Welcome Speech for Conference

Welcome speech is a type of speech presented to welcome your guests and audience in a given event like a seminar conference or a party being hosted by you. Here, the kind of welcome speech covered is for a Conference.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Conference in English

These are in the form of both short welcome speeches for conference as well as long welcome speeches for conference. These are comprehensively written elucidating on the importance of the conference and the given subject that is being raised in it. If you want to prepare for the same then browse through the pages and pick your relevant topics.

Conference Welcome Speech 1

Warm Greetings for the Day, Ladies and Gentleman – How’re you all doing?

I, Sandeep Khaneja, welcome you all to the 11th conference of/on _____ at ……….. Firstly, I would like to thank the experts for taking their precious time out and making to this event. Secondly, I would want to thank my audience for being present here today. Before we begin with our today’s session, please allow me to deliver a short speech in order to warm up everyone regarding today’s to be discussed key issues.

One of the today’s major topics of concern, ladies and gentlemen is Gender Disparity in the Working Sector. I am sure our experts must have done their bit of studying around the topic and so our audience. This is a topic that each one of us can relate with, particularly the working class. Despite our relentless efforts towards ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all, it is very unfortunate that we have not been able to completely uproot this social evil called gender disparity from our society.

This gender disparity is manifested in various forms in our society which clearly reflects in our working sectors as well. How often we get to hear and experience many cases of female harassment and unfair distribution of work. This makes very difficult for females to feel safe and work up to their optimum capacity to be able to deliver results. Due to which they become deprived of many opportunities that come their way and hence are unable to develop professional competencies. Moreover, they have to strike a balance both in their personal as well as professional lives and hence aren’t able to work for late hours so often, in the corporate sectors like their male counterparts do. The unfair distribution of work and responsibilities and hence lower perks and incentives really mar the spirit of the female employees and deter them from working to their maximum capacity.

This disparity really impedes the growth of our working sectors and eventually our economy. It is very important to treat both the sexes equally and help them attain their complete potential. So this is an extremely critical subject for drawing everyone’s attention and taking concrete measures so that an overall growth of our working sectors can be attained. A nation that gives equal opportunities to its people and aids in the economic and mental capacity of its people, becomes a prosperous nation. Gender disparity is a grave concern and we should not overlook it at all.

Now, I would like to invite our honorable guests on stage and would request them to share their knowledge with us. It would really help us delve deeper into the subject and understand its nuances. I would also request my audience to remain seated and listen to our experts as thereafter they shall be liable to raise their doubts and questions. These doubts and questions then will be taken up by our panel of experts.

Thank you so much everyone! Hope you enjoyed the session…

Conference Welcome Speech 2

To our distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen – A very Warm Welcome!

I feel extremely glad to welcome everyone to this much awaited conference as it marks the 10th yearly group meeting and it gives me immense pleasure to be standing in front of you all, i.e. amongst the most esteemed personalities who have won accolades in their respective fields.

Before we kick start the conference, I would like to express my gratitude towards you all who sincerely contributed to this event in order to make it a success. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of each and everyone present here.

In today’s conference, our Hon’ble guests would like to shift their focus to our youths, particularly volunteers who work relentlessly towards the common goals, i.e. empowering the youth of our country and spreading awareness about the issues that concern us in the contemporary times.

People who have been chosen for today’s event have been chosen for a reason, i.e. due to their mutual passion. Your passion for a common goal helps us to bring you all together and unite the energy in the realization of these goals – whether on an individual level or a group level.  We all need each other for the fulfillment of our common goals and that’s why it makes our resolution even stronger.

In the coming months, you all will be made to learn what all are the different ways in which we can plan our different activities, special events, seminars, where you will be able to be a part of these activities and also get hands on experience. I hope it will help you become smarter and more productive.

In order to help our nation achieve an overall development in all the sectors of society, it becomes very important to tap the energy of our youth in the right way otherwise none can prevent that nation from facing a steep decline. Clearly, our youth is the future face of your country and they have an infinite store of energy with them in addition to great ideas; therefore if they are provided with the right platform and abundant opportunities they are likely to shine like a star.



Luckily, in the present times, there is no dearth of opportunities available in various fields, whether it’s Education, Entertainment, Spirituality, Science and Technology, Health, Fashion, etc. Now there is a wider scope available and our youth can realize their potential to the maximum by undergoing vigorous training sessions.

I strongly feel that acting collectively is the need of the hour and uniting our youth for a common cause can work wonders. It is my most sincere hope that owing to our relentless endeavors, this conference will help our youth take strong resolutions on how they can move closer towards the attainment of their goals.

