Welcome Speech on Annual Day

Every school celebrates Annual Day. And the Annual Day speech is of importance as it makes it important to acknowledge the achievement of all, include all those who worked hard and all the parents and guests too. A perfectly balanced speech makes a great impact. Annual days represent the day that is a mixture of acknowledging achievements of the children throughout the year and also a lot of fun and joy the children bring to all through their performance on stage. The emphasis laid down on importance of having fun and health benefits of physical fitness through activities is also the objective.

On this page we have shared here some examples of Speech you can give on the Annual Day. These speeches will help you with preparing a speech of your own in your own style. Our short speech can be used in case a child is speaking at school and the long speeches may be used by speakers other than children. The language is easy to understand with simple words that each one can relate to. You can draw reference from our speeches and make your speech interesting for your audience.

Long and Short Welcome Speech on Annual Day to Welcome Principal and Chief Guest

Speech on Annual Day – 1

Good Morning! Today is the most important day in my school. Yes it is ANNUAL Day and the time to wrap up all that we have done in the year. A year that is about to end and a new one that is about to begin. Our school, a hub of all the activities and a place where we learn a whole gamut of subjects that include the more serious ones like science and maths to the ones that we learn while we simply practicing them, like art and sports.

The year 2017 has indeed been a roller coaster ride just like the previous years. A time full of opportunities, a time full of learning, and time well spent; learning and enjoying with friends all at the same time. Being competitive at some times and a helping hand at others, it indeed has been a superb period, months that have gone by and will never return.

The best part is friends that we together have been able to win a lot of accolades and trophies and prizes for us and our school. We have shown everyone that together we can win! It is a time to celebrate, and enjoy our achievements together. Here we are, to display to our parents that we children, can give in our best when the best hands mould us and where there are God’s messengers all around in here, to nurture our talent, give us a conducive environment where we can grow, not just physically, but mentally and socially too. Under the guidance of the best brains and the most hard working creatures, our dear teachers, we have put up this show together for all our proud parents for this very special day, our Annual day, 2017. It is a program, our parents can feast their eyes on drama, dance, poetry, singing and a talk show. Children of Junior School have put up a musical version of the most adorable book by Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book.

On this Annual Day we have included an absolutely a new section. We have included a set of games that the children and parents will play as a team. It is a promise that it will be a fun affair and we are all going to enjoy; children and parents on one side and teachers and school staff on another. Simple games like tug of war, three-legged race and Relay races are organised in the school greens soon after the show in the auditorium comes to an end. What a healthy way to end our Annual Day. I am sure we will all participate whole heartedly and parents are a huge support and do not disappoint us. We have had to take special permission from our respected Principal Madam. She is a wonderful person; she loved the theme and immediately gave her consent. I thank her and request her to please join us in our little effort to bring the whole School family together and make our Annual Day 2017 a huge success.

Time now to begin the program, antennary of which is given to our esteemed guests in advance. There are refreshments arranged in the school cafeteria after the program in the auditorium ends.

So parents, come now, enjoy with us. These moments of fun, frolic, laughter together with the children and their teachers, will not come again, at least not in this year!

Thank you!

Speech on Annual Day – 2

Good Morning to all present today on this very special occasion of Annual Day 2018. We at xyz School are proud to celebrate this day for yet another year. It is a celebration of our dear children and their achievements in the year going by.

On behalf of our school, I welcome our esteemed chief guest Mr/Ms _________________and parents, without their efforts we would have never achieved what we did in the past year. Today we have children from the middle school and junior school who are here to celebrate Annual Day in the form of showcasing their talents and ability to confidently perform on stage. The children have made great preparations along with their untiring teachers, and are ready to display in front of their parents what they can do if given a chance to be creative and to channelize their energies constructively.

Today, we are proud to share with you that our school has been selected as the best school of this city. Our children have proven excellence in their academic subjects and also in the various non academic fields like sports, art, IT and dance too. Their persistent efforts to continually keep doing well have shown unmatched result. We are proud to say that the school has the best teachers, we don’t merely hire them, we provide them the opportunity to grow as gurus, and always inspire them to keep learning and upgrading their knowledge. This keeps us abreast with the latest developments in the Field of academics and the learning techniques.

