Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India Essay

Women have been suppressed since centuries. India particularly has a patriarchal set up where women are seen second to men. While there is a section of our society that encourages women empowerment, people largely continue to suppress and oppress them. There are numerous barriers to the empowerment of women in India because of the mindset of some of the narrow minded people living here.

In India, women are expected to act and behave in a certain manner. Even as our nation has progressed over the time, women in our country are not truly liberated. They are still expected to stay in limits and act as per the rules defined by our patriarchal society. All this acts as a barrier to the empowerment of women in India.

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Short Essay on Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India – Essay 1 (200 words)

Women empowerment means giving women their due place in the society. Women, who have been suppressed, oppressed and ill-treated since centuries, are now stepping out to create an identity of their own. They need to be encouraged and empowered in this new endeavour of theirs. However, unfortunately some sections in the Indian society are against this new found freedom of the women. The norms of our patriarchal society are harsh on the women and hence there are numerous barriers to empowerment of women in India.

One of the biggest barriers in women empowerment is the general mindset of our society, according to which women are expected to take care of their family and household chores. A woman is considered virtuous only if she keeps her house clean, cooks for her family, takes good care of her kids and husband and serves the elders in the family. As the women begin to go out and work, they are burdened with the numerous duties of their family as well as the job responsibilities.

Many find it hard to cope-up with the situation and end up giving up on their job. Those who try to manage both hand in hand often live in extreme stress as they are criticized for neglecting the needs of their family and spending time outside even if it is only for work. This stereotypical mindset of the people of our country is thus a great hindrance in the empowerment of women.


Essay on How to Overcome Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India – Essay 2 (300 words)


Women empowerment is the need of the hour. Women, who are as intelligent and talented as men, are wasting their skills indulging in non-productive household chores. They must be empowered and should have the right to shape up their personal and professional life as per their will just as the male members of the society.


How to Overcome Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India

Here are two key means to overcome barriers to empowerment of women in India:

  • Education is the Key

The government of our country must ensure that every girl in the country seeks education. Education is the stepping stone for the empowerment of women. Women must be educated so that they can secure a job and be financially independent.

The male members of the society must also be educated and sensitized about the need to educate and empower women.

  • Women Must Stand for Women

Not just the men but the women in our society also pull the other women down. Instead of appreciating and encouraging women who gather the strength and put in efforts to go out and work, they bad mouth them for neglecting their family and house. Those who don’t or can’t go out to work, talk ill about the working women out of jealousy which is wrong. Men in general do not want the women to grow and evolve professionally or personally and other women too don’t support those women who are trying to make it big in life.

If women appreciate and help each other to learn and grow instead of criticizing one another our society would be a much better place for women.


True women empowerment would be when the women in our country will not have to seek approval for anything from the male members of their house as well as society. Women empowerment is not only essential for the growth and uplifting of women but also for the overall development of the nation. It would increase the literacy as well as employment rate of the country and help it prosper.


Essay on Barriers to Women’s Employment – Essay 3 (400 words)


Unlike the earlier times, women today have made a position for themselves in the society and are not confined to just household chores. They have shown that they are as talented and skilled as men. All they need is the right kind of opportunity and the freedom to choose their call in life. However, even as the women are seeking employment in different fields in today’s times, they are still faced with numerous challenges and barriers.

Barriers to Women’s Employment

  • High Expectations

Taking care of the family and the household chores has always been considered to be the prime responsibility of women. Since times immemorial women have been confined to the houses to ensure they don’t neglect these duties and remains dependent on the male members of the house so that they can exercise control on them and exploit them at will. Now that the women have started going out to work they have attained financial freedom but in a way have doubled their duties and responsibilities. They now need to fulfil their household responsibilities as well as earn. The male members of our society do not share the personal or household responsibilities. This becomes one of the main barriers to women employment. This is the reason why most women leave their jobs post marriage or after having kids.

  • Safety Issue

Our society does not provide a safe environment to the women. Women are harassed and exploited in different ways by the male employees at workplaces. They hesitate travelling alone during the late evening hours as our roads are not safe for them. They also hesitant in going on business tours worrying about their safety. All this hinders their performance and is yet another barrier to women’s employment.

Women empowerment in the true sense would not be possible if such crimes against women do not stop. The mindset of the male members of the community needs to be changed to help women rise and shine.


It is a pity how women are being exploited in the name of culture, tradition and family responsibilities and how they have to live in constant fear of the men. If men have the right to go out and lead a life of their choice then why not women? Women must be encouraged to work and should be empowered to take their own decisions. Men should share the load when it comes to household chores to help the women. They must also create a safe environment for the women to learn and grow.


