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Knowledge is Power – I am sure we all will agree to this fact! Even then the irony of the situation is that in our country the population of illiterate or semi-literate people is growing. Knowledge not only makes human being a rational creature, but also gives him/her enough power to control his/her surroundings and make sense of the world. Knowledge and/or education is such an important part of our lives that without it our lives would be reduced to an animal-like existence. Therefore, to make people realize its importance, the speeches on Knowledge is Power have been covered. You can use both short speech on Knowledge is Power as well as long speech on Knowledge is Power for your reference and can prepare your brief on the same topic in order to spread awareness among the masses.

Knowledge is Power Speech

Speech on Knowledge is Power 1

Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you! Hope you all are in the best of health and spirit.

Today, I am here to deliver a speech on the topic called “Knowledge is Power”. I hope everyone present here can relate with the topic and agree with it too. There is no bigger power than the knowledge of power itself. Information, as we all know, is truly liberating. Education lays the foundation of progress in every family and in every society. It empowers the nation and allows its people to rule over time. If a person is knowledgeable, he/she will be able to turn a situation, event or a person for that matter in his favor. A person’s aptitude, talent or capability to perform is completely dependent on his level of understanding, education and knowledge. Hence, knowledge is a prerequisite for success.

Since time immemorial man has been able to place himself at the apex of all living creatures, including the world’s natural objects, with the power of his immense knowledge that he has earned over the ages. Not only our planet earth, but man has been able to conquer the space above, scaled the high altitude mountains and tamed the sea. He has gone deep into the womb of the earth and managed to dig out the wealth. He effectively makes use of water, air as well as other natural elements in order to work on his machinery.

It is through his deep scientific knowledge of the world that he has been able to unravel various mysteries of nature. The march of Science started way back during the primitive times when man invented fire and learnt to use it for various purposes. Since then there was no looking back and overwhelming progress has been made in the field of Science and Technology. Through the understanding of different knowledge of Science man has also been able to conquer diseases and managed to find cure of those diseases. It has not only increased the life span of man on this earth, but also made his life much more comfortable. It has bestowed man with an exceeding level of material progress. It has brought the whole world close so much so that human races surviving at different remote parts of the world have come into contact with each other. It has transformed the world into a global community.

However, it is not always so good or ideal for that matter. Humongous monetary growth which knowledge has bestowed on the mankind has led to the formation of two classes of people, viz. rich and poor. Even worse, it has led to the exploitation of the poor people at the hands of the rich class. This is not the end. Knowledge has empowered man through the creation of deadly weapons. The two catastrophic wars in the last century have given man the lesson that the weapons amassed in man’s arsenal can transform this beautiful world into a morgue.

So it’s up to us how and in what way we make use of education or the wealth of knowledge – whether it’s for the good of the mankind or for its destruction.

Thank You!

Speech on Knowledge is Power 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank our principal and teachers for giving me this wonderful opportunity to speak on the topic called “Knowledge is Power”. As a student, I can completely feel the power of knowledge because what I am today was not 2 years down the line and what I will be after two years will not be what I am today. I am constantly evolving and making myself a better person intellectually with the power of knowledge. Now, I have a better understanding of this world and can make sense of this universe way better than I used to do it earlier.

By power, I don’t mean the power to destroy somebody, but power of light and knowledge that shows us the right path and helps us in understanding the science behind the working of this universe. How the sun shines, about the brightness of stars, how it rains, etc. It is through the knowledge of how this natural world functions; we are able to enjoy our existence on this earth otherwise without education we would have remained in the darkness of ignorance or illiteracy.

Thus, knowledge is defined as the information and skills acquired through education and experience. Since time immemorial, every individual is going mad to gain supremacy over this world or to rule over other people intellectually. This power therefore should not be mistaken as or not just limited to physical strength.

Knowledge, let me tell you friends, is more powerful than bodily strength because physical strength can fail once but not intellectual strength. Also, physical strength doesn’t last for a lifetime, but power of knowledge does. Knowledge helps in solving the mysteries and finding rational explanations of the things in this world. Application of knowledge is what enables us to understand the science behind the working of nature.

In the ancient times, people never have had requisite knowledge about the functioning of this world or the different facets of nature. They were living an animal-like existence where they didn’t have knowledge about the very place they were living in. They wouldn’t understand the flow of nature. They used to get scared of wild animals and also the slight occurrence of natural calamity, such as flood, storm, earthquake, etc used to leave them terrified and helpless. Under this situation, they would go from one place to the other for a safe shelter.

However, in the present times the situation has much changed and we are no longer ignorant. Man has been able to amass great wealth of knowledge and a lot of experience from the rich experience that our ancestors have left behind in the form of books and scriptures. We now possess good knowledge of our world, the nature and other things that take place every day and night. Since we are empowered with knowledge, we can control animals and make them productive for the mankind. Knowledge has, in fact, bestowed us with enough power to expand our reach to other planets and fly the moon and also win over various fatal diseases by finding their cure.

