Speech on Earthquake

Earthquakes take place in different parts of the world from time to time. An earthquake is a natural calamity and can be as devastating as a tsunami, famine or a flood. More often, natural calamities leave people astonished and anesthetized and make them helpless after it stops. You may be required to give speech on earthquake on different occasions.

Long and Short Speech on Earthquake in English

We have shared here different samples of earthquake speech. The language used in the short speech on earthquake is extremely simple and can be used at school level for children to understand the meaning. You can use our sample long speech on earthquake at the office or corporate level. These earthquake speeches are comprehensive; you can use them as sample and prepare your earthquake speech in your own language.

Speech on Earthquake 1

Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Students!

First of all, I would like to thank the school authority for inviting me to the annual celebration of your school. I am working with the Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management, India. I am going to share some important information about earthquake.

You are young and intelligent children, the future of our nation. You must be aware about certain important steps to be taken when natural disaster occurs. I am sure, you remember the 2001 earthquake that had occurred in Gujarat, it is also known as the Bhuj earthquake. It was one of the worst earthquakes occurred on 26 January when the entire India was celebrating the annual Republic Day.

The devastating earthquake lasted for approximately two minutes killed over 19,727, including many school children and injured approximately 166,000 people.

I am sure you know an earthquake is the trembling of the earth. When the pieces of the earth’s crust shift all of a sudden, it causes earthquake. The thin crust which is the outer layer of the earth is cold and fragile rock unlike the hot rock deep inside the earth. The thin crust is filled with small and large cracks called faults. These faults may be very long but we cannot see the cracks usually since they are hidden deep inside the earth and the earth’s crust are constricted together very firmly.

The dominant forces that constrict the pieces of crust also cause the earth to move slowly. The earth’s crust will remain stuck together for a very several years, but ultimately the dominant power that pushes them will compel them to break into pieces and move. Such sud­den movement in the rock will move all the rocks around it called earthquake.

All of you must be aware of steps to be taken during and after the earthquake. When an earthquake occurs, you must reduce your movement. You must know most of the injuries occur during earthquake as the people panic and start moving around, consequently falling and suffering fractures, sprains and head injuries. You must ensure that your head and torso are protected. If you get an opportunity to leave the school premises when the shaking stops, you must use the stairs instead of lift or elevators. The aftershocks and power outages may leave the elevators in a damaged condition. Before leaving your school premises or your house you must ensure that there is no wreckage or building debris that could fall upon you.

In case you are in the playground or away from home, you must return only when the local authorities confirm the safety of the surroundings. You must take care of your relatives, neighbors, friends and yourself and get the first aid in case of any injury.

It is usually observed that after a devastating earthquake, mild shaking of the earth continues; you must prepare for possible landslides, aftershocks, or even a greater calamity. If you feel any aftershock, you must drop and cover yourself and hold onto that position. Another thing to consider is the fire. If you observe small fire, try and extinguish.

Most of the times, in the event of an earthquake, people get numb; earthquake at times can be disastrous if it continues for a longer time. You must try and protect not only yourself, but others too. Be cautious of the earth shaking and act wisely.

Thank You!

Speech on Earthquake 2

Dear Colleagues,

Today is the World Disaster Reduction Day and I have been especially called upon this meeting to make you aware of some of the important steps our company has taken for preventing natural disasters. One of the most hazardous natural disasters is the earthquake and we all are aware how devastating it can be if proper care is not taken during the occurrence of the earthquake or after it stops.

An earthquake is the abrupt and rapid shaking of the earth due to the contravention and shifting of profound rock. The preliminary gentle shaking may get stronger and become enormously vicious within seconds. In most of the cases, additional earthquakes known as aftershocks may also follow the preliminary earthquake.

Earthquakes can occur at any moment or day of the year and may take place without warning. Even though they normally last for less than a minute, the aftershocks sometimes are more dangerous and may take place for hours, days, weeks or even months. Though scientists are working on it but earthquakes cannot be foreseen.

Our office has taken important measures to prevent the disasters occurring as a result of an earthquake. Though our office is constructed on ‘earthquake proof’ technologies but it is important that we are conscious ourselves and act wisely in the event of an earthquake. You must be aware of the steps to be taken in such situation whether you are within the office premises or at your home.

When you sense an earthquake, secure all the items that could fall down and cause injuries; e.g. water heaters, computers, televisions, music system, mirrors, bookshelves and light fixtures. You must also practice how to Drop to the ground, Cover your head and neck with the arms and Hold On. If you see a safer place nearby, you must try to reach that without revealing yourself to flying trashes. Crawl and Hold in that position to maintain cover.

Even though when the earthquake occurs, you may get astonished or frozen sometimes, but you must act swiftly and try to store necessary items such as medication, water and documents. You must also plan and practice with family members how will you communicate with each other. Preparing an emergency communication plan for the family and including diverse methods may help in cases of crisis.

It is also advisable to seek advice from a structural engineer for getting your home evaluated for the weak and strong areas from an earthquake’s perspective.

