Author: Sujeet Kumar

How Plastic Bags are Harmful to Marine Life

Thrown by the public, plastic bags are one of the most commonly found garbage items on the sea beaches. Moreover, once they are used most of the plastic bags become litter and find their way into waterways and rivers to finally reach oceans. After entering the oceans, plastic bags ride on the currents of the oceans and spread across different seas around the world. Marine animals confuse these plastic bags for food and eat them and die later. Threat to Millions of Marine Animals One of the most common garbage found on the beaches, plastic bags are swept up...

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Renewable Energy: Meaning, Sources, Types, Examples, Importance and Advantages

Any energy that is obtained from those resources which are replenished naturally is known as renewable energy. For example solar, wind power and hydro powers, etc. In the wake of fast depleting crude oil and coal – the two major sources of energy currently, the whole world is making efforts to tap renewable energy sources to meet their current and future energy requirements. In India as well, we have done significant progress in tapping perennial rivers to produce hydroelectric energy. In solar energy segment as well, we have done considerable progress over the years. With the government keen to...

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Acid Rain: Meaning, Facts, Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Acid rain is a grave problem which needs global attention. It has harmful impact on plants, aquatic animals, forests, freshwaters, soils, and infrastructure. It causes death of insects and aquatic life-forms, and weathering of stone buildings and statues. It corrodes monuments of historic importance. Every year, thousands of buildings and bridges are damaged due to this. In addition, it has impacts on human heath too. Loss of biodiversity, increased soil acidity and destruction of forests are among some of the many harmful effects of acid rain. Solutions to prevent emission of gases causing acid rain need to be adopted...

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Natural Resources Depletion: Meaning, Types, Facts, Causes, Effects and Solutions

Natural Resources Depletion Natural resource depletion refers to the decreasing amount of resources left on the Planet Earth. It occurs when we use the resources at a rate faster than their renewal. It is indeed a very grave problem nowadays. Why is Natural Resource Depletion a Problem? In ancient times, human life was very close to nature. But with the establishment of large and heavy industries after the Industrial Revolution, indiscriminate exploitation of Nature started taking place to meet the need for raw materials for the industries. With the help of science and technology, man has grossly abused natural...

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Littering: Causes, Problems and Solutions

Etymologically, litter means rubbish carelessly dropped or left about anywhere, especially in public places. Sadly, people are found littering the road or any other public place with impunity. Quite often, we see even educated persons travelling in an expensive car roll down their car’s window to dump trash on the road. They do not think twice about throwing half-eaten sandwiches or throwing empty soda can which hit the car coming from behind us with its driver trying to avoid it in a dangerous way. A truck loaded on the highway goes spreading trash due to its broken container. Who...

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