Soil pollution is the contamination of fresh and fertile soil because of the presence of human-made chemicals or through other alteration. Soil pollution is generally caused by the industrial activities, agricultural chemicals, or improper disposal of wastes such as petroleum hydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (naphthalene and benzopyrene), pesticides, solvents, lead, heavy metals, etc.

Soil Pollution Slogan

Degree of industrialization and intensity of chemical usage is increasing day by day thus soil pollution is also increasing very fast.

It is very tough task to reduce and completely stop the soil pollution; however very urgent to do the same in order to continue the healthy life on the earth.

We have provided below some slogans on soil pollution which can inspire and motivate people.

You can use following soil pollution slogans, to aware people about soil pollution as well as encourage them to stop soil pollution, during any event or campaign celebration.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Soil Pollution


We are the reason for soil-pollution so we must be reason of its solution.


To eat a healthy food, Make soil’s health good.


We should be shameful for polluting the soil.


Soil is the Soul of the earth, conserve it.


Understand your role, conserve the soil.


Make a better nation by stopping soil pollution.


It is our duty, to maintain soil’s purity (fertility).


No healthy soil, No healthy crop, Soil Pollution should be stopped.


Stopping soil pollution is the only solution.


We are destroying our mother nature by soil-pollution.


We have soil to farm, not to harm.


If you spoil the land, where you will crop.


Don’t pollute the land, it provides you fertile soil to crop.



Fertile land is one of the beauties of nature, don’t pollute it.


Don’t mix readymade fertilizers into the soil, it is very harmful.


Readymade fertilizers are injurious to soil as well as health.


We are polluters of the soil, how shameful it is!


How greedy we are! We are polluting the land of earth, the only Planet to live.


Please don’t dump the polythene and non-biodegradable things to the land.


Don’t be so much selfish; just think to save the land.


Land is gifted to us for our own benefits, just understand and use it naturally


God is great, he already gifted us the fertile land but why we are destroying it.


Don’t spoil the soil, it will spoil you a day.


Soil pollution is polluting us! It’s time to be serious and act effectively.


God has gifted us good things but we are gifting pollution to our future generations.


Soil is for cropping, not for polluting.



We are spoiling our soil by mixing it with readymade fertilizers.


Natural fertilizers are safe, just be used to of it not readymade fertilizers.


Soil is for cropping not for submerging polythene and wastes.


If you fear from God, have fear too for spoiling the nature’s property.


Earth is the only land where we can live, but still we are wasting it.


Go green before green goes! Just save the fertile land.


The speed we are polluting out land, soon it will be completely polluted and leave no place to crop.


Save the land to let the life continue on earth.


No land, no life! Save soil from pollution.


No land, no crop! How we will survive.


Soil pollution is a poison, killing us slowly through crops.


We are polluting our motherland, the only fertile land in this universe.


Stop polluting the soil before it stops your breathe.


Every action has reaction! We are polluting soil and it is polluting our healthy life.


Really, we have no sense and continue polluting the beautiful fertile land.


Be the real human being and save natural resources.


Understand your responsibility towards the nature, Save the land.


Nature is to nurture us however we need to care and maintain it.


Soil gives us so many crops but what we are giving it in return, Soil Pollution!


Soil pollution is polluting our health through polluted crops.


Kill the soil pollution otherwise it will kill you.


Give some solution to remove soil pollution.


Find a solution for soil pollution.


Don’t pass soil pollution to the future generations.


Must say ‘No’ to plastic otherwise the condition of land will be drastic.


Motherland is nourishing us for years, don’t kill the Motherland!


Earth is not a dustbin, don’t throw wastes into it.


Stop littering the land before it stops giving crops.


Litter can make our life bitter. Don’t throw wastes to the fertile land.


Fertile soil is the source of lives, don’t make it infertile!


Polluted soil gives us polluted crops and many lethal diseases.


Polluted soil is putting us in danger, raise your voice and do something!


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