot of hard work is not getting enough money to arrange food for his own family.


After looking at the factual condition of the farmers, the government of our country has introduced some policies and technologies to the agricultural sector. Proper facilities are being provided to the farmers like proper supply of water, electricity, raw material at low prices or special bank loans etc. Their kids are also being provided by free education and meals at government schools. Home loans with special policies are being provided to the farmers so that they could have a better place to live. Although there are still many places in India where farmers are not able to avail these policies due to the lack of proper implementation throughout the country but these policies could change the life of the Indian Farmers if applied effectively all around the country.

I would like to conclude my speech on this note and extend special thanks to the organizers of this event and giving us this special opportunity to show our love and respect towards our great Indian Farmers.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Indian Farmer Speech 3

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the authorities I warmly welcome you to this meeting today. Today, I am very glad to announce you that this social event in our village is especially organized by the government to increase the knowledge among our country’s hardworking farmers regarding new technologies introduced to the agriculture sector and various government policies implemented in the interest and welfare of the Indian Farmers so that they could improve their productivity and as well as their lifestyle. It is my pleasure and honor to host this meeting. But before we continue our meeting, I would like to say a few words regarding Indian Agriculture and our Indian Farmers.

We all know it already that our Indian farmers are one of the most hardworking farmers in the world. They spend all day all night to grow crops for the country and provide its citizens with variety of food. Although they usually earn a very minimal amount of money but still they work hard with their blood, sweat and tears. Earlier in agricultural sector there were no facilities or proper equipments for farming but now proper facilities and as well as new technologies have been introduced. As the process of agriculture will be improved, the conditions of the farmers will automatically improve. But today’s condition of farmers is very poor and they live their life with the burden of loans and many of them committed suicide because of it.

Farmers’ suicides in India account for around 11.2% of all the suicides in the country. There were around 12,602 Cases of farmers’ suicides in the year of 2015 and around 12,000 suicides are reported each year since 2013. Hence, the country is still in a need to protect these gems called farmers from taking their own life. The government formed various policies and strategies to improve the condition of the farmers in the country. To reduce the poverty among farmers and increase their production, the government has improved the supply of electricity and water at subsidized costs which once even cost the country a blackout across many parts of the country.

Although, it wasn’t the only reason for the blackout but the government came out with the decision of providing diesel to the farmers for pumping. There have been various programs launched to educate farmers about agriculture and new techniques by which they could improve their productivity and earn profit. In the year of 2015, P.M Mr. Narendra Modi announced to double the farmers’ income by 2022. In May 2016, the Indian government has set up the Farmers Commission to evaluate the agricultural program completely. The government is still on a mission to solve problems of farmers and remove poverty from their life.

On this note, I would like to wrap the words up and thank to all the people and especially our minister who helped us in organizing this meeting at such a large scale with the motive of providing knowledge to the farmers for their effective growth and welfare. I would also like to thank all the farmers for joining us in this meeting and making it successful.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Indian Farmer Speech 4

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, we all are here to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our restaurant and this day is very special for all of us as we have completed 20 years of success and belief that our customers have in us. We always try to make the best out of everything and preserve the faith that people have in our restaurant. As this day is so very special, we have invited some people without whom we would not be able to open up a restaurant and yes! They are our Great Farmers. Today we have organized few things to make this event even more special for our farmers. But before beginning with the event, I would like to express my feeling and beliefs about our most hardworking farmers.

Opening a restaurant would not have been possible without the farmers who provide us the raw food. They are the backbone of our country and are equally respected as soldiers in the country. There was a time when our country was known for its rich agriculture in the entire world. Western countries were impressed by the variety of crops and especially with the abundance in the variety of spices. Actually, we are living in a country where we get to experience every season of nature equally through the entire year with different climatic conditions that differ from place to place in the country and therefore our farmers are able to grow different varieties of crops according to the season and climate. We can find that every side of the country has its own food specialty that differs from north to south to east and to west. We should respect this special gift of the Mother Nature that she has given to us.

As we all are aware of the present state of the farmers in our country, we really need to support them and we should understand the importance of food in our life and should appreciate the efforts that the farmers put in producing it because each time when we waste food, we disrespect the efforts of the farmers. Although the government is taking few actions in order to improve the condition of the farmers and reduce the pressure that they carry on their back every day of loans, children’s education, family management etc. There are many programs that have been launched to educate the farmers regarding new techniques of agriculture and bank loans and policies etc that really have somewhere improved the conditions of the farmers and I hope that it will get more better as the days pass.

On this note, I would like to conclude my words and extend our special thanks to the farmers for joining us here today and giving us their time making this celebration more special. I would also like to thank our organizers for organizing this event in such a beautiful way and making this event more happening.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!



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