Welcome Speech for School Exhibition

School Exhibitions, quite often take place these days and therefore have become a common event. So, if you are also a part of school and wish to give a welcome speech then you’re at the right platform. The welcome speeches for school exhibition are comprehensively covered in an easy to understand language.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for School Exhibition in English

These Welcome Speech for School Exhibition are written while keeping in mind, varied demography and at the same time not compromising with the quality of information so as to give our readers an enriching experience. Here you would find both short welcome speeches for school exhibitions as well as long welcome speeches for school exhibitions.

You can use following School Exhibition Welcome Speech depending upon your requirement and prepare your own good speech for the right occasion and impress your audience.

Welcome Speech for School Exhibition 1

Warm Greetings Everyone – I, Priyadarshini Khanna – the Vice Principal of this School welcome everyone to our School Exhibition!

It gives me a great sense of joy to organize the event every year in our school and invite other neighboring schools as well, so that they can also become a part of our program and we can bond over, in a healthy socio-cultural environment.

So, this yet another exhibition in our school will work towards the same direction, i.e. bringing people together under the same roof with common interests. And interestingly, this time it is the art exhibition. I am sure each one of us loves art and if we cannot actually give life to anything on canvass we can at least appreciate it. And this is precisely the reason why most of us are here, i.e. to appreciate art in its varied form and learn to acknowledge other peoples’ perspective.

This art exhibition is extra special for us because, it is entirely the efforts of our students and they are not experts, but are rather at a learning stage. The best part is that they have huge thoughts in their minds and a wandering mind as well, which if properly channelized can lead to classic creations. If you take a tour through this art gallery, you will find the paintings of mostly nature, animals, children sharing a common environment, mother feeding her child, etc.

They are very pristine in nature and the reason behind highlighting this in my speech is to make you realize that even though their paintings do not depict anything eccentric, but there is something much more important than this, which is that they have managed to depict the real, actual life in the most artistic manner possible. I am sure that we can all relate with their pictures.

I also hope the paintings that you all will be seeing on the walls, will bring your emotions to the surface and will be manifested in various forms, i.e. either these paintings will make you happy or sad depending upon your personal experiences and behavioral tendencies. All I want to say is that if you happen to like any of the paintings, kindly buy them, as the money that we will get in return, will be going to our charity fund for the underprivileged and disabled children so that they can be given a better future. This is for a noble cause and I request you to help us in this endeavor.

So ladies and gentlemen and our dear students, I will take a leave from the stage and let you enjoy your time here. Please feel free to move around and enjoy the exhibition. We have also our students standing at different corners, in order to take you through and give a clearer picture of the art exhibition.

Wishing you a wonderful time here and hope at the end of the day you all have something good to share with us.

Thank you for being such a patient listener!


Welcome Speech for School Exhibition 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Guests, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends – A warm welcome to all of you to the 3rd school exhibition!

I, Ajay Singh – the student of Class-XII (C), feel extremely delighted to have been hosting our school exhibition. Firstly, I would like to thank my teachers for giving me this wonderful opportunity of showcasing my talent and addressing all of you on the podium.

Secondly, I am filled with great pride that our school is going on to host such events and programs successively and on such an impressive scale, where other schools are also invited in order to become a part of the entire experience. However, organizing such events is not easy, as it takes the efforts of the entire school to host such programs and make flawless arrangements, particularly keeping in mind the convenience of our guests.

Our administration, students and of course our teachers have been relentlessly working in order to ensure a smooth run of the events and the convenience of our guests. I, therefore, sincerely hope that our guests today will feel the utmost comfort and if at all there is any sense of discomfort, you all are requested to please feel free to reach out to us.

This exhibition, ladies and gentlemen, as the invite has been sent out to you is an art exhibition. However, these arts or paintings that you see are not by any renowned painter, but by our school students. Along with art exhibition, there’s also another section of Science exhibition, where you’d find models as well art & craft work based on Science. I am sure that this Art and Science Exhibition both will interest you all and stir your level of excitement.

Some of the paintings exhibited in the gallery are up for sale and the money which we will receive through their sale shall go to the orphanage centre. So I will request you all, to kindly come in large numbers in order to buy these paintings and thereby make your contribution towards the education and better life of those orphan children who are our responsibility. Only then will we consider that our exhibition has proved to be successful.