Now, I would request our chief guest to come on the dais and share their thoughts on the same.


Conference Welcome Speech 3

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – A warm welcome to all of you!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the fifth anniversary of our lifestyle magazine called Trends. I, Sourabh Shukla, the co-editor have been associated with this magazine since its inception and feel extremely ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to host today’s evening.

Now, I would want to felicitate our guests of honor who have set a benchmark in the success of magazine’s editions and are helping people stay updated with the latest trends. Their magazines have a wider coverage and really rule the marketplace, i.e. the fashion industry. So we are feeling extremely glad that these eminent personalities could be a part of our small Endeavour and have gathered today for making it a success.

A big thank you to all of you who have not only helped in running this magazine for five years relentlessly, but also making it a huge success! We started in a very small office and now our magazine is known as one of the reputed names in the fashion industry. We couldn’t have asked for more! Our in-house team of writers, editors, senior correspondent and printing department – everyone from bottom to top has greatly contributed in the making of this magazine and helping it become what it is today.

So today we have gathered not only to celebrate the victory of our magazine, but also to invite suggestions from you all in helping it improve and making it better than what it was yesterday. This of course cannot happen overnight and we will have to be very patient in dealing with the nitty-gritty of the subject of this magazine. Ladies and gentlemen as we all know that fashion industry is in a constant state of flux and what is relevant today suddenly become irrelevant tomorrow and therefore to be able to keep a tab on these fast changing trends is not at all easy.

As you all know that through our magazine we help people shape to their tastes, wherein they start acknowledging latest fashion trends, so to be able to guide them we need to stay at the forefront always ready to understand the nuances of the various fashion trends as what may work for a certain section of society may not work for another. Not everything that is in trend may work for us as there could be some horrible fashion drift. In such a case we, who are writing as experts, have to remain on our guard while taking critics’ opinion into purview.

Now, may I please invite on stage the great fashion expert, Mr. ………, to join me and say a few words in this regard. I would also like to request him to give us some real time analysis of the fashion trends and how we can help improve ourselves.

This is all from my side and thank you for being such patient listeners!

Hope you all have a great evening today!


Conference Welcome Speech 4

Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen!

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome on behalf of Centre for Natural Resources and to convey how grateful we are to Ministry of Agriculture for accepting our invitation to convene this conference on “Waste Water Management in India”. It is an opportune time to renew contacts and discuss problems of mutual interest with delegates from the Ministry. It is gratifying to note that the agenda of the conference covers a wide range of interesting themes relating to various kinds of treatment in order to convert waste water which are directly related to aspects of water and fertility management.

On behalf of my institution, I am highly obliged to the research scholars who have made it to the conference and would be presenting their papers on varied themes of waste water management, which is need of the hour.  These papers would ultimately enlighten all of us present here on the need for converting waste water and using it judiciously, saving it for our future generations.

I am grateful to Dr. Swaraj to share his views on “Domestic Sewage: A Major Roadblock for Water Management”. His research paper clearly highlights certain important facts which mainly include that, sewage which mainly originates from our households is referred to as domestic sewage. It consists of wide variety of suspended impurities. We clean our houses with soaps and detergents which contain high amount of chemicals, which often pollute the water leading to water pollution. Human excreta which dissolves with this chemical water, gets in to streams and ocean water, serving as food to bacteria present in them. The main consequence of this process is that algae and bacteria tend to overpopulate under water which makes it difficult for other aquatic life to survive.

This aspect of domestic sewage makes things worse for water being converted for judicious use. Sewage treatment of water is majorly divided into 3 phases which includes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Primary treatment physically separates solids and liquids. The wastewater passes through a grating that strains out large particles. The remaining water is left to stand in a tank, where smaller sediments like particles of sand, clay, and other materials settle to the bottom. At this point, the liquid part of the wastewater still contains many pollutants and is not safe for exposure to humans or the environment.

In the second step, called secondary treatment, the liquid part of the wastewater passes through a trickling filter or an aeration tank. After secondary treatment, the water is generally free from the majority of pathogens and heavy metals. It still contains high concentrations of nitrate and phosphate, minerals that can over-stimulate the growth of algae and plants in natural waters, which can ultimately cause them and the surrounding organisms to die. Tertiary treatment removes these nutrients from the wastewater.

Heartiest congratulations to all the presenters and members of the ministry as without your support this conference wouldn’t have proved to be beneficial to this extent. I would now like to call upon our distinguished guest from the ministry to share their views on our scholar’s presentations and what could be the future solution to this major problem of waste water management.

Thank You!


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