Animal is the term that applies in general to all the creatures that can move. The biosphere consists of plants and animals. There are many species of animals found in the world. Animals can range from very simple forms to very complex ones and are multi-cellular.

There is delicate and significant balance maintained by the food chain and each one has a significant role, probably. We should hence ensure that we take care of animals at home and also ensure that we protect the wild animals from poachers and environmental threats. The entire animal world may be classified into five types. They are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects.

Animals are also classified into domestic and wild animals. Many animals live around the human beings and are useful for them. They produce food products for the human and carry their loads. Some animals are domesticated by the humans to guard their homes and houses. They are a big entertainer for all age groups. There are evidences of animal’s acts that played an important role to rescue the human life in danger.

Long and Short Essay on Animals in English

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Essay on Animals – Essay 1 (300 Words)

Animals are living things on the earth. They are an essential part of the biosphere and are consistently maintaining the balance of the earth through a food- chain.

Animals are divided into two groups- Domestic animals and wild animals.

  • Domestic animals are those animals that live with human beings and help them in many ways. Some animals are reared by humans that provide many useful things for human use such as- milk, eggs, meat etc. Some use as the means of transport, some guard their homes and houses, and some animals are kept as a pet because of their other qualities. Cow, goat, buffalos, horses, donkeys, hens, ducks, dogs, cats etc are reared by human.
  • Wild animals live in forests and are independent. They live in caves and natural shelters. Tigers are called the king of the forest and are a symbol of valour. It is India’s national animal too. Peacocks are very beautiful. They look splendid when they open their wing which is called the peacock dance. Elephants, rhinoceros, jackals, monkeys and apes, deer, fox etc are the chief wild animals found in India.

Animals are also divided into further three categories according to their eating habits – Herbivorous, carnivores and omnivores.

  • Herbivorous animals are those animals that eat only plants and plant plant-products. Such as cows, buffalos, goats, horses, elephants etc.
  • Carnivores are those animals that depend on the flesh of other animals. They have developed canine teeth to tear meat of their prey.
  • Omnivore animals eat both the plant and plant-products and meat. They are cats, dogs, crow etc.

Animals are living things of the order the Kingdom Animalia. They are an essential part of life. They play an important part to keep the nature in balance. To humans some animals are useful but to nature each of them has a part to play. Thus we should develop a consciousness to protect them and make their life easy. In India some animals are considered to be pious and people worship them on many occasions.


Essay on Animals – Essay 2 (500 Words)


There are many species of the animals found in the world. These animals have different characteristics and different habitats. Some live in dense forests and some live near human habitats. Some animals were domesticated by the early human. It is said that horse was first domesticated by the early human as a mean of transport. At present human lives with different kinds of animals in and around their houses. Different kinds of animals are reared by the people according to their interest in different countries. The major characteristics of the animals are the ability to move, breathe, grow and reproduce. They are classified into different groups such as vertebrates and invertebrates. Let us explore it into a detailed way:-

Classification of Animals

Vertebrates: The animals that have a backbone are known as vertebrate animals. These vertebrate animals are divided into following groups-

  • Mammals– They give birth to their babies and feed them their own milk through their mammary glands. These animals include- cow, goat, lions, elephants etc.
  • Reptiles– Reptiles are the animals that crawl on the earth. They have scales on their bodies and they are egg-laying animals. Snakes, crocodiles and lizards etc are among this category.
  • Amphibians– The animals that live both on land and in water have moist skin and no scales on body are called amphibians. The turtles and the frog are the two good examples of amphibians. Frogs and turtles can breathe through lungs and can respire also through their skin.
  • Rodents– Rodents are warm-blooded mammals. They have teeth suited for gnawing and chewing the food. Rodents like rats and mouse are found in and around human settlements.
  • Ruminants– The word ‘ruminant’ is derived from the Latin word “ruminareto” which means to chew again. Ruminants are animals with four-chambered stomach, which allows them to chew food more than once for their proper digestion.


Invertebrates– Invertebrates are those animals that do not have a backbone. Invertebrates are widely classified. Some of the major classifications are-

  • Arthropods are the animals with an exoskeleton and segmented bodies like spiders and insects.
  • Molluscs are the animals that have soft bodies that are not segmented. Examples include snails.
  • Annelida are the animals that have longitudinal bodies that have circular muscles such as earthworms and leeches.
  • Poriferas are the animals that mostly reside in salty water. They are made up of multiple cells and reproduce sexually and asexually. Examples include sycons and Euplectella.
  • Protozoa are the invertebrates that are unicellular and some are mostly aquatic. Some of the examples include Amoeba and Paramecium.