I am sure that both our Art and Science Exhibition will interest you greatly and captivate your attention. These art paintings are principally based on modern art forms and hence they are abstract. Only an art connoisseur can fathom the meaning of these paintings; however, they all are aesthetically very appealing. Equally fascinating is our Science Exhibition as our students from Class VI to Class XII have prepared the models to the best of their capacities applying their knowledge. Some of the models are really ingenious and will take you by surprise.

I am sure you all are very excited now to visit our art and Science gallery, so without any further ado, I – Ajay Singh – your host rest my speech here and request you to collect your passes before heading towards the hall.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for School Exhibition 3

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – I warmly welcome everyone to the 5th books exhibition in our school.

I, Abhishek Avasthi, the proud owner of this store feel extremely happy and humble to have been organizing this yet another book exhibition and welcoming you all in such large numbers. It is so great to see so many enthusiasts of books coming together under one roof for this exhibition and celebrating the successful 5-year completion of our store.

Since the time of its opening, our store is doing really well and our customers are from different places of the city. My happiness knows no bounds at seeing the happy faces of our contended clients and serving them with the best of books that are published by the top-notch authors and are being rolled out into the market.

I am pleased to host this yet another exhibition where you all will get the opportunity to eye on different popular books – both fictional as well as non-fictional. These books are not yet available in the market, but we have them on the special request of our customers. Clearly, everyone is a book lover and none can contest the fact that ‘books are our best friends and the wealth of knowledge that we derive from them remains unmatched’.

I very much know that many of you have come from a far and travelled a considerable miles of distance, this gives me an even greater encouragement to provide my customers with the best of books of the best authors. Now, talking about the present exhibition, I would want to say to kindly first collect your hall ticket as well as food vouchers instead of directly moving towards the exhibition hall. Secondly, I would like to say that in the hall you would be able to find the sections of all the popular authors along with their books.

Plus, there are also stalls of popular/legendary poets who have swept the readers off their feet with their strong, powerful and evocative poems. There are literature books as well with a view to keep the interest of the literary students intact. These books, ladies and gentlemen, I want to say is not just limited to Indian, but cover the whole world – American, Europe, African, Canadian, etc.

I am sure that you would find plethora of options in books to choose from. Keeping in mind the feedback/response that I received in the past 4 years, I this time made sure that all the gaps are being filled and there are no loop holes. So enjoy this exhibition and make the most of it.

Also, please do not forget to register your names and the choices of books that you would like to purchase as it will help my team members to streamline the entire process and offer you a smooth/hassle free service.

This is all from my side. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of my staff members, in case of any problem or query.



Welcome Speech for School Exhibition 4

Warm Greetings Hon’ble Directors, Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends! I – Ananya Sharma from Grade X (D) – warmly welcome everyone to the art & craft exhibition in our school!

This gives me immense pleasure to host this 2nd exhibition of art & craft in our school and feel extremely elated to see the enthusiasm of everyone! I am glad that our school is also encouraging its students in this discipline as there is a lot of hidden talent in our students.

There is no dearth of such students in our school, majority of them are girls who are greatly inclined towards this art & craft work. I really believe that if they are given the opportunity to learn the same, they can go a long way and perform exceptionally well.

Keeping this in mind, the decisions making committee of our school has decided to introduce this as a separate discipline in our curriculum. In other words, this will be taught as a separate subject to our students. However, the subject will not be forced upon the students and it will be an optional one so that interested students can step forward and enroll themselves in the given course with a very nominal fee. We as students should feel extremely proud to be a part of such school which believes in the overall growth of its students. It is a constant endeavor of our school committee to design such curriculum, which is in the best interest of all the students, if not all then at least the majority of them.

Having said that the greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of the students as they have to now make the best use of this opportunity and should make their school proud! The course will be introduced in the new session of this year itself for which the interviews to hire the best faculty for this discipline have already started. The interested students are requested to fill up the forms without any further delay and submit the requisite amount.

I hope this is happy news for all the students. Now, I would request our hon’ble directors, principal, vice principal ma’am as well as our teachers, followed by the students to feel free to roam around and take a look at the art exhibition. This exhibition I am sure will speak a lot about our students’ talent and how much efforts and creativity has gone into every piece that they have designed.

I would like to end my speech with an announcement that those interested in making a purchase of their favorite pieces can do so by just going to the counter and submitting the respective amount. Please feel free to come back to us in case of any discomfort or query; my team will be more than happy to assist you.

This is all from my side.

Thank You!


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