Welcome Speech for College Function

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Long and Short Welcome Speech for College Function in English

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Welcome Speech for College Function 1

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Esteemed Guest of Honor, Professors and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I, Vashisht Raj from Mass Communication Course 3rd year, welcome you all to the annual function of our college. I will be your host for today and my co-host Miss. Aanchal Panwar would be joining me in some time. Before we kick start this function, I on behalf of the entire students, would like to thank our guest of honor, Shri …………… for taking his precious time out and gracing the occasion with his presence. Even though he needs no introduction, I want to say that he has won various accolades in the aesthetics and art field and has gifted mankind spectacular pieces of artistic creation. Sir, we sincerely hope that you get to enjoy the day today with all of us.

Secondly, I want to thank our respected Principal and Vice Principal for giving us their consent as well as the complete creative freedom. Last but not the least, our respected professors without whom we are incomplete. They support us in many ways unimaginable not only helping us with the ideas, but also with the execution of those ideas and giving us their necessary moral support.

So when the day has finally arrived, I want to assure my audience that we are going to have a gala time today because all the participants have worked really hard. The preparation has been going on since last month and no stone has been left unturned by our students in making their performances look spectacular. Different performances have been lined up for today – some cultural dance performances, singing performances, instrument playing, etc. In addition, there will be some quiz rounds as well.

Besides, there is a speech giving ceremony by our Hon’ble principal who will be addressing the guest tonight as well as her dear students. The speech by her is not just a string of words, but is a powerful motivational speech that will boost the morale of our students and gives them the insight into various things. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have been growing up intellectually under the aegis of our Hon’ble principal as well as our teachers who constantly help us in pushing our limits. The fact that the students of our college bring appreciation home is all because of the relentless efforts of our professors.

Their intent is not only to help us grow intellectually but also to strengthen our creative faculties. Other than studies, art and cultural streams, sports is also an equally important area of consideration. Both girls and boys of our college excellently perform in inter-college, zonal as well as national sports competitions. Our college is hence much renowned amongst other colleges and I sincerely hope that in the coming years, the fame of our college continues to grow and our students work diligently in different areas so that they come out with flying colors after the completion of their respective courses.

This is all from my side, thank you!

Now all of you get ready for the first performance of today.


Welcome Speech for College Function 2

Good Morning Principal, Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers and Dear Students – Warm welcome to everyone!

On the behalf of our college, I – Aarushi Sinha – extend a very sincere welcome to all of you present here on the annual sports meet of our college. Sports are an integral as well as necessary part of our lives. It contributes not only to fitness but helps also in personality development of an individual.

Sports, whether team based or individually performed, are a great activity and provide us a variety of benefits other than physical fitness. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem, confidence and can motivate us to excel academically and can help build social skills. It can even teach certain individuals the ways and benefits of goal setting & practice. It also improves concentration.

So, with this purpose, we organize a sports meet every year, in which 100% participation is encouraged and each participant is rewarded and it is the participation of every individual that is most important for us and gives us immense joy. This year our college has been declared as one of the best institutions in the city, which has included and is following extra-curricular activities in daily schedule, simultaneously with academics. I wish to thank and congratulate each one of you present here as, without your support, it would not have been possible for us to organize an event of this level. What you see today, is the culmination of massive, continuous efforts put in by the students and teachers. So sit tight and cheer with your generous applause.

I am pleased to share that the distinguished guest has honored us with her presence today as the Chief Guest of our Sports day is none other than Mrs. Sheila, a Senior Member from the Ministry of Sports. She herself has been a legendary Indian wrestler & Olympian. She has epitomized unfailing spirit to succeed despite all odds. Mrs. Sheila has been one of the Indian women wrestlers who have made their nation proud many a times by outstanding performances in the area mostly dominated by men.



Her valiant struggle backed by her strong determination brought her all the way where she is now. She has won 3 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal for India along with 2 Bronze medals in World Wrestling Championship & Asian Wrestling Championship. It is a privilege for all of us gathered here to have such a famous personality amongst us, as our esteemed guest of honor.

Best of luck to all the students who are now going to present before us their talent and I pray to god that the best one should win. One should never lose hope even if you fail in a sport as failures lead to success. So with a huge round of applause, let us please call upon our chief guest to grace the occasion and share her life moments and inspiring life story with all of us here.

