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Speech on Solar System and Planets

Our Solar System is the planetary system bound by the gravitation of the Sun and all the bodies that revolve around it, either indirectly or directly. The bodies that revolve around the sun indirectly are the moons and the bodies that revolve around the sun directly are called planets, large and dwarf and all other objects in the solar system. You might come across situations at school, colleges, events, etc when you may be required to deliver Speech on Solar systems and Planets. So, get help here. Long and Short Speech on Solar Systems and Planets Speech – 1 Respected Principal Sir, Respected Teachers, all other members of the School and My Fellow Students! First of all, I would like to welcome you all to the Science Fair that is conducted every year in our school. It started when I was in Standard V since then I have been an active participant in the Science Fair. Every year, on the first day of the Fair, the school shares some surprises and exciting news with us. This year, our school has something very enjoyable and exciting for us, especially for small students. This year, our school has decided to take all of us to the Science Museum and the Planetarium on the last day of the Fair. Exciting, isn’t it? Personally, I am very enthralled and excited as knowing about the...

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Speech on Self Discipline and its Importance

Self-discipline is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Self-discipline helps you achieve perseverance and the capability to win as well as resist temptations. Everyone knows its importance, yet from time to time, speeches and lectures are delivered on the topic. You may be required someday to deliver a speech on self-discipline and its importance. We have shared here some sample speeches on self-Discipline and its Importance for you to take ideas and prepare your own Speech. Long and Short Speech on Self Discipline and its Importance Speech 1 Good Morning Teachers, Parents, and Dear Students, First of all, I would like to welcome you to the 10th summer camp organized by our school. Before we begin the programs, I would like to speak about self-discipline and its importance in one’s life. I am sure, whenever someone wants you to be disciplined; it sounds more like a command, especially for students. Have you ever wondered why we hate or dislike to be disciplined? It’s because we feel someone is controlling us. Then how can we ever become self-disciplined? In order to become one, it is important that you understand the meaning of self-discipline and its importance in your life. Discipline refers to a code of conduct and behavior and self-discipline means the art and ability to control one’s own behavior, habit, and etiquette. It is important in one’s life as...

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Speech on National Flag on India

The Indian National flag symbolizes freedom of India and it holds great respect and honor in the mind and heart of every Indian and it is of high importance to all of us. It is important that we know everything about the Indian National flag and represent it in high regard. The national flag is hoisted on major national occasions and you may be required to give a speech on the national flag on one of these occasions. Speeches on the national flag are a good reference point for occasions like Republic Day, Independence Day, etc. Long and Short Speech on National Flag in English Speech 1 Good morning principal sir, teachers, and friends. I _______ from class _____ will speak today on National Flag. The flag is also called Tiranga in Hindi. It is a symbol of free India. Tiranga has three colors – saffron, white and green. There is also an Ashoka Wheel at the center. The wheel is blue in color with 24 spokes. We are proud to have the Tiranga as our flag. It looks very beautiful in the sun. Always raise the flag high. Never misuse the tiranga in any way. We respect our national flag and also love it. Thank You! Happy Independence Day! Speech 2 Good Morning Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends. I am ______ from Class _____ section____. Today I am...

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Speech on Soil Pollution

For years, soil pollution has been one of the biggest environmental issues that the whole world is trying to tackle. It is highly hazardous because it not only affects the land and water animals; it also hampers the life of human beings. Time to time government and private institutes, schools, and colleges organize programs, events, debates, etc to discuss the matter. You may be required to give Speech on Soil Pollution on one of such events. Long and Short Speech on Soil Pollution Speech 1 Respected Teachers, Parents, and Dear Students! Welcome to the event called ‘Plant a tree’, our school celebrates this day every year and the main motive is to make kids responsible towards the environment and be instrumental in diminishing soil pollution. Soil pollution is one of the biggest and the most common problems people are facing today. The primary reason why soil gets polluted is because of the waste produced by men. Soil is usually the combination of non-organic and organic composite elements; it s composed of minerals, rocks, air, water, and humus; hence, the soil is considered a highly valuable resource. It is also valued because; it is the face of earth where trees and plants nurture their roots and develop in the healthful environment; the soil is also the home to numerous tiny microbe organisms important for farming purposes. However, the quality of...

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Constitution of India Speech

The Constitution of India is the superlative law of India. The manuscript offers the structure differentiating the essential political rules, code, framework, processes, duties, and powers of the government institutions. The constitution also lays down the directive principles, fundamental rights as well as the duties of citizens of India. There can be various occasions when you may be required to deliver Speech on the Constitution of India. Long and Short Speech on Constitution of India Speech 1 Respected Teachers and Dear Students! I would like to inform you of the reason for this gathering. You would be glad to know that our school has been selected in the inter-school debate competition that would take place in the month of November, the date is not confirmed yet. Since the topic would primarily be the constitution of India, I would like to share the basics about our constitution with an appeal that you must study books, etc. to gain detailed knowledge about the topic. The Indian Constitution is the absolute law of our country India. This supreme document puts down the frame distinguishing the essential political code of its construction, process, authority, and responsibility of the Indian government institutions. The Constitution of India basically sets out elementary rights, directive rules, and the obligation of the citizens of India. It is considered to be the lengthiest documented constitution that can be found in any country around the world. Dr....

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