World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on May 17th by the World Hypertension League (WHL) an umbrella organization of 85 national hypertension societies and leagues from around the world.

The main objective of the day is to raise the awareness of people about hypertension, its causes and effects. Hypertension is actually High Blood Pressure and most of the times people couldn’t identify the symptoms or tend to neglect them.

The day also stresses on the recommended blood pressure level for normal population to be 140/90 mmHg and for people with diabetes and other ailments to be 130/80 mmHg.

By celebrating World Hypertension Day, the League not only intends to raise awareness about hypertension but also to aware the masses about its causes and prevention. It also aims at instigating people to regularly measure their blood pressure by using home monitors.

Various events the world over are organized by World Hypertension League and other stake holders on World Hypertension Day. Exhibitions of medical equipments for measuring blood pressure are organized.

Doctors make people aware of the symptoms, effects and causes of hypertension, insisting that they should check their blood pressure at least once a year. The need of a healthy diet and exercising is stressed upon. People are advised to quit habits those cause hypertension- smoking, liquor consumption, junk foods etc.

Free blood pressure checking camps are organized in hospitals, offices and various other locations, where the participants are also given free consultation by experienced doctors.

World Hypertension Day Slogans in English

Below we have provided some unique and catchy slogans on World Hypertension Day for you to celebrate the day with full fervor. You can use these slogans in school or society campaigns to raise people’s awareness about hypertension, its causes, symptoms and effects.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on World Hypertension Day


Eat healthy live healthy, be away from hypertension.


Disease come without pre-information so be alert from hypertension.


The hypertension is like a silent killer for human being.


What to do of wealth if you don’t have good health.


Hypertension is a curse, it makes life worse.


Remove Hypertension, create a healthy life.


If you don’t want to die early then check your BP regularly.



For a healthy mind healthy soul, hypertension should be controlled.


Early morning walk helps in reducing hypertension.


A healthy eat will bring healthy heart beat.


If suffering from BP then one advice, start your day with exercise.


Say no to tension, say no to hypertension.


Hypertension is high blood pressure; it may get you whether you are old or a fresher.


Eat healthy and exercise everyday to keep hypertension under bay.


You can only take control of your life if your BP is in control.


Even when it seems rightly clear, get your BP checked once a year.


Disease comes often without symptoms, hence requires your full attention.


Keep your heart clean of malign intention; laugh loud to ward off hypertension.


Keep your blood pressure under control, by eating healthy and dancing rock n roll.


Make a resolve to eat healthy, exercise and cut back on salt.



Keep high blood pressure at bay; know your numbers on world hypertension day.


Give hypertension a tough fight, always maintain a healthy diet.


High BP could kill your wife will have to pay the bill.


Hypertension could be a pain; would you want your partner to marry again.


When the blood pressure shoots up, get a proper medical checkup.


Don’t neglect the initial signs; try reading between the lines.


Some treatments are really cheap; BP is lowered even by sleep.


Eating fruits, vegetables and grains, will keep your body out of strain.


Change your life style and always wear that smile.


Quit liquor and smoke, chose juice over coke.


While feeling anxiety, vomiting and severe chest pain; see the doctor living next lane.