Apart from these aquatic and arboreal animals are also a part of the Kingdom Animalia. Fish lives in water and the arboreal have made their habitat in the trees.


According to an estimate, there are over 7 million living animal species on Earth. In stark contrast, only 1.5 million have been described so far. Also there is a huge diversity in animal’s shapes and sizes and they vary in size from millionth of a meter (Myxobolous – 8.5 µm) to over thirty meters (Blue Whale – 33.6 meters).


Essay on Animals – Essay 3 (600 Words)


The word “animal” comes from the Latin word ‘animalis’ which means living soul. The biological definition includes all members of the kingdom Animalia that can move, respire, and reproduce.

In informal way the term animal is sometimes used non-scientifically to refer only to non-human animals. Animals are multi-cellular concentric organisms in the Kingdom Anemilia or Metazoa. Some animals have changed their body shapes due to metamorphosis.

Classification of Animals

Animals are hetrotrophs and depend on other animals and living things. Animals have some characteristics features that make them different from other living things. Animals are eukaryotic and multi-cellular. Animals are always useful for the human beings. There are more than 1.5 million known species of animals in the world. They are classified in various categories according to their body shape and eating habits.

  1. Domestic animals: The animals that live around the human being are called domestic animals such as cow, goat, donkey, horse, buffalo, dog, cat, mouse, lizards, squirrel, crow, parrot, etc. some of them are reared by the human as a pet.
  2. Wild animals: The huge area on the earth is covered by forests and these forests are the habitats of different kind of wild animals.
  3. Herbivores: The animals that eat plant and plant-products are called Herbivores. These animals include horse, cow, deer, elephant etc.
  4. Carnivores: The animals that depend on flesh of other animals and kill them for their food are known as carnivores such as lion, tiger, jackal etc.
  5. Omnivores: The animals that eat plant and plant-products and the flesh of animals are named as omnivores. Example of such animals is dog, cat, crow etc.

Importance of Animals

Human being is largely benefited by animals. They directly affect the human life and indirectly keeping balance in nature. The wild life sanctuaries, national parks, zoos and museums are promoting tourism and add in the nation’s income. Apart from this the dead remains are very useful in many ways.

1) Industries and employment: Many people have got employment in the wild life conservation schemes. Many Industries are based on wild life products. Many medicines, anti-venom vaccines, honey production etc. are based on forests.

2) Scientific researches: All the new developed medicines are tested on animals first before the use of human beings. Rats, Monkeys, and other animals are sent in the spacecrafts to know about the survival conditions.

3) As a means of entertainment: Many species of animals are used as pets and they become our best entertainer. People go to zoos, national parks, bird sanctuaries, museums etc to feel the adventure of seeing them in open.

4) Vegetative pollination: Many flying insects such as honey-bees and butterflies helps in pollination and propagation of vegetation. They carry pollen from one plant to other and make them fertile to bear flowers and fruits.

5) Increase in fertility of the top soil: The dropping of animals enriches the soil fertility.

6) Scattering of seeds: Many animals help in the propagation of seeds. The undigested seeds come out in their dropping and generate and grow into the adult plant or tree. This makes a balance in the forest growth.

Conservation of Animals

The illegal poaching of animals is done for the profit of the human beings. The animals are brutally killed for many purposes. The poaching has made many of the species extinct and many species are declared endangered. Human also cut down trees from the forest for their need that makes a disturbance in their natural habitats. However Indian government has established 18 Tiger reserves in an area of approx. 28,600 square Kilometers in 13 states. Every year govt. spends 6 crore to save the animal world in the country.


Forest and animals are complementary to each other. Neither of them can be survive without the other. The decreasing area of the forests is the main reason of the decrease in the number of the animals. However, the Government has made strict rules for the conservation of the forest and wild-life yet there is a need to execute them perfectly. Animal poaching is declared illegal and banned. Many national parks and sanctuaries are established for their safety.

The best way to make safety for the animals is to increase the area of forest so that the animals living in the forest have enough living area to increase their population. They also play their vital role in the regeneration of plants that makes the balance in the ecology. We have to accept the importance of the forests and the forest animals to maintain the balance in atmosphere. By the decrease in forest and animals the rain cycle has been disturbed and the danger of global warming is felt by and large. Now-a-days the whole world is anxious to maintain the ecological balance and many countries have formed new laws and plans to keep them safe for the future.


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