Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives

Yet another speech topic has been covered on the Importance of Trees in our Lives. Everyone knows how much important trees are in our lives, yet we don’t pay any heed towards it and go on to exploit nature. This subject therefore becomes so important for all of us to address because the more we talk the greater level of awareness will be spread. Thus, the current speech topic is The Importance of Trees in our Lives.

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Importance of Trees in our Lives Speech 1

Hello Everyone – How you all are doing?

Friends as we are running a campaign on Ped Bachhao, Ped Lagao, I considered it important to talk about the Importance of Trees in our Lives and making people realize that they are causing a big harm to our environment by cutting down trees and by not paying attention to them.

I can safely say that the importance of trees in our lives is just like our family. Don’t be surprised, when I say ‘like our family’! Trees no doubt are an important source of oxygen as well as act as natural air filters. Besides, they are a source of fruits and vegetables for humans, birds and animals. They also provide shelter to birds and are like an object of play for monkeys, birds and kids. In short, trees are very essential for our environment and for our meaningful existence.

Trees produce oxygen and are a source of life for the living being

We can easily realize the importance of trees if we relate it with the fact that how important oxygen is for our survival. As you know we cannot imagine our lives without oxygen for even 3 minutes, we therefore need to have trees around us to be able to breathe oxygen and that oxygen can only be produced if we grow more and more trees. Also, we need food for our survival which is also derived from the same source. Trees are also capable of preventing soil erosion and mud flow. This is the reason why farmers grow various trees around their farm.

Trees lay the foundation for a healthy life

Besides giving us food, shade and shelter, trees also play a very pertinent role in protecting us from the harmful effects of pollution. More trees would give us pollution free environment by keeping a check on the increasing levels of such harmful gases as CFCs and Carbon Dioxide, including other pollutants. In fact, human beings can have a longer life if the environment is pollution free and there is fresh air to breathe in. Trees play a huge role in the preparation of medicines. In short, they lay a foundation for a healthy life.

Trees relax our mind and give us peace of mind

This cannot be debated as we must have seen it ourselves that when we are surrounded with plants and trees, we feel relaxed and positive. They have a very soothing impact on our mind, body and soul. This is the reason why people often travel to enjoy the natural beauty and feel like becoming a recluse.

So when we can take so much from them, it becomes our responsibility to give them back too. We need to join hands with the environmental supporters, such as NGOs and communities dedicated to planting trees and ensuring their protection. Also, we should contribute our efforts in government policies and making them successful. It’s high time when we all will have to come forward in support and protection of trees.

Friends, this is all from my side, here I rest my speech! Thank you!


Importance of Trees in our Lives Speech 2

Respected Principal, Dear Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I – Mrs. Priyanka Saxena, Class Teacher of Class (IX – B) – feel extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful educational institution as it not only believes in laying a firm foundation of the students academic excellence, but also ensuring an overall development where they not only ensure their own growth and development, but also give it back to society. My dear students, our school is going to participate with other schools of our vicinity in this great endeavor called Ped Bachhao, Ped Lagao.

As a teacher I feel that major change can begin from school where right from the foundation years of the students they can be taught to do the right thing. So growing trees and protecting them is a noble cause which we need to initiate and make people become a part of this drive.

Before you all become a part of this drive, let’s understand how and in what ways trees hold importance in our lives:

Trees act as carbon sinks

So much has already been said about this and I want to reiterate the same fact that trees act as carbon sinks by locking carbon dioxide in its roots, woods and leaves. This carbon then is no longer prevalent in our atmosphere to cause it any harm.

Trees work as windbreaks

During the cold and windy weather conditions, trees planted on the wayward side literally work as windbreaks. A windbreak can bring down the heating bills of our home significantly up to 30 percent and effectively reduce the snow drifts. Reduction in wind also reduces the drying of the soil as well as vegetation behind the windbreaks; thereby ensuring precious topsoil intact in its place.

Trees combat soil erosion

As we all know that control of erosion always starts with trees and such projects of grass planting. The roots of the trees keep the soil intact and their leaves break the wind force and reduce the impact of rain on soil. Thus trees combat erosion of soil, preserve rainwater and keep a check on water runoff as well as sediment deposit after the storms.

Trees provide shade and give instant cooling

If we get shade under a tree, it automatically gives a cooling effect on our body. Isn’t it? When we get shade from the trees we don’t even feel the need for air conditioners during summer season. In summers, trees lower the temperature level and in winters they break the force of gushing wind. According to some studies, there are cities which in the absence of trees and its shade are being transformed into heat islands with temperatures soaring as much as 12 degrees higher than the neighboring regions.