Essay on Need and Importance of Women Empowerment – Essay 4 (500 words)


We have entered the twenty first century but it is unfortunate that we still haven’t fully understood the need and importance of women empowerment. Our society is majorly dominated by male members and professionals and women are still expected to take care of the household chores. It is high time we must recognize the need of women empowerment. It is essential for various reasons.

Need and Importance of Women Empowerment

Here is why there is a strong need and importance for women empowerment:

  • Stop Domestic Violence

Women have been victims of domestic violence since ages. They have been suffering both physical and emotional abuse. What happens behind the closed doors is often not let out for the fear of tarnishing the family reputation. Besides, women are not even aware of their rights as most of them remain illiterate. They keep suffering and live in distress for most part of their lives. Empowering women would help in bringing down the domestic violence cases.

  • Increase Literacy Rate

The first step towards empowering women is to educate them. Educating women would make them independent. They would no longer be dependent on the male members for their financial needs. They will be well-equipped to take up a good job and thus take charge of their life. This will also increase the literacy rate of the country.

  • Fight Poverty

A woman who is educated will be able to secure a good professional position and help in raising the standard of living of her family. As more and more women will get educated and secure good jobs, the problem of poverty in our country would be curbed to a great extent.

  • Create a Healthy Environment

Many women suffer at the hands of men. They live in constant stress as they are abused physically and emotionally. They are confined to the households and expected to take care of the kids. Confining somebody this way is sheer torture and against humanity. Many women get into depression owing to this and aren’t even able to nurture their children properly.

A woman who is educated and empowered is well aware of her rights. She knows that she deserves to be treated as a human and is not born to be dominated by the male members. In such as scenario, the man of the house will also think twice before raising his hands or voice at her. This will help in promoting a healthy environment at home.

  • Upliftment of the Society

Women comprise almost half of the population of our country. One of the reasons why we as a nation haven’t developed as much as we should have since independence is because women in our country are not given a chance to use their wisdom and skills to contribute towards its development. Women empowerment would not only work in their favour but will also help in the overall development of the country.


Women empowerment is an important subject. Often neglected by our patriarchal society, this issue must be addressed seriously. Men need to understand that empowerment of women would work in their favour rather than against them. It will make our society a better place to live in.


Long Essay on Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India – Essay 5 (600 words)


Women have suffered at the hands of the male members of the community since the beginning of the times. They haven’t been given their due place in the society. Their role in the society has been defined by the males.

Barriers to the Empowerment of Women in India

In India, particularly the women are suppressed in the name of culture and tradition. However, it is time we must open our minds and let go of this old way of thinking to empower the women for their own good as well as the overall well-being of our society.

  • Cultural and Traditional Barriers to Empowerment of Women

The culture and tradition of our country is such that it restricts the women and confines them within the four walls of their houses. The tradition of our country expects a woman to do the household chores, cook for her family, take care of the elders and raise children. It is believed that this is her sole responsibility and this is what she is born for.

A woman who steps out defying the set norms of the society is considered to lack virtue. This is one of the major barriers to the empowerment of women in our society. Though women in the metropolitans and other big cities around the country have joined various professions and are making it big in this male-driven world, people living in the rural areas are still not open about the idea of females seeking education and working. Woman in most parts of our country are dominated by the males. They are not even given the basic right to education and have no say in the family or business matters.

  • Family Responsibilities Hinders Women Empowerment

Family responsibilities are another hindrance to women empowerment. While men are allowed to act carelessly, women are expected to act responsibly at all times. Taking care of her kids, her husband’s parents and household chores is her main responsibility. She needs to fulfil these responsibilities in order to prove that she is a good mother, a good wife and a good daughter or a good daughter in law.

If she doesn’t do these tasks properly and tries to concentrate on her profession just like her male counterpart then she is tagged as an irresponsible woman. Many women give up on their jobs and stay financially dependent on the male members of their house as they are not able to handle the stress caused trying to manage both the roles efficiently. Men must share the family responsibilities to stop this injustice against women. They must be held equally responsible for the household chores.

  • The Mindset of the Male: A Barrier to Women Empowerment

The mindset of the male members of our community is yet another barrier to women empowerment. Women who go out to work or seek education are scared of travelling alone during the late evening hours as it is not safe for them. The male members of our community leave no chance to harass or take advantage of the women.

The growing numbers of rape cases are a clear evidence of the same. This serves as yet another barrier to women empowerment. Many families do not allow their daughters/ daughter in laws to go out for the fear they might face problems. A woman is not allowed to work as freely as men. She has to think twice before working over time or going for an official trip owing to safety issues. This hampers her professional growth.


Women empowerment is a serious issue. Women must be empowered so that they can lead a better life. They must be educated and trained to be financially independent. In addition to it, they must be provided a safe environment to live freely and independently.



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