Now, I would request my friends to share their thoughts on the same and bring forth their valuable points too.

Thank You!

Speech on Knowledge is Power 3

Dear Audience – Warm Greetings to all of you! Thank you for making your presence in this speech ceremony in large numbers. I am extremely elated and thankful to all of you for making your contribution in whatever way possible towards educating the under privileged children.

Today, I am here to deliver a speech on “Knowledge is Power” so that more and more people can realize the importance of education and send their children – whether it’s male or female – to school and also help other children around who cannot afford going to school.

I am sure you all will agree to this axiom that Knowledge is Power. A person who is knowledgeable can think rationally and take informed decisions. It gives him the power to control the future course of action and chart out his future growth. More often than not, we tend to associate power with those who are physically well-built or command a lot of influence in the society because of their wealth. When two fighters fight, we will definitely assume that the stronger person will win. Then, in a war the country that commands a larger army is expected to emerge victorious.

However, if we think deeply we will realize that knowledge is what makes a person more powerful and not physical strength. It does play an important role, but physical prowess without knowledge is like a blind giant who cannot deal with a person with sharp eyes.

In a battle, the side which possesses a strong army always carries an advantage without any doubt, but it can turn out to be fruitless if the army in opposition is equipped with a leader who is strongly informed about the tactics of warfare. For instance, take Alexander who managed to defeat the large armies with only a band of Greek soldiers who had to fight from their own motherland. This was owing to the sheer brilliance of Alexander or his leadership qualities. But what was this leadership all about? It was about the swiftness of his movement, will power and mental prowess. Alexander’s chief virtue was his thorough knowledge about his army men, knowledge of his enemy country and his strength, tactics as well as warfare strategy. This is the sure shot way to achieve success in a battle and Alexander was intellectual enough to realize that. Other factors too play an important role, but knowledge reigns supreme of all.

In what way knowledge ensures power can be best realized through man’s increasing control of his living surroundings or natural forces. In the primeval times, man did not have any knowledge of nature and considered that the hills and trees were inhabited by fairies and spirits. He believed in gods and ghosts and was himself powerless and inert. But now the time has changed and man has been able to unravel various mysteries that lied hidden in the womb of the earth and man’s knowledge can be seen in his daily increasing control over the natural forces. Man has invented electrical energy and now flies in the air and floats over the seas. He now no longer gets terrified at the slightest occurrence of natural calamity because he knows how to overcome it. He has now builds dams and bridges over the rivers to convert water power into electrical energy or use water for irrigation and in factories and mills.

Thus, knowledge is a boon for mankind provided it is used for constructive purposes.

Thank You!


Speech on Knowledge is Power 4

Respected Parents and My Dear Friends – Good Evening to all of you!

Before I begin with my speech on “Knowledge is Power”, allow me to first thank all the parents for making this event happen and allowing their children to move out from the comfort of their homes and spread the light of knowledge by educating the underprivileged children and illiterate young people. Nothing could be as good a deed as giving the gift of knowledge to poor children and young people.

Poverty is a disease in itself. We cannot eradicate poverty from our country by simply shelling out money from our pockets and giving it to the poor or giving them one time meal in order to feed their empty stomachs unless we get down to the root cause of the problem and try and solve it. Many poor families that we see are illiterate or can barely read or write. Since they do not have enough money to send their children to school, they make their children work for meager amount and thus even their coming generations continue to suffer from the pangs of poverty and remain deprived of knowledge.

Thus, as the educated global citizens it becomes our responsibility to spread knowledge all around and educate others so that poverty can be wiped out completely. If we have knowledge, we gain the power to influence the world for better and help others in many ways possible. Knowledge also develops our self esteem and makes us more conscious of ourselves – how we should behave and interact with others in our community. In other words, knowledge makes us a rational human being.

As it is said that with knowledge comes power, i.e. the power to understand what is right and what is wrong. If we take the wrong path or a risky path, we will also remain prepared for the repercussions. However, if one remains in the darkness of illiteracy, then how he or she would be able to realize the importance of light, i.e. knowledge! It remains a pertinent question.

Knowledge is not just about acquiring formal education, but it is a combination of education, skills and experience. It can be in the form of abstract knowledge, say the kind that a mathematician makes use of. Else, it can be a carpenter or an engineer who makes use of his practical knowledge. Thirdly, it can be in the form of experience where a person is able to find his way out and solve real time problems. And, the most powerful person would be the one who possesses all these three qualities.

Another thing that I would like to mention is that knowledge allows us to be free and makes us independent. Freedom is really required for having real power. Secondly, it also means that we do not exercise our power over others and for bringing them under our control. Thus, knowledge not only empowers us, but also helps us empower others and make this place a safe haven for everyone to live in. That’s all I have to say.

Thank You!



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