In the end, all I want to say is that trees are a boon to the mankind and they are an actual savior of lives. They nurture us and sustain our lives. Therefore, we must ensure their protection and plant them in abundance.

With this, I rest my speech. Thank You!


Importance of Trees in our Lives Speech 3

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – I hope no inconvenience was caused to you in locating the venue!

As I stand here, I wish to express my gratitude towards you all for coming in support of this event and making it big. As you all know that we are facing big environmental problems owing to various factors and mainly because of the cutting down of trees in large numbers. Something as useful as a tree that give us so much and requires nothing in return, what we human beings do to these trees? We suck the whole life out of it – we pluck out fruits, vegetables, live under its shade and make medicines from its therapeutic properties and what not. Unfortunately, in the end we deprive a tree of its life span, chop it off and make money by selling woods, etc. Isn’t it horrible and a big injustice done to our humble nature?

This relentless cutting down of trees has led to a serious issue of deforestation. Now what do we mean by deforestation? It means the conversion of forest lands into non-forest ones for such uses as construction, arable land, pasture and wasteland or logged area.  Deforestation causes severe imbalances in our ecological system and leads to decline in our biodiversity as well as habitat. Mining, urbanization, logging and agricultural activities are some of the adverse effect of deforestation.

This goes without saying that trees are an important natural wealth and they supply us with things innumerable such as fruits, nuts and vegetables. We also use their wood in order to construct our houses and make furniture. In fact, there are now many timber companies which have their tree farms so that they can plant new trees in place of the one they cut down. Thus, in this manner their use of trees becomes limited relatively to small regions so as to allow natural forests to prosper. The demand of wood and other tree-made products grow as and when the population grows. It is therefore required of the timber industries to ensure enough trees in order to meet the demand and let people enjoy the advantage of a well-administered forestry.

It therefore goes without saying that planting trees provide plethora of benefits right from maintaining ecological balance to giving us health benefits, to psychological healing as well as financial advantage. Planting and the maintenance of trees definitely bring down the energy cost, reduce pollution and enhance the appeal of a place and cost of a property. Since the color Green has a calming effect, it also helps you in recovering from strain really fast. So if trees do so much for us, it also becomes our responsibility to look after their maintenance and give them proper sunlight, water and shade.

This is all I have to say about the importance of trees in our lives. Let’s take a pledge to grow as many trees possible and come out in support of our nature.

Thank You!


Importance of Trees in our Lives Speech 4

Hello Everyone – How you all are doing? I hope this day finds you in the best of spirit!

I – Neelanjana Verma – welcome you all to our seminar room. As you all know our ABC Foundation has been actively working for the environment from past one decade and fortunately we have also received great recognition for our work. In this past one decade of our active work, we have tried to achieve the maximum of our targeted goals; however a lot still needs to be done. More than ensuring the safety of our nature, we have worked towards changing the mindset of the people and I sincerely hope our organization has been able to do that to quite a great extent. Because if the mindset of the people isn’t changed, no matter how much we do for our environment and for our nature is going to go waste.

It is time when each one of us realizes the importance of saving our nature otherwise it would cause an irreparable damage to our environment from which there would be no escape. Nature also takes revenge and when it does it causes huge devastation. The history has it!

Therefore, we have once again started this drive of Growing Trees and Saving our Environment. With the help of this campaign, we intend to spread greater awareness amongst the people and wish to bring into their lifestyle the habit of planting trees wherever we see an empty piece of land.

Trees, ladies and gentlemen, are very important part of our planet which provides us ample benefits. There are various facets to it, such as environmental, social, communal and economic. In my speech, I want to cite the most important benefits of trees in our lives. They give us everything which is required of us in order to have a meaningful existence, such as food, air, cloth, house, beauty and energy. Following are the benefits of trees and hence they become so important for our lives –

  1. Trees clean the air

Trees work wonders when it comes to purifying our environment as they absorb all the pollutants, such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, etc. And we must know that a clean environment reduces the illness rate to quite a considerable level.

  1. Trees give us oxygen

Even a child knows this fact that trees give us oxygen, which is of utmost importance for our survival. Tree is the only source of oxygen for us, so we should better protect them.

  1. Tree protect us from harmful ultra-violet rays

As we know that ultra-violet rays are very harmful for us and can cause such diseases as skin cancer, etc. Trees help us protect from the harmful rays by reducing the UV-B exposure up to 50%.

  1. Trees provide food

This is one of the most obvious benefits of trees, i.e. it gives food not only to us, but also to other living beings around, such as birds and animals.

Therefore, let’s join our hands in this Endeavor of saving trees and protecting our environment from all the possible damage.



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