We will begin the day with performance by most of the children from our junior and middle school. The children work really hard throughout the year juggling through their classes and the art rooms, dance rooms, play ground and library. It is easier said than done. I witness everyday and wonder where they get all this energy from. But the truth is that they are all so well groomed at home by parents and by our teachers at school, that they remain self-motivated. Even the attitude of our teachers is extremely inspiring for them. An attitude that has a never say die spirit and one that is shown how things can be done by setting the right example. Children are like the soft lump of mud, mould them the way you want to. Inculcating the right habits, mannerisms and the right attitude towards working hard, not just work is so important at a tender age. So we begin early. Even the play schools have reduced the entry age of children to two and a half years. Catch them early, as an early bird catches the worm.

And if you miss this precious time, then nothing except repenting is what you can do. Parents, we understand you know what is best for your child, and now a days both parents go out and work. So at we do not miss an opportunity to remind you how important it is to spend quality time with your little ones. And along with that a daily basis consistent effort to know what is going on inside the head of your child is important. So form a relationship with them that gives them confidence to confide in you every single feeling and are not afraid to ask from you even the most complex and simple questions about life. It is after all your child who is asking, however embarrassing it may seem to you but learn to answer them in the most subtle. We have an extremely professional team of counsellors at school. Your children and you are free to take sessions with them after an appointment.

We all need some help to bring these little wonderful beings. And the best is to do it right, ask for help where in confusion and then do your best. We became parents for the first time too. Some bringing up is within us by the virtue of learning while doing it, and some by learning from our parents, the rest can be acquired.

So on this annual day let us all pledge to give our children not just love, but let us be their support whom they can fall back on when in trouble. Let them know that we are always there for them and they have no reason to be depressed or be tackling their problems alone. Let us nurture these tender buds carefully and see them bloom into responsible, successful citizens who can build a strong nation. Let us see them sore to success. I return the stage to this bunch of stars that are waiting to shine upon us their light.

“It’s not what you do for your children, it is what you taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings” I leave you with these words by Ann Landers, a famous columnist and a media person.

Thank you

Speech on Annual Day – 3

Good Morning

We all are here to celebrate the Annual Day in our School today and I welcome very respectable Director of our school, Mr ______________, all the parents who are the part of this humongous effort and the parents who have helped us during the preparations. It has been a pleasure to be associated with all the parents who are people from various walks of life who have added great value to our institution by the way of their invaluable inputs. We can proudly say that we have the best set of parents-children combination and the value system our school stands for.

Today is the day when we decorate with awards and medals, all those children, who have been receiving accolades throughout the year, for the talents they possess and have displayed them through the various competitions in school or at inter-school level.  It gives us pleasure to share with you that our school children not only excel in the sports competitions but also at the academic competitions like JSTSE, Olympiads of all subjects, essay writing competitions and many more. Competitions are platforms that we can provide to children where they can test their learning and they are by no means a measure of who is better than whom.

We believe in a lateral learning system wherein each child is encouraged to participate. Children who have inhibitions are encouraged to come forward at class level, an arena where their comfort level is higher than when they go out of their class rooms and perform. Our teaching methods are holistic and inclusive. This annual day celebration is a great example of that wherein we ensure that every child participate and perform. It gives each one of the student an opportunity to come forward and showcase what he or she has besides being good at academics.

We believe that without the outlet of their talents the whole teaching process is incomplete. So, on this Annual Day we have identified this need and designed the Annual Day program in such a way that even talents like art do not go unnoticed. If you look around you will notice a lot of drawings and posters. Each one bears names and classes of the students who have drawn, colored or painted these pictures. Do take some time to go through this precious gallery of art as this requires recognition too. And who knows that it could be your child who had this talent all this while but you did not know about it. And some of the pieces of art are award winning entries.

Annual Day usually has a plays and dances, we have included a new category which is a rage these days everywhere, every TV channel in the entertainment category show these – I am talking about Stand Up Comedy Section. Yes we have some very talented kids here who will make you roll up with barrels of laughter. So parents be prepared for a fun filled day. Our little children have put up a show that is a musical play; the middle schoolers have been busy preparing for the dance drama that I am told has been choreographed by our own little budding talented dance gurus. The bigger lot have the yoga, acrobatics and dance all rolled up in one to show to us , that I am told by their teachers who have been all out in their efforts they have put in for more than a month now to ensure a show that can surely challenge that professional artists from the entertainment industry.

