Speech on Value of Education

In the present times, everyone knows the value of education and this is the reason why so much stress has been laid down in educating the masses by opening more and more schools, universities as well as colleges. Considering how important the topic is and how often people are seen delivering a speech on the value of education, we have covered both short and long speeches on the topic. In fact, at school level too many students are being asked by their teachers either to address the topic or write a brief on it. So our short speech on value of education as well as long speech on value of education can help you in your assignments or any speech giving ceremony so that you can make an impact on your teacher or audience.

Value of Education Speech

Speech on the Value of Education 1

Good Morning Respected Principal, Teachers and My Fellow Students!

I, Shashank Sharma, from Class-XII wish to deliver a speech on the Value of Education. You must have got amazed after seeing me on stage. Actually, there is no special, but profound reason behind this speech ceremony.

During summer vacations, I got the wonderful opportunity to associate myself with an NGO that teaches underprivileged children. There I realized how lucky we all are at being blessed with such a life where we get to pursue studies in one of the top schools of Delhi and get all the possible things we desire for. My experience there was quite moving and was greatly touched after seeing the miserable condition of those children. Not all the children as old as a 12-year old student could properly read and write. Unfortunately, they are deprived of quality education because they don’t have enough money to pay for their school fee. We always blame God for something or the other, but rarely do we thank God for giving us such a privileged life.

And, it’s only when the NGO with whom I am associated decided to empower those kids with quality education that they started seeing a positive change in their lives. So here I am in front of all the students to make you realize the value of education. Education is the most empowering tool for the mankind, especially for the deprived section of society who have nothing to fall back upon, but education to gain a prosperous existence. We should value education and study sincerely because it helps mankind grow into a fuller being and achieve prosperity of the nation and world at large. It helps us becoming civilized and differentiating ourselves from the barbaric beings. Education leads us from darkness to light and empowers us with such characteristic traits as rationality, tolerance, the power to pursue, etc.

However, it’s important to gain the right kind of education that benefits us and mankind as a whole and not something which leads society to the ultimate downfall. For instance, we are seeing how every country is trying to make themselves most powerful in the world and gain ascendancy over other nations. Every country wishes to arm itself with the world’s most potent weapons and atomic bombs so that it can subdue or terrorize other nations. So this is not the kind of knowledge that I am here referring to because it is devastating in nature and aims at destruction and war. The knowledge of weapons and atomic bombs is good as long as it is used for defending ourselves, but the moment it is used for unnecessary bloodbath and man slaughter; then the knowledge becomes corrupt.

So it is very important to make a fine distinction between the good knowledge and bad knowledge and make constant efforts to educate ourselves with the right of education so that we can bring people and nations together and uproot such evils as poverty, ignorance, unemployment, crime, etc completely from our society.

I hereby urge each and every student to not only study sincerely, but also give others the gift of knowledge.

Thank You!

Speech on the Value of Education 2

Respected Managerial Staff and My Dear Teachers – Warm Good Afternoon to all!

I, Krishna Avasthi, one of the founding members of our ABC NGO Group, welcome everyone to our community hall. As you all know that we have successfully completed a year and are now in the mode of expanding our group – this news gives me immense pleasure and I am sure to all of you present here. There is no doubt that we have given our sweat and blood to this NGO group and now our happiness knows no bounds after seeing it flourish.

Therefore, on this wonderful occasion I had a great desire to deliver a speech on the Value of Education because its education that drives us and makes us to give birth to such NGO groups as ours and educate the deprived masses. However, there are some loopholes in the way our NGO works and please allow me to point out those so that we can make ourselves better than what we were yesterday.

Initially, from teaching 10 students to now looking after the education of 50 children – it is clear that we are slowly and gradually bringing in more children so that many kids can get benefitted out of it. Education is clearly a very valuable tool, if used well. By giving our kids quality education, we can empower them and raise them from their meager existence. Education is the only thing that will remain with them for their lifetime and will help them grow as a strong individual.

But I would like to say something else too. Even though we are doing really good and are getting a positive feedback from the children, but I still feel that something is missing and that is extra-curricular activities. For me, the true value of education lies not just in reading books and appearing well in exams, but it’s also about its practical application. We should not make our students merely robots, who just learn what we teach them in classrooms and do nothing creative on their own. For this, we need to introduce other activities for them besides academics, such as Dance, Singing, Painting, Poetry Writing, Sculpting, etc. Of course, it is not possible for us to give our students all these facilities due to the lack of funds, but we in some way or the other can surely work towards it. In this way, our students will achieve an over-round development of their personalities.

Let’s also try and inculcate good values in them and develop in them the spiritual angle so that they grow up not as self-centered individuals, but someone who can give it back to society and contribute towards the growth of humanity. I know the way we are progressing on our path; we will make our children strong and confident individuals who will be able to deal with any tough situations while keeping their morality intact with them.

