Air pollution is reducing the level of fresh oxygen in the atmosphere and spreading various respiratory diseases. The bad effect of air pollution is increasing day by day because of the release of various harmful gases from industries, factories and vehicles. The most effective solution to beat the effects of air pollution is planting huge number of trees on roadsides, residential areas, open areas, commercial areas, etc.

Air Pollution Slogan

Following are some air pollution slogans which can help you to motivate people for tree plantation to get fresh oxygen.

You can use following slogans on air pollution to encourage people through banners, placards, posters, etc during any related event or campaign celebration.

Unique and Catchy Slogan on Air Pollution

Find unique and catchy slogans on air pollution:


Life will be rare, without fresh air.


Air pollution will cause lungs destruction.


Plant many trees to get fresh air, otherwise you’ll survive nowhere.


No doubt there is no life without air.


Breathing in and breathing out, Air is that we cannot live without.


Think about air-pollution to make air clean for next generation.


Let’s work on solution, to remove Air-Pollution.


Air should be treated well, or else the earth will become hell.


You have done the pollution, so you must have the solution.


Let’s do some act of care, by cleaning the polluted air.


Stop fuelling – Start cycling for a healthy body and fresh air.


Inhaling polluted air is dangerous for us.



Stop cutting the tree can make environment air pollution-free.


If you cut a tree, you endanger your life.


The more fresh air, the more healthy life.


Air pollution is the reason behind unhealthy environment.


Don’t inhale toxic air; it will make your lungs dustbin.


Polluting air is not fair; it will put you all on bed.


Polluting air is not fair, save trees to breathe fresh air.


You have spread air pollution then who will search for right solution.


Give some care to air to breathe clean and safe.


Inhaling polluted air is not fair!


Spread solution not pollution!


Don’t be mean, keep air clean.



If you pollute air today; it will pollute your lungs tomorrow.


Clean air keeps you away from asthma.


Air pollution is not good to our health.


Reduce air pollution to induce life span.


Stop smoking to breathe clean.


Stop polluting air before it stops your breathe.


If you pollute air, where you will get fresh oxygen.


Say loudly ‘NO’ to air pollution.


Plant more plants to reduce air pollution.


Air pollution is injurious to lungs.


Think about elimination of the air pollution.


Air pollution is slow poison, it kills our lungs.


Love unity and humanity but hate air pollution.


Support eco-friendly industrialization to reduce pollution.


Open your eyes and see the level of air pollution.


Polluting fresh air is criminal offense.


Stop polluting air; leave some fresh air for future generations.


Air pollution is reducing the level of fresh oxygen!


Stop polluting healthy living.


Raise your voice against air polluters.


Polluters are hidden killer of environment.


Air pollution causes respiratory diseases.


Reduce vehicles need to reduce air pollution.


Plant more trees to make this world air pollution free.


Plant some trees to get oxygen fresh.


Plant trees otherwise you have to wear mask in future.


Don’t wait any friend; you are the first to plant trees.


Your forefathers have given many trees, what you will give to your future generations.


It’s our responsibility to reduce air pollution through tree plantation.


Don’t feel alone, make trees your friends. Plant them!


Trees are living beings, give you oxygen; don’t cut them.


If you cut a tree, you kill a life and reduce oxygen level.


Life without trees means life full of air pollution.


Clean air is always fair, don’t spoil it and do message share.


Reduce air pollution and save the Mother Nature.


Less air pollution, healthy life solution.


Air pollution is the way to diseased environment.


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