Hope you all will have a great time.

Thank you!


Welcome Speech for College Function 3

Hon’ble Guests, Respected Principal, Professors, Admin Staff and My Dear Friends – Warm Good Evening to all of you!

I, Akshay Panwar and my co-host Ananya Pandey welcome you all to another annual college function of ours and want to extend a note of thank you to our guest of honor Smt. ………..the Principal of ABC College for accepting our invitation and coming over to grace the annual function of our college. Friends, our guest of honor has effectively contributed in the field of research and is working with the department of the Oxford University. I, therefore, feel privileged to have introduced you to this great scholar.

To all the freshers who have joined this college this very year itself, I want to tell you that every year our college celebrates annual function with great enthusiasm and zeal like a festival and create wonderful memories. Of course, that goes without saying that a lot of efforts went into preparing for this big day as the preparation cannot happen overnight. It requires careful observation of every single detail because the slight negligence can spoil the whole effort.

So let us all, as an audience appreciate the efforts of all the participants who have been working hard, day and night so that they can shine through in their performances. We have been extremely fortunate that there was a support from all the sides not only for the participants, but also to those working backstage. Support from our Principal, Professors, fellow mates and the admin department was also there throughout. I cannot help appreciating the undaunting spirit of my team members who went out of their comfort zones to ensure that the tasks are completed at the end of the day. In fact, a special thank you goes to our sponsors as without them this annual function couldn’t have been this grand.

After a round of performances, there will also be the award giving ceremony where our college students who participated in the zonal, state as well as national level will be rewarded. So everyone get ready for some power-packed performances of our students and trust me you will not take your eyes off them.

The function will continue until 6 pm followed by the speech ceremony where our guest of honor would be addressing the students. There will also be a question-answer round where our students can ask question and engage in conversation with our guest. In the end, tea and snacks will be served. So kindly remain seated until the end of the program and cheerfully support our participants.

Friends, this is all from my side, thank you all for being patient listeners. I will see you after this round of performances, till then enjoy the evening.



Welcome Speech for College Function 4

Esteemed Guest of Honor, Respected Principal, Professors and My Dear Friends – Warm Welcome to all of you to the 25th annual function of our college!

I, Ananya Shukla – from BA English (Hons.) Program, 3rd year – feel extremely privileged to be standing in front of you all and welcoming everyone in this grand celebration. The day is primarily special because of the annual function and secondly for the successful completion of 25 years of our college. In this long span of 25 years, the fame of our college has tremendously grown. The college was founded with a view to provide excellent learning opportunities to the students and a great platform to showcase their skills.

Beginning with a few foundation courses, our college has gone on to provide not only graduation courses, but post graduation as well as PhD courses. This is indeed quite an achievement for our college and we are also renowned for our well-equipped research centers. In fact, every year research scholars’ day is also celebrated where research scholars from different parts of the country are invited and knowledge is shared, that benefits everyone present under the same roof.

Other than academic achievements, we also cherish development in the field of sports, arts and culture. What I like the most about my college is that it gives equal importance to each and every discipline, so much so that students have the opportunity to achieve an overall development of their personality. Like every year, in today’s annual function too our students will try to put their best foot forward. The preparations have been going on from last two months. I hope all my friends shine through in their performances and give our audience, chiefly our special guest today a high dose of entertainment.

But before we kick start today’s program, please allow me to share the schedule of today’s annual function, i.e. firstly our Hon’ble principal will grace the stage by felicitating our guest of honor followed by a speech ceremony. Then will follow the performances of the students, which are a mix of dance performances, singing performances, playing of the instruments, etc. Before closing the day, we would also request our guest of honor to say a few words to our students and give away awards and medals to the candidates who have brought accolades and glory to our college in various disciplines.

Besides, I would also like to request the head of the sociology department to share her knowledge on women healthcare programs and what all are the lucrative opportunities available to them in different public as well as private sectors. It would hence be very enlightening for our female audience who can greatly benefit from the speech.

In the end, I just would want to say that may everyone enjoy today’s program and take back some wonderful memories. Now, I would request our Principal – Smt.  …………. to kindly come on stage and say a few words in this regard.

Thank you all for being such a great audience!



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