Love is the feeling arises in the heart of a person. It benefits both, the giver and receiver. Love is a faith, respect, great force and desire for each other. True love can never die and disrespected by anyone. We have provided below some slogans on love which can inspire and motivate people. You can use following love slogans as an appreciation for your loved ones in your lives. You can share love slogans to your close friends or loved ones to express your feelings to them.

Using following slogans you can motivate people towards true love and bring them closer forever.

Love Slogan

True love is as beautiful as rose but full of so much sorrow.

Never spoil your true love, you may lack whole life.

Feel the love; it is as big and deep as an ocean.


Love makes you laugh but sometime hurt and cry.


Love refreshes the life but sometimes mess up everything.


Love is the breeze of two or more lives.


Love fills the heart and satisfies the mind.


Love is the deep stream shows you the sweet dream.


True love makes you dreaming all through the day and night.


Love is wonderful and makes you beautiful.


Wish the true love to be your fate!


Don’t waste time behind the person who doesn’t care you.


When you fly and swim in the sky and ocean of true love, you care nothing.


Love is so high like a sky and so deep like an ocean.


Love is powerful and strong but weak too.


Love is a rainbow; when you realize, it will show you many colors.


Love is miracle, can heal all the wounds but when breaks may give never healing wound in heart.


Nothing is better than love in this world!


Love can lift you so high but may fall you so deep.


Love changes into responsibility after marriage.


Love is at your side and never subsides.


No one can live without love.


Love is the need of everyone.


Love exists in many ways.


Don’t bound love into limitation, let it free.


Love originates from heart and it never ends.


Falling in love is good but failing in love is not good.


Falling in love makes you a good poet.


Falling in love gives you courage but failing in love makes you cowardice.


Distance makes love deepest.


Love is nothing without faith.


Faith brings satisfaction in love.


Suspicion in love weakens the love!


Love gives happiness when blossoms but gives sorrow when breaks.


Love is deep but generally makes you weep.


Love is life if there is faith.


True love is always in motion.


True love may not have happy ending.


We can get anything through love and patience.


Everything is possible in love and war.


Love is handled by heart not mind.


Love rules the heart and makes it home.


It is difficult to chose right or wrong in love because love is blind.


Lucky people get true love.


True love rewards you when you have faith.


True love never dies and always remains young.


Love is blind, love is faith and love is desire.


Who have true love have no other desires in life.


True love is as pure as milk.


Love is a feeling arises in the heart!



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