Speech on Disaster Management

Disaster Management has received great importance in recent times. Disaster management is required to handle the natural calamity and disasters efficiently. Disaster management in some cases may not avert or avoid the situation, but it can certainly minimize the impacts. The indirect or direct effects of disasters, whether natural, man-made, industrialized or technological, are always destruction, damage, and death. Disasters may cause major hazard and loss of life of both animals and human beings including properties too.

Most of the organizations, institutions, schools and colleges adopt disaster management skills within their premises. You may be required to deliver speech on disaster management at any occasion. Our sample disaster management speech may help you prepare yourself for any event. The short speech on disaster management shared here are useful at school and college levels. The language is pretty simple and informative. Our sample long speech on disaster management can be used at organizational level and at any occasion.

Long and Short Disaster Management Speech in English

Speech on Disaster Management 1

Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Students!

Today is the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction and we have gathered here to discuss the disaster management. I am extremely obliged to be given this opportunity to host the program and share some important points about disaster management.

Disaster can be of any type either man-made or natural. Due to the global warming and various changes in the environment, the natural disaster such as tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, flood, etc have become more frequent across the world. Though disaster management is a branch of study which helps people in managing the disaster it is important that each one of us is equally equipped with some common senses to be applied in the event of a disaster. Disaster management gives confidence to people and makes the communities stronger when a disaster strikes. A disaster could be natural or man-made. Disaster management is an authority which has ideally been developed to help society and communities. It helps people in knowing the complete process of man-made or natural disasters, the process of dealing with such disasters and their consequences.

It is mostly been observed that children and women are more vulnerable to disasters and hence, I am sharing some of the importance of disaster management through my speech today:

The teams of Disaster management can help to avoid a disaster before it takes place. The team may inspect the probable reasons of disaster and may adopt appropriate steps to stop or avoid a disaster. For example, the natural disaster such as forest fires, or man-made disaster such as terrorist attacks can be avoided through efficient planning and preventive action.

It is important that the people do not panic and act wisely in the event of any disaster. Proper preventive measures must be taken by each individual and children must also act wisely to give emotional support to their respective parents. Disaster management employees have the training to carry out rescue operations efficiently. Trained professionals may rescue people successfully during building collapses, floods or major fires, etc.

It is important that the civilians co-operate with the disaster management team and control their emotions. More often, people feel neglected by the authority and react to the disaster management team. However, the team helps in providing relief measures to the sufferers. They arrange for the food, medicines, relief camps, clothing, and other necessary items. If they get co-operation from the people, it will boost their morale because they work non-stop in such situations.

Disaster management team also works in association with the local authority and carries out rehabilitation process in the affected areas. Construction of homes, schools and other infrastructure are some of the examples of rehabilitation processes.

It is important to remember that they are equally affected by the disaster, the only difference being they are trained to provide assistance to us, thus, it is our responsibility to show patience and appreciate their work. The Disaster management team may also help to minimize the tension and trauma before and after any type of disaster. If a disaster is suspected, the team can properly guide the people to handle the disaster such as floods, earthquakes, etc. Even post-disaster, the team can provide material assistance and financial support, which automatically helps people in overcoming the traumatic effect of the disaster.

I hope, this was an informative speech for you all and in the end I would just say that always use your common sense and do not panic because hastiness causes major harm than anything else.

Thank You!

Speech on Disaster Management 2

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for making to this event. Our NGO provides assistance and rehabilitation services during the time of any natural calamity or disaster. We have organized this program as we feel the need of preparing every individual to fight against disaster which is commonly known as disaster management.

Disaster is a widespread phenomenon today affecting the human society majorly. Disaster can be either man-made (such as terrorism) or natural. The same has been experienced by people since ages. Though the form of natural disaster varies, it has been a very big challenge for society irrespective of caste, creed, culture, country, etc. According to the latest World Disaster Reports, the numbers of disaster are increasing the very frequency and intensely.

People are becoming more susceptible to all types of disasters such as forests fire, earthquake, droughts, flood, accidents, cyclones, landslides, plane crash, etc. With the advancement in the technology, the impact of disasters has also changed. When a disaster occurs, it surpasses all the eagerness and preparedness of the society posing the bigger test to people. This is true in case of developing as well as developed countries. The floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclones, etc occurred worldwide have claimed several lives so far.

Disaster management is important for tackling the hazards that occur before, during and after the disaster. Disaster management is like consuming medicine for curing a disease. Disaster can also be epidemic diseases or industrial failures such as Bhopal gas tragedy or the disaster of Fukushima nuclear power plant, etc. All these are highly dangerous to human life.

Thus, our team helps people in managing the disaster in both situations: precautionary measures before the calamity and the aftermath management. We also receive the donation from the local authority and several industrialists for this noble cause.

The government of India also maintains a separate fund known as ‘contingency fund of India’ to manage disasters in India. Disaster not only causes materialistic harms to people, it also causes emotional trauma to people. Our team also helps people in overcoming the emotional weakness and face the calamity with more confidence.

During a disaster, we also appeal to common people to extend all types of help such as physical, emotional and financial. We train common people to provide assistance to their friends, family members, and neighbors.