I will not keep you waiting and leave the stage that will soon be filled with colour and exuberance to fill us up with laughter and happiness.

Thank you


Speech on Annual Day – 4

Good Morning! A fresh lively morning with a promising start to a fun filled day awaits us all. I begin this day by praying to the supreme power to give all those present here fine health and sound mind.

It is important for each one of us to be good shape so we can do more, achieve more. “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”, wise words by John F. Kennedy. So whether we are young or old, it is our duty to take care of this body called temple by some.

We at XYZ School understand the importance of being fit because a healthy body has a healthy mind housed in it. And we strongly feel the importance of these words heard umpteen number of times by our parents and teachers when we were young. I am addressing this to the parents. Our children are in the tender formative years still. To inculcate the importance of games, outdoor activities and physical workouts, we organise Annual Day with the super-enthusiastic set of children who always look forward to it with same eagerness.

So here we are celebrating it for yet another year 2018. It is our 35th Annual Day celebrations and we are proud to continue the legacy of celebrating this wonderful day with you. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did while the children practiced each performance till they found perfection. That is the one quality one needs to inculcate within oneself is success is not just a desire but passion. And through this activity we instil in our children this virtue that they successfully apply in their academics too and excel in their subjects.

Where there are academic subjects that are important for the children to read and learn to enhance their knowledge and do justice to their brain and memory, there are activities related to co-curricular subjects that give children pleasure, precision and persistence to do more , take more and achieve more. All the children have some in born talent, some in science, some have it in history, and others may be good at sports, dance or crooning. But presenting these talents on stage builds confidence, courage and certitude to win.

On this day sub-junior and middle schoolers have participated to put together an extraordinary show for all of us to enjoy. The children are performing various activities like a Musical Drama based on the story of Shankar by R K Narayan, folk dance, poetry recitation, singing Hindi classical as well as English songs, magic show conducted purely by children and many more such activities.

Annual Day is a celebration of the achievements of our children whole year round. On this day we present the awards to our outstanding students, in academic subjects as well as in sports, Olympiads, inter-school competition winners and in house activity winners. There is nothing more encouraging that an award or a trophy that one can carry back home. It is a reminder to a person of the efforts he or she had put in consistently to win it. A sheer source of encouragement to do more! After the performances come closer to end we shall have the distribution of prizes.

Our children have been preparing for this day for over a month now. They have been juggling between classes and preparations just like a juggler. It was ensured that no studies be compromised and no classes be missed by the children. In-fact an hour’s stay back at school has done wonders. I thank all the parents for helping us and supporting us all the time. Without your support (in sending extra tiffin for the children, helping them with their dresses and costumes, their accessioning and last minute help with make-up), it was not possible.

Most importantly I want to thank you all of being such a great help in supporting the children at home to finish their homework and complete their class work in case they missed anything. Despite of your workload that you have at home or at work, you have been truly supportive. Parents whether home makers or professionals have a very busy schedule too, and we respect each one of you to take out time and do it all. This truly means a lot to us and we are grateful. Parents and teachers are together in this endeavour and we work hand in hand to do that is best to bring up fine healthy citizens of our country.  I am reminded of a poem that I read long time ago, “whose child is it anyway” and the end of the poem touched upon the fact that without each-others’ support the up-bringing of our children will be incomplete. For whole fourteen years, the child’s day is divided between being at home and at school. Both home and school must have an environment that provides the children an opportunity to nurture their qualities and talents to be able to become holistically groomed human beings, true assets of nature and mother earth.

I cannot end without adding a vote of thanks to all the teachers who have burnt the candle at both the ends and brought this fabulous event together for us all. Huge thanks to all the helpers who have been running around to get the little and huge things moving. And in the end I thank our chief guest, who has been kind on us to have taken out his/her precious time to grace this occasion. A huge round of applause for us all and a Hurrah for all the efforts.

Thank you!



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