This is all I have to say and now I would request everyone to give their valuable feedback and suggestions so that we can make the next plan of action accordingly.

Thank You!

Speech on the Value of Education 3

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, My Dear Students and all the Parents – Warm Greetings to all of you!!

Today was the parents-teachers meeting day, I hope everything went smooth and parents received fair feedbacks of their children from their respective class teachers. Other than PTM, the managing committee decided to also host a speech delivery ceremony on the topic called ‘The Value of Education’. Since the topic is relevant for all, the day of PTM is most suited to this ceremony.

I, Sormishta Vashisht, Social Science Teacher of the Senior Secondary Classes, am being chosen to deliver the speech. Even though the occasion is right here, I haven’t come prepared because the topic is so close to our hearts that anyone can address it and put forth their valid points. So here instead of making you passively listen to me I would also like to raise questions so that you all can also participate and guide each other on this topic.

If I ask everyone present here – What exactly is education? Is it only about academics, acquiring basic skills and becoming a rational being? Or is it much more than that? And, if it is much more than that then can it be defined in clear terms? As far as my opinion is concerned, I would like to say that education is a process which is carried down for the lifetime and consists of every possible experience one gains from formal or informal set ups. Therefore, education, I believe, is something not just restricted to books or classroom teaching, but goes beyond it. It should not be about mechanically learning facts and data, but it’s about acquiring skills, becoming creative in everything that we do and realizing our inner strengths and polishing those strengths so that not only we can be benefitted out of it, but our society and humanity at large can draw a positive force.

Unfortunately, in the present times, we are leaving behind the primary aim of education, which has just been relegated to the notion of acquiring more and more marks. Besides, the fundamental aim of education has got further distorted by the governmental policies, double standards of our society and of course the poor economic growth. I am sure you all must have heard the punch line that is making rounds these days, “Padhega India, tbhi to badhega India”. But how can India progress when majority of the Indian population lives below poverty line and cannot even meet their basic needs?

Education has become a money making business for the private schools these days and the education system in government schools is still poor. How we can bridge this gap? And, how we can prevent such schools from extorting huge money at the name of education? The value of education can only be raised when no child would be deprived of education and his/her potential would be tapped to its optimum. Secondly, stress should not just be laid down on getting more and more marks, but acquiring practical skills which can later on become a good source of income for those students and aid in improving the country’s economy.

So we as an educational institute should join hands and work together in making education accessible to each and every child living around us and help our students in first becoming great human beings then a great scholar.

Thank You!


Speech on the Value of Education 4

Warm greetings to our distinguished guests, respected principal, teachers and my dear friends!

Every child is born into this world with the “trailing clouds of glory from heaven”. And, suddenly these little angels of God find themselves filled with fears, doubts and confusion. It is here that the role of education gets highlighted. When these God’s angles struggle with fears and doubts, education comes to their rescue and acts as sunshine by removing darkness and helping them overcome their fears and clear their doubts. When it happens, the world appears bright and cheerful and helps children in becoming good human beings.

But education doesn’t come on its own as there is got to be an intermediary who can impart knowledge and show them the right path. This is certainly the role a teacher plays in our lives and he/she is the one who comes as an experienced person and helps children differentiate between right and wrong. Of course, it’s the parents who act as a best guide for the children and help them grow as a responsible citizen because gaining bookish knowledge is not enough. One has to go farther than this and when children learn how to live their lives with dignity, conduct themselves, how to be humble and how to treat others – it is then the education is considered to be complete and believed to be serving its purpose.

Let me share with you a brief story on the Value of Education. Once there was a man who was passing through the desert when suddenly he heard a voice calling on him by saying, “Take some pebbles and keep them with you and tomorrow you will be both glad and sorry”.

The man did the same and next morning when he searched into his pocket, he found emeralds, rubies and diamonds. And at that time he was both happy and sorry. He was happy because he had taken at least some and sorry that he didn’t pick more. This is true of education also.

So my dear friends, let’s keep the value of education intact so that we do not feel sorry the coming day. Education is that wealth which no one can steal but it increases the more you share it with others. Having said that, it’s important to be fully vigilant of what we are sharing with others in the form of knowledge as we should share meaningful and life enhancing knowledge and not something that destroys people and communities.

Education is the most powerful tool so use it wisely. If you are a privileged person, help others by enlightening them, by teaching them the difference between right and wrong and imparting moral values. If education will be based on values and ethics, strengthened by sound moral principles, then our generation will grow up as rational beings. On the contrary, if education will be founded on selfish reasons then no one can prevent that society from its downfall and there will be chaos everywhere.

So let’s take the onus of imparting good values to our coming generation and never lose sight of the primary aim of education, i.e. to become good and responsible global citizens.

Thank You!



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