An earthquake or any natural disaster is hazardous and leave several buildings including lives damaged. When the earthquake and aftershocks stops you must look around for a clear path to security. Ideally you must leave the building and move to an open space like a field, etc. Check others’ and your injuries and provide first aid if you are trained. You must also help with rescues if you are safe and sound. Do not endeavor to remove heavy wreckage or remains by yourself. While assisting in the rescue program, you may also be required to provide emotional support to several upset and traumatized people. Criticality of an earthquake may depend upon the point of focus and epicenter causing several buildings to collapse or move off the foundations, it may also damage the utilities or may cause explosions and fires. Thus, you must be cautious and act wisely in such situations.

Thank You!

Speech on Earthquake 3

Good Morning Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, Teachers and My Dear Friends!

As we know that our area has recently witnessed an earthquake and people have faced a lot of destruction. Buildings were collapsed and people living in the buildings were died or highly injured. To help the victims, our school has organized a camp to give relive to the people who have faced losses due to the destruction caused by the earthquake. The students and other people who are voluntarily interested in helping those people by food, clothing etc could visit the camp sited in the school playground. We all have sympathy for them and thus I hope that they will get enough help from all of us. But before the camp starts, I would like to discuss some information about the occurring of an earthquake because it has became very important to understand the reason behind an earthquake.

So, what is an earthquake? The trembling of earth’s surface is known as earthquake. It is caused by volcanic activity or movement around geologic faults. An earthquake results in the release of energy in the earth’s lithosphere that causes seismic waves. Seismic waves are the vibrations that we feel during an earthquake. An earthquake could be measured by the frequency, type and size of the earthquake experienced over a passage of time. Some of the earthquakes are less harmful due to low frequency and some of them are so violent that they could destroy everything.

There are many places across the world that faces the worst and the most disastrous earthquakes like China, Japan etc while some of the places like Antarctica witnesses minor earthquakes. Asia witnesses maximum earthquakes according to scale. Many countries across the world had faced worst destructions due to earthquakes.

To control or reduce the occurring of earthquake we have to move ahead for taking strict actions. Environmental degradation is the main cause of increment in earthquakes these days. Deforestation, excess presence of CO2 in atmosphere, depletion of water bodies, volcanic eruptions are some of the main reasons for the happening of earthquakes on earth. We have to understand the importance of nature. We should protect water bodies before their depletion by reducing or using water carefully and through rainwater harvesting. Planting more and more trees in our surroundings where ever possible could be a big help in this matter. Deduction in the usage of fuels that produces C02 or other harmful gasses will help in reducing pollution which causes climatic changes and many other problems.

This is the high time when earth needs to be protected from such harmful disasters that are the cause of humans and it can be only possible if we will take some measures.

On this note, I would like to enclose my words and extend special thanks to our hon’ble principal ma’am for making such a great and big effort for helping the earthquake victims and also to all the students, teachers and people for helping and making this camp successful. Now the students and other people who are willing to help may reach the site of the camp in the school’s playground.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Speech on Earthquake 4

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for cooperating us in this event that has been organized for spreading awareness among people about earthquakes. As we all know that the occurrence of earthquake in our country is increasing day by day and thus it becomes important for everyone to take steps for saving lives. Our motive behind this event is to make people aware and ready for taking preventive measures against earthquakes.

Earthquakes cause a lot of destruction almost every year and by the degradation in environment, it is increasing rapidly. Earthquake is the shaking of earth’s surface that could be a cause of many geological factors. It results in seismic waves or vibrations. It could be lowest and harmless or it could be highest and destructive. They are also known for triggering other disasters like tsunamis, floods, landslides, avalanches etc. They are unpredictable and may occur anytime or anywhere. Scientists are working for identifying the methods to predict an earthquake. Usually, an earthquake lasts less than one minute but it is not always necessary.

Recently, India has witnessed earthquakes in Gurgaon and Haryana around 4:30 AM and it was up to 4.4 magnitude. It shocked people living in the area. Not only India, but other countries around the world have also witnessed earthquakes earlier. USA, Japan, China etc are such countries that are very prone to earthquakes. Most of the earthquakes were mild but some of them left people in shock with destruction. As an earthquake could be a reason for tsunamis, landslides, avalanche etc, it could be very dangerous for the places as it may cause movement in buildings etc that could lead them to collapse. It could cause in loss of properties etc.

Now, there are some of the important measures that should be taken during an earthquake for being safe as possible. Suppose if you are under any building then it would be highly dangerous to run and thus a person should remain at place where he is and should hide under any table etc. Keeping away from breakable things like glasses, crockery etc as it would be dangerous if got broke and may cause severe bodily injuries. There are many measures that vary according to the place you are in. Well, those were some of the instant measures that should be taken on time but there are some other measures that should be taken and practiced in our daily life and they will have a long term effect on our planet like planting trees, protecting water bodies, deduction in fuel consumption etc.

There are some activities organized for helping people to understand that what they should do during an earthquake and I hope that maximum people will take part in this. This is the time when we all have to come together to fight against such disasters like earthquake and make our earth green again.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to all the people who have supported us in organizing this event and making it possible to happen and of course to all the people for joining us and making it successful.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!



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