In the event of a disaster, proper preparations are necessary for managing the situation. Appropriate mechanisms help to minimize the effect if not wipe the effect out completely. Foreseeing the probability of some types of disasters can help in reducing the vulnerability of the people and the society to such an event. Our teams help in rehabilitation and disaster management and help in minimizing the loss of lives and properties. This is because we have trained our professionals who not only provide physical and materialistic assistance but also help in the emotional rehabilitation of people. Our team takes pre-emptive actions to ward off a disaster. We have trained our team on disaster management and thus the trained professionals can help to preserve and protect the environment.

Though disaster may leave you bewildered by controlling your emotions and acting wisely you may reduce the effect. Through this platform, we appeal to everyone to be cautious and alert and help each other in the event of any natural calamity or disaster.

Thank You!

Speech on Disaster Management 3

Good Morning Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, Hon’ble Teachers and My Dear Friends!

Today we all are gathered here for an important assembly that has been called out on a very serious note. As we know that the place where we live is very prone to natural disasters and thus it is the duty of the educational institutions to make the youth aware of such problem which could help in circulating information across the place. The area we are living in had faced many natural disasters like flood, earthquake etc and due to lack of knowledge and awareness in the people there was a huge loss of lives and commodities. Nobody wants to go through the painful situation again and again and thus we have to be prepared and should take certain preventive measures.

Before starting with the preventive measures, we should understand the reasons behind the occurring of natural disasters. There are infinite reasons for increasing of the natural disasters time to time and all of them are directly or indirectly related to our lifestyle. Our behavior of getting more and more comfort is the main reason of natural disasters. We want our life to be more flexible or relaxed and thus we use excessive electricity, fuels, water etc which leads to ecological imbalance on earth resulting in natural disasters. I hope everybody is aware of the term “deforestation” which means cutting down trees. Less trees means less oxygen and more carbon-dioxide on earth. Excessive presence of carbon-dioxide is resulting in depletion of ozone layer, melting of glaciers, increasing temperature, increasing respiratory problems etc. There is a huge change in climatic condition on earth. The duration of summer is increasing and winter is decreasing. All these change are directly leading towards excessive natural disasters like droughts, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, tornados, soil erosion etc.

To control the situation before it get way worse, we have to take some preventive measures. The measures that we should take are totally related with our lifestyle. We have to come out of our comfort zone. We have to start keeping plants in our homes and plant trees on the places wherever possible to compensate the loss caused by the practice of deforestation. It will help in increasing oxygen and reducing carbon-dioxide in atmosphere. We should reduce the use of water and electricity as much as possible. Less wastage of food would be very helpful as there will be less scarcity of food during droughts etc. By reducing the use of fuels like petrol, diesel etc through car pooling will help in reducing carbon dioxide in atmosphere. There are many other ways to control ecological imbalance and we just have to think about it.

On this note, I would like to enclose my words and extend special thanks to our hon’ble principal ma’am for organizing this event as a measure to prevent disasters or losses and to all the students for cooperating in this assembly and making it successful. I hope that everyone standing here will remember the information given and will help in spreading awareness among other citizens so that the rising of the biggest problem can be tackled and finished.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Speech on Disaster Management 4

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

As we know that this is a very special day for us as our whole society is going to eco-adventure camp. This camp has been specially organized for giving opportunity to the people to gain experience of living in nature without technology. As an instructor in this camp, it is my responsibility to teach you about the activities that we all are going to do in this camp. The reason behind this camping is to make people aware of environmental problems and natural disasters.

As we all are cognizant to environmental problems that are the cause of our selfishness. As this camp has a motive to train people in tackling natural disasters and thus it is very useful for all of us. Natural disasters are increasing rapidly and people need to get aware of safety measures. Before understanding about the safety measures, we have to understand the cause of natural disasters. There are so many reasons behind the happening of such disasters like- excessive use of fuels like petrol, wasting and polluting water, heavy usage of electricity etc. We should understand that these disasters are the cause of human’s unstoppable increasing needs and these needs are taking us to the end of the earth if not stopped.

There are many places that are highly affected by natural disasters. One of the biggest tragedies was of Uttrakhand. The flood came in Uttrakhand had ruined the whole place and resulted in scarcity of food, shelter and a huge loss of lives. The flood was the reaction of environmental degradation. There are many such cases where huge tragedies have happened before and if not controlled then it could happen in future also. Earthquake seem to be the most common among various disaster followed by floods, droughts etc. Among all the disasters, drought is the most dreadful and deadliest. Drought causes scarcity of water and scarcity of food. Two of the most important essentials of survival on the earth are water and food. Without these two, survival is impossible.

To control these tragedies caused by natural disasters, we have to control our needs in life. We cut trees because of our need, we use petrol, diesel etc because of our needs and there are infinite desires or so called needs of us that leads to environmental degradation. Deforestation is one of the main reasons for droughts, soil erosions, earthquakes etc and to prevent such disasters, we have to plant more and more trees as possible. Excessive use of fuels such as diesel, petrol, etc have caused increase in amount of CO2 in air and hence is causing melting of glaciers due to increasing temperature.

This is the high time where we have to move ahead for taking actions against disasters by understanding our responsibility towards mother earth.

On this note, I would like to enclose my speech and extend special thanks to all the crew members and organizers for such a great support and to all of you for joining us in this camp and helping it to be successful.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!



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